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About Us

FlyMedi is an online medical travel service where you can find and compare internationally recognised hospitals and clinics and arrange your medical travel. Every year millions of people travel abroad for medical treatments. Our mission is to provide people with all the necessary information and to help them make the right decision about their healthcare and their medical trip. Our vision is easy access to quality healthcare for everyone.

FlyMedi provides users with the most appropriate medical travel plan thanks to its extensive partner network and successful ecosystem. In addition to providing users free doctor consultations prior to their trips, FlyMedi helps people to save on medical travel by offering them all inclusive medical tour packages including accommodation and free transfers.


The more information you provide, the more we can help you make a better decision. Your medical records and your contact information are only accessible to our Care team and clinics you choose to share them with. We don't sell, distribute or share your contact information with 3rd parties.

Our Team

Fatih Ciftci - CEO & Co-Founder

Fatih Ciftci

Fatih is the CEO and Co-Founder of FlyMedi. He holds a degree in Economics and an MBA. He brings several years of startup experiences to lead the FlyMedi team, develop the business and expand in strategic markets. Fatih is passionate about excellence and continuous improvement. He is a strategic thinker and planner. He drives FlyMedi's vision and overall strategy.

Yusuf Ozkan - COO & Co-Founder

Yusuf Ozkan

Yusuf is the COO and Co-Founder of FlyMedi. He brings several years of experience in International Healthcare Management. Previously, Yusuf administrated the International Patients Services for Medicana Hospitals Group and Medical Park Hospitals Group - two leading JCI accredited hospitals groups in Turkey. Yusuf holds a degree in Foreign Languages and Literature.

Ali Ahmet Bingul - Technical Lead

Ali Ahmet Bingul

Ali Ahmet is the Tech Lead of FlyMedi. He leads the development of all products of FlyMedi.com. He helped in the founding of many start-ups since his high school years. He has great pleasure in dealing with challenging new tasks every day and keeping up with the latest technologies.

Karim Elsayed - Business Development Manager

Karim Elsayed

Karim is the MENA business development manager of FlyMedi. He holds a degree in International Trade and has several years of experience in marketing and hospitality. Karim has a unique understanding of the dynamics of the Middle East. He is passionate about making FlyMedi the leading medical tourism brand in the MENA region.

Ceyda Uzun - Customer Care Service

Ceyda Uzun

Ceyda is responsible for Balkan patients. She has a gifted talent for solving patient’s problems and building close relationships with them. She speaks Turkish, Romanian and English. She holds a degree in Business Administration. She is highly passionate about excellence.

Sabina Zotescu - Customer Service

Sabina Zotescu

Sabina is responsible for Customer Satisfaction. Yes, she calls it as 'Customer Satisfaction'. She loves making people smile. She brings her several years of Customer Service experience to FlyMedi. Sabina holds a degree in Economics.

Cosmin Stefan Radoi - Content Marketing Manager

Cosmin Stefan Radoi

Cosmin is responsible for generating content for our great product! Also, Cosmin manages our dedicated FlyMedi content team. He is creative, passionate and a hard-worker. He holds a degree in Foreign Languages and Literature and when he’s not at the keyboard you can find him outdoors, enjoying an off trail hike.

Seda Arduç - Content Development Specialist

Seda Arduç

Seda is responsible for generating content to help our patients make the best decision for their healthcare. Seda is an important asset in the team giving insightful recommendations and works hard and supports everyone around her.

Ilayda Korkut - PR and Graphic Design Specialist

Ilayda Korkut

Ilayda is responsible for portraying the uniqueness and quality of our products in a visual manner. She is a fashion enthusiast, interested in making everything look as stunning as it possibly could. Ilayda’s passion and dedication for her work can be seen in her amazing work.


Michael Hussey - CEO at StatSocial

Michael Hussey

Michael is a social-media veteran and technology entrepreneur. He has been behind some of the most popular websites and hottest online trends. Michael was the founder of PeekYou.com, RateMyTeachers.com and RateMyProfessors.com. He is often credited as the pioneer of online rating and opinion websites, beginning with RateMyFace.com in 1999.