It is a fact – Brazilian Butt Lift procedure has conquered the world in the recent years, becoming one of the most common plastic surgery types. The changing trends and perceptions of female beauty supported by more than a few celebrities who underwent a BBL surgery put this procedure in the spotlight.

However, is it really worth the risk, not to mention the money? We argue that yes, especially if you have a clear vision of how your body should look like. But if you feel like you still have some questions, this short introduction should answer at least some of them. For matters not included in this article, you can contact our specialists HERE.

BBL Surgery Is Easy and Effective

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The idea behind the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure is pretty simple. Its main premise is fat injections in buttocks, therefore, it is conducted together with liposuction from lower abdomen or other body parts. This is one of the greatest advantages of BBL surgery. You can lose fat where you don’t want it and gain on the volume and shape of your buttocks. Additionally, you do not use any artificial fillers but rather your own fat tissue.

As for the more detailed description, fat taken from the stomach and put in buttocks is firstly liquefied in order to position it correctly in its new place. Then, doctors inject it using a specialized medical device. We need to say that overall, the results of the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure are more often than not excellent and totally meet the patients’ expectations.

With Brazilian Butt Lift, Beachbody You Desire Is Easy to Obtain

Many women feel like their behinds are flat and not really aesthetic. While it is often a matter of perception and your inner feeling of beauty, do not worry. With Brazilian Butt Lift, beach body you desire is just a few weeks away. After a pretty simple recovery, you will be able to show off your new look on your next holiday.

Taking an example from celebrities, we see that before BBL surgery many of them had not really impressive butts. This all changed with one simple procedure, leading to awe in the media about their new, enhanced appearance. For many of them, their enhanced behinds became a trademark of some kind and it’s hard to imagine them without this surgery.

Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery Is Quite Short and Easy

Yes, we know that for the first one or two weeks after the BBL surgery you have to avoid sitting in order to let the new fat graft to develop. Yes, you need to wear compressive garments, relax and let somebody else take care of you. But is it too much if we think about the final results? Also, who wouldn’t like to catch up with all the books and movies awaiting you?
Later on, it gets even better, you are able to sit on pillows and go on with your normal life apart from strenuous physical activities. One month later you can go and swim, with the only remaining part of recovery being the necessity to use the sunscreen for as much as 12 months.
After all, fat injections in buttocks do not turn our lives to hell. After a lazy one or two weeks, you will be able to enjoy a normal, though a little relaxed, life.

Brazilian Butt Lift Scars Are Almost Invisible

Thanks to the fact that Brazilian Butt Lift procedure is essentially a fat transfer and does not include skin removal as in traditional butt lift, the only scars involved are the incisions through which the liquefied fat was inserted. Moreover, these scars are usually safely hidden under your underwear so there is no way that your BBL surgery will negatively affect your self-esteem.

BBL Surgery is Pretty Safe

It is undeniable that there are certain Brazilian Butt Lift risks, such as fat necrosis, infection, bleeding, and others. However, keep in mind that such occurrences are extremely unlikely, especially if you follow your doctor’s advice. The large majority of Brazilian Butt Lift procedure enjoy spectacular results without any complications and we are pretty sure that you will be one of them once you decide. The important thing is to choose the rights specialists with a lot of experience. If you have an issue with finding one or you look for some more affordable options, do not hesitate to contact us HERE.


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