Nasal septum is the part of the nose that separates nostrils and when the cartilage that separates the nostrils is out of position or crooked, the condition of deviated nasal septum occurs. It can cause serious breathing problems, heavy snoring, severe sleep apnea, and sometimes even pain. This condition is curable thanks to Septoplasty. Also called deviated septum surgery, the procedure fixes the deviated nasal septum and improves airflow through the nostrils by adjusting the alignment of the deviated septum inside the nose. The cost of septoplasty greatly changes depending on several conditions.

 Septoplasty Cost – What Does Affect It?

Deviated septum surgery cost varies depending on several reasons. If you consider having a septoplasty abroad, then the country in which you will have the surgery plays a big role in determining the price. The city or the state where the hospital is located also affects the cost. The majority of the health insurances generally don’t cover the cost. However, there may be some health insurances that can cover a small percentage of your surgery expenses. Your surgeon’s expertise, reputability and experience in his job may also increase your deviated nasal septum surgery cost. Hospital stays during septoplasty recovery time can also affect the cost.

septoplasty surgery prices

Septoplasty Surgery Prices In Turkey (€500 – €3.500)

Turkey is among the top plastic surgery destinations, attracting medical tourists from all over the world with its high-quality patient care at considerably cheap prices. Ear Nose Throat doctors in Turkey can also perform septo-rhinoplasty in which they combine septoplasty procedure and rhinoplasty for the patient’s aesthetic concerns about the shape and size of his/her nose.  Septoplasty cost in Turkey ranges between €500 and €3.500 on average. Rhinoplasty cost alone is around €1,500.

Septoplasty Surgery Prices In Poland (€700 – €3.000)

Poland has recently emerged as a premier medical tourism destination in Europe, receiving more than 350,000 foreign patients from the West and the East of Europe. The majority of the clinics in Poland are certified by the Polish Ministry of Health and are in world-class standards. Septoplasty surgery prices in Poland is relatively cheaper than in other European countries, ranging between €700 and €3.000.

Septoplasty Surgery Prices In India (€300 – €1.000)

Clinics in India offer almost the cheapest surgical procedures in Asia. Bangalore, New Delhi and Chennai are three of the popular metropolitans in India that medical tourists visit every year for various surgical procedures. Septoplasty surgery cost in Bangalore is around €700 whereas the average septoplasty surgery prices in the other parts of India is between €300 and €1.000.

Septoplasty Surgery Prices In Singapore (€2,500 – €5.500)

Singapore is also a sought-after medical tourism destination as the ENT specialists in Singapore are well-trained and highly experienced. There are a great number of hospitals in Singapore with a wide range of specialist, medical, diagnostic services along with support services for foreign patients. The cost of septoplasty in Singapore starts from €2,500 and may reach €5.500.

Septoplasty Surgery Prices In the U.K (€5,500 – €9.500)

Nose job cost Uk varies greatly from city to city. Majority of the private clinics in London offer the best treatment in the U.K. Ear Nose Throat doctors in the U.K are dedicated to providing the most effective and advanced care available to the patients. Septoplasty prices in the U.K are similar with septoplasty prices in the U.S.A when it is done privately, being much higher than in other countries such as Turkey, India, and Poland. Septoplasty cost in London is around €7,000 while the average septoplasty surgery prices in the other regions of the U.K changes between €5,500 and €9.500.




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