Gamma Knife Icon is the newest form of radiosurgery available allowing for a very precise brain surgery without opening one’s skull. Elekta Gamma Knife Icon promises even better results than previous types of gamma knife treatment and has become a favourite tool for many doctors across the globe.

However, quite understandably, not everybody is so excited about radiosurgery in general. Especially patients who do not follow the latest developments in medicine may have a hard time believing that a gamma knife treatment may be as effective and even safer than a traditional brain surgery.

In this article, we try to make radiosurgery, and Elekta Gamma Knife Icon in particular, more familiar to those of patients who may need it and who have doubts regarding this revolutionary procedure. Hopefully, after reading it, gamma knife surgery will seem like a good treatment option for them.

Why Gamma Knife Icon?

Elekta Gamma Knife Icon, unlike traditional brain surgery, allows for brain treatment without performing a single cut in one’s brain. It is a radiosurgery – beams are directed from many sources at a specific point in one’s brain. Therefore, there is no need to cut through other brain tissues and as a result, the possibility of brain surgery side effects is kept at a very low level.

The other advantage of radiosurgery over other types of brain surgery is the time of recovery. In traditional brain surgery, recovery time may be as long as weeks or even months for the skull and brain tissues affected heal slowly. In gamma knife treatment, patients are free to go home the same day or after one-night observation.

Elekta Gamma Knife Icon Treatment

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What Is It Used for? (Which Medical Conditions)

Gamma Knife Icon radiosurgery finds use in many types of brain cancers such as meningiomas, vestibular schwannomas, and pituitary adenomas as well as metastatic cancers. Moreover, Elekta Gamma Knife Icon was successfully used to treat brain cancer growing anew after a traditional brain surgery due to its precision and being almost non-invasive.

However, the use of gamma knife treatment is not limited solely to brain cancers. Radiosurgery was found helpful in treating or bringing some ease in neurological diseases such as Parkinson’s disease and trigeminal neuralgia by removing the parts of the brain responsible for them.

Finally, gamma knife surgery may be used to treat vascular diseases of the brain, including arteriovenous malformation which in another case would require a much more complicated and harmful traditional treatment.

How Is It Performed?

In Elekta Gamma Knife Icon, dozens of gamma beams are used to hit precisely at the point which requires a brain surgery without causing any damage to surrounding brain tissues. This is why radiotherapy utilises a large number of beams – one beam passing through brain tissues does not cause any effects. Only the point where they are focused – a brain cancer tissue or ailing blood vessel – the radiotherapy beams destroy the cells.

What Are the Side Effects of Gamma Knife Icon?

While Elekta Gamma Knife Icon is generally a safe procedure, it may rarely cause some side effects. Side effects of radiosurgery may include nausea and headaches, feeling of numbness or even epileptic seizures. Additionally, it may sometimes lead to a temporary head loss near the area treated by gamma beams. Finally, in very rare cases, Elekta Gamma Knife Icon may lead to changes in neurological functions.

Still, it is necessary to remember that gamma knife treatments are much safer than traditional brain surgeries and the spectrum of possible complications and side effects is much smaller than in an open brain surgery.

What Is the Difference from a Normal Gamma Knife?

Elekta Gamma Knife Icon is the newest generation of radiotherapy, developed from a normal gamma knife treatment. The difference is evolutionary rather than revolutionary – Elekta Gamma Knife Icon offers even greater precision and more developed safety procedures than its predecessor. Additionally, Gamma Knife Icon radiosurgery may be performed without using the metal frame holding one’s head and instead utilising face moulds and other accessories which hold one’s head in a precise position in order to avoid damaging healthy tissues.

Moreover, Elekta Gamma Knife surgery allows for simultaneous brain surgery in various locations of the brain, which may be useful especially if a brain cancer has spread and is not growing in a single location.


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