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The most important thing is they broadcast the surgery online for relatives. The clinic guarantees that patients will turn to their normal life one day after the surgery, and the procedure is painless. He was born on 07.02.1977 in Adana / Turkey. He has graduated from ISTANBUL UNIVERSITY, CERRAHPASA MEDICAL FACULTY in 2003. In 2003, he worked for one year as a Practitioner in Aksaray at Ceritler Health Center. Serkan Ayhan, who prepared a thesis on Obesity and Reflux Patients, performed more than 1000 obesity and anti-reflux operations and prepared a measurement report to evaluate the patient's pre and post-operative conditions. Having an interventional and therapeutic endoscopy training certificate, he has been trained in laparoscopy, endoscopy, and new open surgical techniques. He has participated in various congresses and increased his professional experience. In 2004, he participated in the National Surgical Society Medical Congress in Antalya. In 2013 he had also participated in IFSO World Obesity and Metabolic Diseases Congress and worked with his colleagues at the solution's point. Giving service on Obesity, Reflux, and Diabetes

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  • Op. Dr. Serkan Ayhan
    Specialisation:Bariatric Surgery Years of Experience:7 Education:Cerrahpasa Medical Faculty - Istanbul University Languages:English, Turkish Memberships & Awards:Serkan Ayhan, who prepared her specialization thesis on Reflux patients, performed over 1000 reflux and obesity surgeries, received training on laparoscopic surgery, interventional endoscopic interventions during her residency, and prepared a measurement R&D report on the evaluation of pre and post-operative conditions of Reflux and Obesity patients.


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