Despite the appearance and disappearance of new trends in the world of plastic surgery, breast implants remain on the top. It is true, certain types of breast implants constantly gain and lose their popularity but the core idea that sometimes one’s breasts require more than a delicate breast lift remains potent. Many women claimed and still claim that there is no better breast enhancement than breast implant surgery.

Are breast implants the best breast augmentation method? According to some surgeons yes. But for this question, you need to check other methods of breast augmentation such as fat transfer. What is more important for us is the fact that some patients have a hard time with choosing between types of breast implants. They have so many varying features, at the same time, all cosmetic clinics offer different solutions. It is no surprise then that women deciding for breast enlargement are in real trouble. Should they choose saline implants or silicone breast implants? Which one looks better: teardrop breast implants or round shape breast implants? As we will show in this article, (almost) everything is a matter of perspective. Enjoy.

Shape of Your Breast Implants

The first dilemma you face when you choose between the types of breast implants is the shape of your breast implants. Shall they be round or tear-shaped? It depends mostly on what you want from your breast implants and breast implants sizes. Assuming that you want a possibly natural look after the breast enhancement and aim at smaller breast implant sizes, teardrop breast implants seem like a perfect solution. Teardrop implants possibly closely imitate the natural look of a breast, often not revealing at all that one underwent a breast enhancement. For women which are proud of their change and are not ashamed to admit that they underwent a breast implant surgery, round shape breast implants may as well be a tempting alternative. It is a quite common approach, as we can see in the fact that round shape breast implants decrease slowly rather than disappearing from cosmetic clinics.

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Additionally, some doctors are eager to inform that in a fact the round shaped breast implants offer a natural look for they change with changing the position of the body – they adjust themselves just as the real breast are. At the same time, teardrop breast implants remain as they were, no matter what position you assume. It seems then that proper breast implants sizes and your specialist’s skills will play the most important part.

Having shown the pros and cons regarding shape-related types of breast implants, we can move to the material – saline implants, silicone implants, and so-called gummy bear implants.

Saline – One of the Popular Types of Breast Implants

Saline implants are promoted as ones which provide the best breast augmentation. They are supposedly less dangerous than silicone breast implants since saline has less possible side effects once breast implants break. Doctors partially agree with this argument, although they underline that silicone implants are not as dangerous as some people would like to see them. Nevertheless, saline implants are the new trend, aiming at domination in the field of breast implant surgery. Will they succeed? Time will show, though the relative safety offered by saline implants is quite reassuring for people who have doubts whether to undergo the breast enlargement surgery.

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Silicone implants are the classics – they were here when other types of breast implants were not even invented. Women for decades decided for silicone breast implants, searching for the best breast augmentation method with results more stunning than a breast lift. Breast surgery with silicone implants is still the most performed breast enlargement surgery in the world, not to mention that it is in a fact the most performed plastic surgery. Silicone implants are offered in the form of both round shape breast implants and teardrop breast implants and still have many defenders despite the growing popularity of saline implants. Some specialists claim that they are simply better for many patients because they offer a more natural feel after the breast enlargement.

Gummy Bear

Gummy bear breast implants are not made from a totally new material but are rather a new, 5th generation silicone implants. The name ‘gummy bear’ comes from the structure of these silicone breast implants, which are more firm than older generations. It is claimed that they offer a more natural look. This material for breast enhancement is quite a new one but it already gains an increasing popularity. However, it is a matter of time to find out whether it ultimately will become the most popular of all types of breast implants.

How to Know Which One Is Better?

There is no one method to learn the best breast augmentation technique. Everybody has individual needs when it comes to breast implant surgery – some patients search for a natural look while others are focused more on breast implant sizes and are not shy to show off their new breast implants. Moreover, the plastic surgeon which is to perform your breast surgery is the key, for his skills may make round shape breast implants look totally natural or cause the teardrop breast implants to look artificial. The material is also a quite subjective matter. Patients looking for the safest option will aim at saline implants while others will trust the brand which silicone implants may for themselves throughout the history of breast enlargement.


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