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El Cedro Dental Clinic

Адехе, Испания
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Dental clinic "El Cedro" founded in 2000 by the French surgeon-dentist Doctor Olivier Bournay.
The denta Clinic offers a full range of dental treatments from general dentistry to implantology, periodontics, orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry.

The clinic "El Cerdo" is ISO 9001 certified, which is a guarantee of quality, hygiene, safety, guarantee of a serious approach to patients.

The clinic's staff speaks Spanish, French, English, Italian and Russian languages. This allows us to work not only with the locals whose composition is very diverse as well, but also to take patients from France, Belgium, Great Britain, Italy, and Russia, to provide them with the most comfortable conditions.
Doctors of the clinic EL CEDRO are graduated in European and American Universities, who have years of experience, regularly participate in international conferences, monitoring developments in implant technology. They are fluent in such methods as:
• Installation of dental implants without opening the gums
• Installation of a dental implant immediate loading
• Raising the bottom of the maxillary sinus (sinus lift)
• Carrying out dental surgery with intravenous anesthesia (especially suitable for patients with high anxiety)

"El Cedro" has its own prosthetic laboratory, which allows to produce the latest generation of dentures as soon as possible and to ensure a better interaction between the dentist and the prosthetist.

So, the customers of this clinic get a combination of exciting leisure trip with highly qualified treatment at reasonable prices.


  • Стоматология

Комплекс помещений

  • Парковки для инвалидов
  • Доступно для инвалидов
  • Туалет для инвалидов-колясочников
  • Доступ к общественному транспорту
  • Зоны для курильщиков

Туристические услуги

  • Доставка из аэропорта
  • Доставка из гостиницы
  • Услуги переводчиков


  • Консультация врача онлайн

Используемые языки

  • Английский
  • Испанский
  • Итальянский
  • Русский
  • Французский


  • ISO 9001:2008 - Международная организация по стандартизации ISO 9001:2008 - Международная организация по стандартизации


Calle Tinerfe el Grande, 21, Адехе, Испания