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Smart Lipo is a body contouring procedure that leaves the patient with a perfect aesthetic. The process harnesses the power of laser energy, sculpting the body contours. 

Who can have Smart Lipo? 

The ideal candidates for smart lipo abdomen are both men and women struggling with fat around the abdomen. Smart lipo is also ideal for getting rid of unwanted fat pockets on various body parts. Typically, doctors recommend Smart lipo to patients who have tried fat-loss methods such as a healthier diet and exercising to no success. 

The doctors will examine your overall health and make sure you do not duffer any health problems that cause a fat removal procedure, such as Smart Lipo, a potential health and wellness concern. 

Smart Lipo is ideal for addressing excess fats around the hips, buttocks, and abdominal area. 

Smart Lipo Treatment Duration

For most clients, Smart Lipo takes 2 hours. However, the overall treatment duration depends on the number of affected areas or the area treated during the Smart Lipo procedure. Besides, the treatment duration will depend on the amount of fat you are targeting to lose during the procedure. 

The Smart Lipo Side Effects

After the body contouring procedure, you may experience the following side effects:

  • Minor swelling
  • Body discomfort
  • Bruising
  • Tissue tenderness 

However, these side effects will resolve within a few days after the treatment. Usually, Smart Lipo side effects are fewer, milder, temporary, and involve a small level of discomfort. Some rare risks may include infection and hematoma. 

Smart Lipo Recovery Time

Generally, Smart Lipo is one of the body contouring procedures with a faster recovery time. Compared to conventional liposuction, Smart Lipo makes an excellent option for patients who do not want to experience prolonged downtime. 

To ensure faster recovery, you should avoid any strenuous activity, and get plenty of rest. Besides, the patient should limit intake of sodium to help healing and recovery. 

Smart Lipo Success Rate

Generally, the procedure has a high success rate. The patients will notice the full results within two to three months after the procedure. Patients need to understand that Smart Lipo does not tighten loose skin. 

What Are Alternative Treatments For Smart Lipo? 

The two alternatives for smart lipo are: 

  • CoolSculpting 
  • Nonsurgical body sculpting 

Cool sculpting applies targeted cooling to the trouble spots, freezing and eliminating fat cells. The procedure can reduce stubborn fat by up to 20-25%. You can repeat the cool sculpting procedure safely after three weeks. 

Non-surgical body sculpting removes and reduces the pockets of stubborn fat. The procedure involves several sessions in order to get rid of the excess fats effectively. 


How is Smart Lipo Performed? 

Smart Lipo is a laser-assisted liposuction procedure that gets rid of excess fat and tightens your loose skin. Therefore, the laser goes inside your body and targets the fat layers through a small cannula or tube. The heat from the laser causes the excess fats to soften, making it easier for the doctors to get rid of the fat. 

The doctors use a medical-grade laser to perform the procedure. The powerful medical-grade lasers will rupture the fat cells melts them away to suction them out of the patient's body. 

Despite the power of lasers, Smart Lipo does not cause injuries to the surrounding nerves or the blood vessels. Therefore, the procedure is less risky and does not damage other surrounding areas. 

What Does Smart Lipo Involve? 

If you have decided to undergo Smart Lipo, you need to ensure adequate planning. Proper planning ensures that the whole procedure suits your personal preferences and body needs and follows the clinic's practices. 

Here are the steps comprising the Smart Lipo procedure. 

Smart Lipo Preparation

Upon initial consultation, the doctor examines whether you are an ideal candidate for Smart Lipo. The doctor explains the procedure and why he recommends it to you. Besides, the doctor will advise you on the recovery. 


After the initial consultations, the doctor will administer the appropriate anesthesia you need. Unlike traditional liposuction procedures, smart Lipo requires only local anesthesia. which means you are awake and alert during the procedure. However, if the target area is large, the surgeon may recommend the use of general anesthesia. 

Laser Treatment

The surgeon uses a calibrated laser to target the areas from which to remove the fat deposits. When the laser hits the area, it ruptures the fat cells and a fatty liquid is removed from the area via a tiny skin incision. 


If the procedure involved only local numbing, then you may walk out from the surgery room right after the procedure. The doctor will place compression bandages to help the treated areas. 

What Should I Expect After Smart Lipo? 

After the procedure, you may continue your daily activities within 2 to 3 days. Some patients can return to work immediately after the procedure. 

However, after the procedure, you can only tackle mild activities. In addition, follow the diet and rest practices prescribed by the surgeon. 

Things You Should Avoid Prior To the Treatment 

  • Do not take Aspirin or any other blood-thinning medication after the procedure
  • If you are taking medications for any chronic or acute disease, inform the doctor before the surgeon commences. 
  • Patients should avoid smoking 24 hours before the surgery
  • Notify the doctor about allergic reactions to drugs during the initial consultations 


How Much Does Smart Lipo Cost? 

Smart Lipo cost varies between patients depending on a variety of factors. Therefore, it is necessary for the surgeon to examine the area to determine the approximate cost. 

Does Smart Lipo Work? 

