LASIK eye surgery gains increasing popularity in Netherlands. Dutch people visit ophthalmologists more and more in search for proper laser eye correction method. Still, increasing number of them decides to have their LASIK eye surgery abroad rather than in their home country. Why is that so?

First, you might want to know how LASIK eye surgery is performed. LASIK eye operation, or laser assisted in situ keratomileusis, is a popular vision correction surgery. In most of the cases, this refractive eye surgery helps to achieve 20-20 vision and deems using glasses unnecessary. The Ophthalmologist creates a flap in the epithelium, through which patient’s cornea can be accessed. Then, a laser is used to reshape the cornea in order to improve the eyesight of the patient. Finally, as the last step of the laser eye treatment, the flap is being brought back to its place. This flap is the main difference between LASIK and PRK or other vision correction techniques – not removing the epithelium induces healing process.

LASIK Costs Are Cheaper In the Other Countries

Laser eye surgery price remains the most important factor for Dutch people. In Amsterdam or Rotterdam, the price of LASIK oscillates around €2,500. It is a part of a larger trend, with Netherlands thought to have one of the most expensive health care systems in the world.
It is no wonder then that Dutch people decide to go abroad in search of affordable laser vision correction. Just one plane away is Poland, where the cost of laser surgery is much lower, estimated to be around €1,600. Even in Spain LASIK eye surgery is cheaper. Having refractive eye surgery in Madrid or other well-known Spanish city will cost nearly €1,075. Still, there are even more affordable options possible to be reached by one direct flight from Netherlands. In Turkey, LASIK treatment cost may be as low as €900. Still, so low eye surgery price doesn’t mean a drop in quality but is a result of lower facility and insurance costs.

Comparable Quality of LASIK Eye Surgery

While the prices of LASIK in the countries like Poland, Spain, or Turkey are much more affordable than those in Netherlands, they are paired with superb quality. All of these countries are well-known health tourism destinations chosen for various laser eye treatments including LASIK refractive eye surgery. Ophthalmologists in those countries are experienced and ready to listen to patient’s suggestions. Patients do not need to worry about LASIK eye surgery results while choosing this vision correction technique in clinics of Madrid, Warsaw, or Istanbul.

LASIK Eye Surgery & Travelling?

Finally, Dutch people give up to this simple argument: why not pair a LASIK eye treatment with a nice trip? After all, it is better to go through laser eye surgery recovery while sightseeing in streets of Cracow’s Old Town or Istanbul’s Sultanahmet area than staying in Netherlands, isn’t it? LASIK eye surgery recovery time is relatively quick but enjoying our stay in some foreign destination will not do any harm to our eye health, to the contrary, we will be more relaxed. LASIK patients’ decisions show that this is a viable argument for them. This trend in laser eye treatment seems to only grow with time.


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