Before reviewing the costs of dental veneers worldwide, we need to answer the question of what are teeth veneers. Teeth or dental veneers also called as porcelain veneers or dental porcelain laminates, are wafer-thin pieces of porcelain used in cosmetic dentistry to recreate the natural look of the teeth while also helping strengthen the teeth which are broken, misaligned, chipped, uneven or worn down by covering the front surface of teeth. 

Patients also choose porcelain veneers to get rid of the discolorations, chips, and fractures on the surface of their teeth and to have a perfect smile which is actually meaning of health and beauty in the community. If we come to the pricing of this treatment, the cost of veneers depends on several factors, including:

• The number of teeth being treated,
• The location where the treatment is performed. Cost of porcelain veneers vary greatly from country to country and from large metropolitans to smaller cities or according to the area’s cost of living,
• The coverage of your health insurance policy. Some health insurances may cover only a small percentage of the cost. But most of them generally don’t cover cosmetic procedures,
• The type of veneers you’re choosing or the material of the veneers. Porcelain veneers are more costly than indirect or direct resin cement veneers,
• The expertise of the dentist.

In this article, we are focusing on the worldwide prices of dental veneers aiming you to compare them if you are considering dental tourism.

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How Much Do Veneers Cost Around the World?

Veneers Cost In Turkey (€150 – €450 per tooth)

Dental veneers cost in Turkey is nearly %40 lower than in the U.S.A, U.K, Germany, and Canada. The majority of the hospitals and dental clinics in Turkey have support services that can help with hotel reservations and transfer between airport, hotel, and clinic for medical tourists, as well as their success, easily proven with their before and after photos of previous treatments. Porcelain veneers cost may widely vary depending on the fees of the veneer’s dentist performing the procedure. However, the average cost of veneers in Turkey changes between €150 and €450 per tooth.

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Veneers Cost in Poland (€200 – €500 per tooth)

Poland is one of the most sought-after tourism destinations in dentistry and cosmetic dentistry fields. Most dentistry centers in Poland are world-class and accredited by ICOI. Popular porcelain veneers destinations in Poland are located in Gdańsk, Warsaw, and Szczecin. Porcelain veneers cost per tooth ranges between €200 – €500 in Poland.

Veneers Cost in Spain (€200 – €750 per tooth)

Spain was ranked on the 7th place by the World Healthcare Organization (WHO), so the country is a considerably good option to have veneers done.
Besides, veneers prices are competitive, and the dental clinics in Spain meet the requirements of the world standards, having many multi-lingual support services for medical tourists. Cost of dental veneers in Spain is generally cost from €200 up to €750, with an average price of €453 per tooth.

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Veneers Cost in India (€100 – €300 per tooth)

There are a great number of Joint Commission International (JCI) accredited dental clinics in India, and most of them are located in big metropolitans such as New Delhi, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, and Chennai. Dental clinics in India offer almost the cheapest cosmetic dentistry procedures in Asia. Porcelain veneers cost in Bangalore is around €300 per tooth whereas the average veneers cost in the other parts of India changes between €100 and €300.

Veneers Cost in the UK (€300– €2500 per tooth)

The cost of veneers in the UK varies from one dentist to another, and the price is greatly affected by the fee of the dental laboratory which makes the veneers. The average cost of composite veneers on teeth in the UK is €275 per tooth. Composite veneers are cheaper than porcelain veneers, but porcelain veneers look more natural, are more durable and are less likely to be stained. The cost of porcelain veneers in the UK starts from €600 and may reach €1200 depending on the additional fees. In addition to these prices, the average costs of Lumineers is €900, and e-max veneers are €700 in the UK.

Veneers Cost in the USA (€250 – €2500 per tooth)

Dental veneers cost in the USA changes between €250 and €2500 per tooth, depending on whether you choose to have composite, porcelain, or ultra-thin laminates (Lumineers). Composite veneers are the cheapest among them and cost approximately €250 to €1250 per tooth. Porcelain veneers cost in the USA is €1500 on average with the range of €500 to €2000. Lumineers are the most expensive one and last between 10 to 15 years with proper dental care. Lumineers cost in the USA is around €800 to €2500 per tooth.

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