Smart Lipo is an FDA-approved fat reduction procedure. Doctors consider Smart Lipo to be a safe and effective treatment, performed using local anesthesia for the patient. 

What is Smart Lipo 360? 

Lipo 360 is a liposuction procedure encompassing all areas of the midsection and covers 360 degrees around. The target areas include the abdominals, the obliques, and the mid-to-lower back. 

Is Smart Lipo Abroad Affordable?

Yes, the procedure will be more affordable abroad and cost less in popular medical tourism locations like Turkey. But some factors affect the Smart Lipo cost abroad, like the clinics' location, the surgeon's experience, and the technique used. 


Satisfacția Generală star star 4.8 Bazat pe 34 opinii
  • Personal: star star
  • Locație: star star
  • Facilităţi: star star
  • Valoare: star star
  • Verificate Opinii Verificate
    Irina, Russian Federation
    star star apr. 2022
    Thank you all! Overall my experience was amazing. You always know where to go, what to do as the consultants always help you to arrange it. It makes the trip so smooth! Even they help you where is the pharmacy, some vip transfers. Traveling to have surgery might be extra stressful, so it helps a lot to have help. The doctor and the nurses were so kind! The room they kept me in was very clean and well maintained.
  • Verificate Opinii Verificate
    Mariana, Romania
    star star mar. 2022
    I had a fantastic experience with Flymedi and Luna clinic. Everything was so organized from their first approach to me until it was time to get back home safely. I would definitely recommend using Flymedi for all types of treatments as they care a lot and always provide trusted clinics.
  • Verificate Opinii Verificate
    Darren, Canada
    star star mar. 2022
    When I first reached out to Flymedi, I spoke to Angela. She was very responsive and answered all my questions. Finally, when we arranged the whole trip. When I got there, everything moved super smoothly. They picked me up from the airport. The staff at the clinic was accommodating. One of the nurses wasn't speaking English, but the instructions were clear, so I didn't experience a problem. I got back last week, and I feel satisfied with the results so far. Dr. Omer's clinic was the best choice for me. Thank you all!
  • Verificate Opinii Verificate
    Natalia, Russian Federation
    star star feb. 2022
    Amazing attention! I am so grateful to encounter so many kind people helping me during my stay. My translator Can, my coordinator Kristie and all Flymedi Team helped me as much as they can to have my operation smoothly. Thank you!!
  • Verificate Opinii Verificate
    Monique, Belgium
    star star ian. 2022
    I just came back from the trip last week. Everything was pleasant in general. I like the fact that there is always someone to contact. Both clinic and the Flymedi team were very helpful with every question. My coordinator still checks on me if I am doing good. That shows that I made the right choice because they made me feel like they care about their patients. I would recommend it to anyone. I didn't have to worry about the trip details while preparing myself for the surgery. That saved me a lot of trouble mentally. Trust me, you wouldn't want to deal with the commute in Istanbul, especially during winter. Airport was a little far. I am grateful they arrange all the pick ups. It's %100 worth it.
  • Verificate Opinii Verificate
    Carina, Spain
    star star ian. 2022
    Excellent experience %100 recommend! The staff and Dr.Ugur made me feel super comfortable. Flymedi team, especially my consultant Kristie, supported me from the beginning. Deciding to go to Turkey was hard initially, especially during these Covid times, but now I can easily say I am glad I did it. When I arrived there the first day, I had a small problem, but Kristie quickly solved it. Thank you!!
  • Verificate Opinii Verificate
    James A., United Kingdom
    star star iul. 2021
    My body was what you would call a ‘dad bod’ for sure and I was sick of having this big belly and wanted to get rid of it. I came from England to get liposuction and 6 pack surgery. Couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. Gave me the confidence to start going to the gym again as well so all-around great success.
  • Verificate Opinii Verificate
    Dani, Greece
    star star iun. 2021
    My family were wanting to have a bit of a holiday and I really wanted to get rid of some of the extra weight I've managed to gain over the years. We picked Kolan British Hospital in Cyprus so the family could enjoy themselves while I got the work done. I had liposuction on my whole body and tummy tuck which has just made such a difference to my life. So much happier!
  • Verificate Opinii Verificate
    Robert, United Kingdom
    star star mai 2021
    I had a great experience with Flymedi and Medical Park Goztepe. Abud was great at answering all my questions and putting my mind at ease. And my doctor spoke perfect English and was very experienced.
  • Verificate Opinii Verificate
    Katie Roberts, Saudi Arabia
    star star mai 2021
