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Turkish Dental Association
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Стоматологическая клиника «Умут Анталья» ( Umut Antalya Dental Clinic) расположена в Анталии, одном из лучших мест отдыха в Средиземноморье. Клиника имеет достойное место в косметической и имплантологической стоматологии, а также в сфере стоматологического туризма в Анталии.

Медицинский персонал и стоматологи клиники очень опытные и любезные. Клиника предлагает гигиеническую атмосферу и имеет высокотехнологичное оборудование. Обладая более чем 9-летним опытом, клиника предоставляет стоматологические процедуры, такие как стоматологические виниры, зубные коронки, отбеливание зубов или полное преобразование улыбки. Заботясь о финансовом состояни и и о состоянии здоровьи полости рта пациентов, стоматологическая клиника «Умут Анталья» также является дружественной клиникой для бюджета пациента.

Анталия - один из самых развитых городов Турции. Стоматологическая клиника «Умут Анталья» находится в центре Анталии, где вы можете увидеть красивые берега, пляжи и исторический центр города под названием Калеичи.

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Общая удовлетворенность star star 5.0 Основано на 11 отзывы
  • Персонал: star star
  • Расположение: star star
  • Оборудование: star star
  • Ценность: star star
  • Проверенный Проверенный отзыв
    Stewart Parr, Испания - Имплантация all on 4
    star star дек 2019
    Dental surgery Turkey Hi My contact with flymedi was a girl called Ruvi. From my initial contact with her the service I have have received has been first class. She has taken all the stress and worry away and I’m so glad that I planned my surgery this way . I would highly recommend them and they have been a pleasure to be with . Nothing is too much trouble. Thank you
  • Проверенный Проверенный отзыв
    Denzel, United Kingdom - Коронки на зуб
    star star июл 2019
    I had a great experience with Umut Dental Antalya I had crowns procedure and I’m very pleased with the process.Nadia assisted me to choose the clinic, book and follow up through the entire treatment and after. She was a great help.
  • Проверенный Проверенный отзыв
    Lee Hoyles, United Kingdom - Имплант зуба
    star star июн 2019
    Absolutely fantastic service and all involved are extremely helpful. Nadia, who was my point of contact, made things very straightforward. I am returning to have more done in a couple of months and would recommend Flymedi with no reservations whatsoever.
  • Проверенный Проверенный отзыв
    Alveera Khan, United Kingdom - Коронки на зуб
    star star май 2019
    Excellent service and absolutely stellar customer care!I had an excellent experience with Flymedi, Nadia was my coordinator she helped me throughout the whole process from choosing a clinic, to making a booking and helped me extensively during my aftercare.I received Crowns treatment in Umut dental Antalya, I'm extremely happy with the result. I would highly recommend both Nadia and Umut Dental as well as Flymedi. Wonderful company, professional and dedicated staff!
  • Проверенный Проверенный отзыв
    AbdirahmanNoor, Canada - Коронки на зуб
    star star фев 2019
    Thanks Nadia for you help and very good job and Umut dentist team
  • Проверенный Проверенный отзыв
    Bridgett, United Kingdom - Коронки на зуб
    star star ноя 2018
    I would absolutely recommend this clinic and Dr. Osman. I recently had 20 zirconium crowns placed on my teeth and am so happy with the outcome. At first, I was extremely nervous about the procedure but every step of the way I was able to contact the Flymedi with my questions through WhatsApp. I was provided with transportation to and from each appointment and to the airport even though my flight left very early in the morning. Dr Osman was very patient with me, I am a very nervous patient and the drilling always scares me. He was understanding and patient. My treatment was completed over 3 appointments. Before the procedure started Dr. Osman took the time to explain and answer any of my questions and giving me advice on aesthetics and color of the crowns. During the whole treatment, I was given outstanding service that was above anything I have experienced in the U.S. or U.K. I am so thankful to the team at Umut Antalya Dental Clinic and Flymedi would recommend it to anyone.
  • Проверенный Проверенный отзыв
    Nicola, United Kingdom - Имплант зуба
    star star ноя 2018
    5 star service!! I can’t recommend Diana enough, she helped me through every step of my dental work in Antalya. She answered all my questions and even checked in on me during my trip. I have to return to have more work done and I will definitely be asking Diana for help to make my journey and stay just as smooth as my first one was.
  • Проверенный Проверенный отзыв
    Jordan, United Kingdom - Виниры керамические
    star star ноя 2018
    My experience has been great! Diana has been so professional with me through mediclinic. I had dental work in antayla Turkey in the umut dental clinic and throughout the whole process, she was always checking on me to see if I was satisfied with everything. I am so am happy with my smile and I owe it all to Flymedi and Diana. My experience in the clinic itself was very good. I had transferred to and from the airport and the clinic arranged and I was always made to feel very comfortable. I would not have changed a thing. Thank you
  • Проверенный Проверенный отзыв
    Hari, United Kingdom - Люминиры
    star star авг 2018
    Excellent customer service, answered every question I asked and were very helpful throughout. The staff at the dentists were also all very accommodating and helpful, and made me feel as comfortable as possible. Everyone was very friendly throughout my stay in Turkey. Thank you Flymedi!
  • Проверенный Проверенный отзыв
    Khan, United Kingdom - Имплант зуба
    star star июн 2018
    Excellent customer care. Good communication. Price reasonable and no hidden costs. Could assist with transfers as a way of improving service. The dentist identified was first class and extremely competent. Spoke English and very reassuring with good surgical skills
  • Проверенный Проверенный отзыв
    Fraiser Johnson, United Kingdom - Виниры
    star star дек 2016
    I found my dental clinic on flymedi. The staff was so supportive and friendly. They have called me several times to inform about the treatment and updates. They picked me up from the airport and even they visited me during my treatment. I will travel again to complete the treatment in 3 months.
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Turkish Dental Association

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