Abdominoplasty, also called tummy tuck surgery is a type of plastic surgery procedure in which the abdomen is strengthened and reduced in size. Excess fat and skin from the area are eliminated and the abdominal muscle is strengthened in order to achieve a firmer appearance. Find more plastic surgery centres specialized in Tummy Tuck Surgery

Most patients turn to tummy tuck surgery after pregnancy or significant weight loss. Currently, it’s one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures in the USA, with more than 110.000 procedures being performed yearly but what do we know about it? Let’s get down to the top 5 things you should know about abdominoplasty.

There are many types of tummy tuck surgery

There are many different types of abdominoplasty, depending on the surgical technique used and the patient’s desires. These can include:

Complete Abdominoplasty – Here is a complete list of clinics offering Full Tummy Tuck Surgery

The incision is created from hip to hip, just above the bikini line. The surgeon creates another incision around the navel. The skin is detached and the underlying muscle is strengthened through stitches. Liposuction can also be combined with this procedure.

Mini Tummy Tuck or Partial Abdominoplasty – Here you can find more information about clinics offering Mini Tummy Tuck Surgery

The surgeon will create a smaller incision, compared to a full abdominoplasty then proceed to take the same steps as before.

Extended Tummy Tuck Surgery

The extended tummy tuck procedure is a full abdominoplasty combined with a thigh lift. The scar will run from just above the right thigh, towards the bikini line and then to just above the left thigh.

Circumferential Tummy Tuck

A circumferential tummy tuck procedure is an extended tummy tuck surgery combined with a buttock lift. The scar will run the full circumference of the body. Individuals usually choose this type of surgery after massive weight loss.

The Tummy tuck recovery period can be quite long

The tummy tuck recovery period lasts around 4 to 5 weeks. During this time the patient will experience considerable swelling and some pain. There is really no point in weighing yourself straight after the surgery, given the amount of swelling – it’s best to wait until the recovery period is over. Full recovery from an abdominoplasty procedure lasts around 3 to 5 months. It takes time for the final results to show and as the swelling gradually reduces, your new body contour will take shape. It’s important to note that during the tummy tuck recovery period, the doctor’s guidelines are essential to the outcome of the procedure. There are special garments that need to be worn, and smoking is strongly prohibited as it can inhibit the body’s healing process.

Tummy Tuck results are permanent and long lasting

Tummy tuck patients report an 86% satisfaction rate following an abdominoplasty surgery. The results are definitely long lasting but to a certain degree they also depend on the patient’s ability to follow a healthy lifestyle and not gain excess weight. It’s also important to note that although an abdominoplasty can help patients lose some weight through the removal of excess skin and fatty tissue, it is not weight loss surgery. Patients can opt for gastric sleeve surgery or gastric bypass surgery in order to lose weight.

Tummy tuck scars depend on the surgical technique used

Depending on the surgical technique used, scarring can be limited (as with mini tummy tuck surgery) or extensive, covering the full circumference of the body (as with a circumferential tummy tuck procedure). In all cases and regardless of their size, the scars are permanent. Certain factors such as smoking can influence visibility of the scar after the surgery. Usually patients opt for a mini tummy tuck surgery, as the scar is quite small and can be easily hidden from view – it’s just on the bikini line.

Men are getting in on the action as well!

Although many patients turn to tummy tuck in order to regain their pre-pregnancy bodies, it is not a female-only procedure. Men are getting in on the action as well in order to achieve a more lean and masculine look. Males usually experience a surge in confidence after having an abdominoplasty and considering the fact that patients generally tend to attain and even improve their look after surgery, it’s safe to say that for some patients a tummy tuck procedure is a life-changing event.

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