Cancer currently is the second leading cause of death in the world after cardiovascular disease. Every year around 600.000 people from all around the world lose the battle with cancer. Meanwhile, Europe is becoming a premium destination for patients suffering from cancer or patients requiring follow-up care. Around 50% of all cancer cases are treated into remission and the percentage is even higher for young patients.


Oncology as a branch of medicine deals with the diagnosis, study, prevention and more importantly, the treatment of cancer. Cancer treatments involve surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy – these types of treatment are usually used in the same time or in stages for most cancer cases. Here is a list of Europe’s top countries specialized in oncology and the treatment of cancer.

Oncology centres in Finland

Finland offers some of the best cancer treatment centres in Europe. On average more than one fifth of Finland’s cancer patients are international patients – these patients come from more than 40 different countries from the EU and other places. Finland is a leader in cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Finland also has the best patient survival rate when it comes to head and neck cancer, as well as breast cancer.

The heart of IstanbulOncology centres in Turkey

Turkey is a leading destination for cancer patients from Europe, as well as the Middle East. The country’s booming medical tourism made it possible for several oncology centres to be opened all around Turkey. Most of these centres are specialized in adjuvant cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy but surgery is not uncommon either. Chemotherapy centres in Turkey offer excellent survival rates for patients at affordable costs.

Oncology centres in Romania

In Romania, cancer treatment used to be mainly surgical. A few reputable oncology centres did exist in Romania’s bigger cities but in recent years international health groups like ACIBADEM opened up new hospitals focused on oncology. The newly built oncology centres in Romania are focused on other types of treatment such as the Cyber Knife system, which offers excellent survival rates for patients suffering from head and neck cancer, breast cancer and lung cancer.

City Hall in WroclawOncology centres in Poland

Poland is another excellent destination for international patients. The Maria Skłodowska-Curie Institute is Poland’s leading oncology treatment and research centre. The Institute is located in Warsaw, Poland’s bustling capital. Most oncology centres in Poland are centred around breast cancer treatment, head and neck cancer, and prostate cancer. Radiotherapy, chemotherapy and surgery are the norm when it comes to treating cancer in Poland. Radiotherapy treatments in Poland use advanced, fully computerized systems such as TrueBeam or Trilogy.

Oncology centres in Germany

Germany is a world leader when it comes to cancer treatment and cancer research centres. German cancer clinics use some of the most advanced types of treatments, such as Insulin Potentiated Chemotherapy, Hyperthermia and Photo Dynamic Therapy to treat all types of cancer. Cancer hospitals in and around Berlin are specialized in liver cancer, ovarian cancer, breast cancer, pancreatic cancer and prostate cancer. Most international patients visiting Germany for cancer treatment come from North America and the UK.

Oncology centres in Malta

Malta is one of Europe’s major tourism destinations, each year receiving over 1.6 million visitors. The tiny Island is located in the Mediterranean Sea, close to Sicily. Malta is also home to some of the best oncology centres in Europe. Statistics show excellent survival rates for patients suffering from head and neck cancers. Oncology centres in Malta combine state of the art technology with a serene and relaxing setting. Apart from its well developed healthcare infrastructure, Malta also benefits from a booming wellness and spa industry which draws thousands of people from all corners of Europe, especially the United Kingdom.

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