Spain, located at the western end of the Mediterranean Sea, is one of the most famous tourist attractions in the world. The city has a warm climate and a rich culture including its pristine beaches, amazing landscapes, various colourful festivals, amazing foods, historical sites and diverse cultural traditions. However, Spain has a lot more to offer! Besides being an outstanding tourism destination, Spain has also emerged as a very popular medical tourism destination for people from Europe, United States, United Kingdom and from all over the world with its good quality of health care at quite reasonable prices. But that’s not all!

spain view
A view from the top of Pope Lunas Castle, Valencia

Why Health Tourism in Spain?

Spain was ranked on the 7th place by the World Healthcare Organization (WHO) when it comes to the best healthcare in the world. So you will find a lot of reasons to choose Spain as a medical tourism destination: Prices are competitive, medical facilities are equipped with high-tech devices, there are many multi-lingual private hospitals and many of the clinics are located in some of Spain’s sunniest locations so that patients can enjoy the warm and relaxing environment for a recovery break after their surgery. Some of the procedures which make Spain a popular medical tourism destination are in cosmetic dentistry, plastic surgery, and elective surgery.

8 Things To Do in Spain

See Granada: The Alhambra

Located in Granada, containing enormous chambers with splendid ceilings, marble fountains, supreme halls, intimate royal baths and spacious pomegranate gardens, the Alhambra is an amazing palace and fortress complex you must see.


Visit the Balearic Islands

The Balearic Islands, located in the Mediterranean, represent four small islands named Ibiza, Menorca, Mallorca and Formentera offering various activities. Ibiza is all about partying and having fun limitlessly. Menorca, on the other hand, is a place for pure tranquility and natural magnificence. Mallorca is a mountainous island offering almost everything you would likely expect from a calm pastoral holiday. And Formentera offers wonderful beaches with a crystal clear sea.

Eat Tapas

Spanish cuisine has a wide variety of appetizers and snacks. Tapas is one of the most popular and delicious appetizers in Spanish cuisine containing olives, nuts and crisps followed closely by tortilla, vegetables, cheese, meat or fish.

Enjoy La Tomatina

La Tomatina is potentially one of the biggest food fights in the world in which thousands of people take to the streets with tomatoes in hand and throw tomatoes crazily at one another. If you join the festival, make sure you squeeze the tomato before throwing so that it bursts easily and makes it even funnier. And when the rocket sounds, it means that it’s clean up time and everyone heads on to a bar or to wash themselves.


See Aqueduct, Segovia

It is a colossal roman aqueduct that has been in place for 2,000 years stretching 800m long. The aqueduct is a must-see and ideal for great photo shoots.

See Views of Ronda

It is a splendid landscape with a magnificent bridge spanning the gorge between the new town and the old town. If you plan to visit, make sure your camera’s charge is full as the images are incredibly spectacular.

See Plaza de España

Located in Sevilla, Plaza de Espana is a majestic work of Spanish architecture with chanting polychromatic ceramic tilings and is among the most photographed spectacles in the world.

Visit Nou Camp

Located in Barcelona, Nou camp is an extraordinary stadium with its capacity of 98,772 and with the UEFA status being a 5-star stadium. Just imagine for a moment that almost 100,000 passionate fans gathered excitedly into a single stadium!



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