Thread lift or thread facelift is a new trend in facial cosmetic surgery. Traditional facelift surgery, in which patient’s skin was pulled and partially removed in order to guarantee a youthful look, was a regular face surgery with quite a long recovery period and a number of possible complications. Additionally, it was permanent so a mistake could result in long-term bad look. As opposed to this, thread lift face surgery offers shorter recovery time and a decreased possibility of complications. More than that, facial cosmetic surgery specialists constantly improve the technique and materials used in thread lift in order to bring the best effects possible.

What Is a Thread FaceLift?

However, what exactly is a thread facelift? As ‘face threading’ we understand placing a number of threads under one’s skin in order to both pull the skin and stimulate the production of collagen. The main advantage of thread lift is that it is less invasive than traditional facelift surgery. Some methods of face threading are even called a facelift without surgery for we are free to leave the doctor’s office right after the thread lift procedure.

Threads used in face threading can have various properties and shapes. They can be straight or equipped with cones which additionally stimulate the production of collagen (silhouette thread lift). Moreover, they can be permanent (older generations of thread lifting) or dissolvable with time and therefore requiring a new facial cosmetic surgery every year or so.

Thread lift

Is It Worth It?

Patients who underwent a thread lift face surgery usually are satisfied with the results. Face threading promises instant results which are not exaggerated in order to maintain the natural look of the face. In the same time, you don’t need to worry about excessive swelling and recovery after the thread lift facial cosmetic surgery – within a day or two, all signs that you had a facelift surgery will be gone.
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Types of Thread Lift

There are several types of thread lift available, from permanent to temporary (dissolvable), from more invasive facial cosmetic surgery to minimal face threading, so-called beauty threads. As the time passes, more and more face surgery specialists resign from permanent thread lift in favour of dissolvable thread lift. In this way, they can avoid serious complications and provide best outcomes for their patients. Especially Silhouette thread lift became in recent years a hit among patients seeking a facial cosmetic surgery that is minimally painful and seems like a facelift without a surgery.

Silhouette vs Thread Lift

There are two differences between Silhouette thread lift and traditional face threading methods. Firstly, in traditional thread lift face surgery, doctors use permanent threads which, while bringing a long-lasting effect, more often result in infections and other complications. In Silhouette thread lift, the threads are dissolvable and possess special cones which additionally stimulate the production of collagen. The second major difference is the thread lift recovery time. In traditional face threading, patients had to recover for up to 1-2 weeks. Silhouette thread lift promises no recovery time, just slight swelling within the first day or two.

Risks and Complications of Thread Lift

Risks and complications connected with thread lift facial cosmetic surgery may vary. Infections may be contracted as bacteria sometimes tend to live in the artificial material of threads used in face threading. This is more common in permanent thread lift face surgery for they have a longer time to develop. Dissolvable thread lift minimises this risk.

Additionally, occasionally face threading may lead to undesired changes in the shape of one’s face, which can be solved by removing the threads.

Thread Lift Before and After

We could talk for long about blessings of face threading but still, it is a facial cosmetic surgery and you have a right to feel worried. For this reason, we thought that the best way to convince you that thread lift face surgery is a good solution for aging skin is to present you thread lift face lift before and after photos. Pictures showing the thread lift before and after often tend to be much more convincing than words.


thread lift

thread lift before and after


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