Each year thousands of people are losing their hair as a result of some involuntary and uncontrollable reasons. There are many signs to understand of going bald much earlier and also some recommendations for you to stop the hair loss or regain your hair.

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The Signs of Going Bald

1. The Hair Falling Out

signs of hair loss

The loss of 50 to 100 hairs a day is considered normal. Seasonal changes can double this number. You need to watch the number of daily shedding or to take a test to understand if there is a sign of abnormal hair loss. If it is needed to give an approximate figure, when the hair loss exceeds 125 hairs per day, it could be considered as more than a normal shedding.

2. Rashes on Head

itchy scalp

There could be rashes on your scalp because of various skin problems. However, some of the rashes on your head could refer to going bald, as well. In order to detect this particular reason, you need to define the character of the rashes. You have to see your dermatologist and learn if these rashes are about any disorder or disease.

3. Hair Loss on Hair Line

hair loss on the hair line

The other important sign of the abnormal hair loss is the area of the shedding. Check your hair on the mirror, if there is a visible hair loss on your hairline (at the finish of the forehead), it most likely refers to the going bald. The baldness area differs according to your gender (male/female). The first awareness about the abnormal hair loss is facing with the appearance changing in this particular area. Especially men start to understand the seriousness of the problem if they are losing their hair on this hairline.

4. Visible Scalp

visible scalp hair loss baldness

If you are going bald, you see that there are visible scalps on your head. Some parts seem to be hairless and you feel worried about it. There is no need to worry, you only should see your doctor and ask if there is a specific reason behind this baldness. It sometimes refers to another disease which should be cured with the medicines and/or supplements.

5. Thinning Hair

thinning hair hair loss baldness

Not only ladies but also men want to have strong, thick and healthier hair. However, for some reason, the hair quality decreases and the hair become thinner. It is one of the visible effects of the going bald. Hair starts to get weak and then shedding number increases. Therefore, thinning hair is one of the considerable sign of the going bald.


1. Check Your Head

signs of baldness

Firstly, you need to check your head to understand if there is a serious hair loss or not.
When you see at least one sign we defined above, you can start to think that you should start to think seriously about your hair.

2. Watch Receding Area

receding hair

While you are checking your head, you should make it periodically. Sometimes there could be another reason for the losing your hair, such as high level of stress, season change, a skin disease or another problem with your general health. Before worry about your hair in the first check, you need to watch for a while the receding area on your head.

3. Check Your Life Style – Eating Habits, Stress Levels, Illnesses, Psychologic Statement etc.

depression hair loss

If you are losing your hair more than before, maybe you may check your lifestyle. Because your hair quality affects by your eating habits, stress levels, illnesses and the psychologic statement you have or the environment you live. If you detect any negative change in your lifestyle by checking it, you may start with change the thing you affected by, if you can. We cannot do anything for the unchangeable things but at least you understand that there is something affected by your hair and scalp quality.

4. Try to Figure Out If It’s in Patches or Not (It can be Alopecia disorder)

hair loss in patches alopecia

To detect the underlying reason for the problem, you need to define your complaints and to be aware of the appearance of your head. For example, if you are losing your hair because of the alopecia disorder there can be a specific treatment for you to follow. The best way to understand is to show your head to a specialist in his/her field.

5. See a Doctor

baldness treatment hair transplant

After some time, if you follow your self-check, you can be sure whether something goes wrong with your hair or not. In order to understand your exact problem, you need to see your doctor without loss of time.

6. If You Know That You Are Bald, Check Our Offers to Have a Hair Transplant

Good news is that there is a permanent solution to stop being bald. Hair transplant is the best way to regain your hair as healthier and totally natural for both men and the women. In order to meet the pleasing results with your hair, you may start to search for the hair transplant procedure. You can choose one of the operations called FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) or FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction), by asking your doctor or clinic which you may easily find by getting in contact with us.

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