    As I was so concerned between doing my surgeries in the UK or Turkey and since everyone you speak to says they are the best but you end up being surprised later. I started looking online for my liposuction surgery and I found Flymedi.com. As soon as I registered my inquiry, Abud directly calls me and was so friendly. I felt like I know him for a long while and he was so helpful and open to all questions and concerns. As soon as he got my information he started looking for the best choices for me. I literally didn’t expect he would get what I was looking for accurately. He sent me 3 offers and they all fitted my budget and all my concerns. I have decided to go with Luna clinic because they really had the most qualified surgeon and best results. I got all the information of my medical diagnosis and the difference between all the techniques. After doing some research, I really found that Luna clinic is just the best place. Abud was able to organize everything needed and was available days and nights that for a moment I was wondering if he takes any rest or has time for himself. All I had to do is to buy my flight ticket otherwise my hotel, surgery, and transfers was all sorted. I came all the way and it was all provided as we spoke before. Abud even didn’t leave me alone and was always checking on me. The hotel was so quiet and clean as well. I really had a memorable stay and I’ll definitely recommend it to all my family and friends. Thanks a lot, Abud and Flymedi from my deep heart
  • Verificate Opinii Verificate
    Valerie, Netherlands
    star star apr. 2021
    I have been checking different clinics around Izmir. Then I Found Flymedi. They gave me a free quote, I choose Dr. Sema. They were very responsive and answered all my questions. I was assigned to a coordinator; Mr. Can, who was very helpful when I was in Turkey. My only concern was the transportation and the hotel stay after the surgery. But the flymedi team also helped me to arrange those and everything went fine. Dr. Sema was very professional. I have already recommended her clinic to my friends. Thank you for everything!
  • Verificate Opinii Verificate
    Kelly, Ireland
    star star nov. 2020
    Everything went great! Thank you
  • Verificate Opinii Verificate
    bellaxws, Turkey
    star star aug. 2020
    I found flymedi while I was looking for a doctor in Istanbul to do a chin and neck liposuction. Abud from Flymedi contacted me and he was great from the beginning until even after I went back home, he took care of everything and was always available, definitely the right person for this experience! My doctor (Dr Ozge Ergun) was also great, I'm very satisfied and I can only recommend Flymedi, the best place to find your treatment!
  • Verificate Opinii Verificate
    Paul, United Kingdom
    star star nov. 2019
    Used Flymedi to arrange liposuction surgery. Mustafa showed great understanding and kept me informed via WhatsApp. I had surgery at Estethica in Istanbul....a great experience, with my surgeon doing a fantastic job. Three weeks after surgery, everything is settling down nicely and my new shape is showing very well. Very, very pleased with everything!
  • Verificate Opinii Verificate
    Leeza, Luxembourg
    star star iul. 2019
    Words cannot Express how thankful I am with the service I received. Mustafa was my representative and he was very informative. I ask a lot of questions and he was always willing to get the accurate information. He made the full process stress free and easy. I was take to one of the major hospitals for my procedure and he and his team was there the whole time to help with anything I needed. Even after my procedure Mustafa still checks in on my recovery progress. He can always be reached whenever I needed him. Thank you so much Mustafa for making this major step in my life so smooth and easy. I highly recommend this agency, they are professionals that truly cares about your wellbeing.
  • Verificate Opinii Verificate
    Fran, Congo
    star star mai 2019
    Exceptional ServiceI approached Flymedi when I wanted to have my liposuction , Nadia was my coodinator we talked for months before I decided to go ahead with the surgery. It's been more than one month since my sugery and I couldn't be happier, I'm pleased with the entire process. Thankful for Dr.Ozge Ergun and his amazing work and for Nadia's constant support and guidance. I would 100% recommend both .
  • Verificate Opinii Verificate
    Rua Ibrahim, United Arab Emirates
    star star mar. 2019
    For about a year and so I was thinking about getting Vaser Liposuction, and luckily when I was ready to move forward with the procedure I came across Flymedi in which I was contacted by Nadia. As I was planning to travel to Istanbul alone It was important for me to find an agency or a clinic in which I wouldn’t feel alone and I would feel comfortable.The minute I spoke with Nadia I got a very good vibe and she was very comforting and helpful.What I liked the most about Nadia specifically she was not pushy or aggressive rather she provided me with options and left it up to me to decide in which I felt she was very genuine and actually cared about her customer’s comfort rather than just trying to sell a deal.Nadia was available at all times whenever I had a question, she checked on me before, during and after the procedure. I am still recovering, but I am very happy with the results so far and the clinic that I went with.I would definitely go with Flymedi again for any future procedures.
  • Verificate Opinii Verificate
    Sanne, Netherlands
    star star mar. 2019
    During my stay in istanbul i had assistance and guiding 24/7, so i didn't even feel like i was in a foreign country. Ms. Nadia helped me with the clinic finding process and the best doctor for my preferences, but also with answers to all my questions related to the surgery at luna clinic, where i had the rhinoplasty and liposuction, i had a great experience and operations.
  • Verificate Opinii Verificate
    Andutza Deea, Germany
    star star feb. 2019
    Excellent customer service! I hat a nice experience with Flymedi company, especially with Mustafa. He answered all my questions with care and patience. He managed the entire process very well and quickly. Thank you Mustafa!
  • Verificate Opinii Verificate
    Lina, United States
    star star ian. 2019
    Great experienceThis is my first time communicating with a company overseas (out of states). To be honest it was kind of risky at the beginning, specially that I didn’t know anyone who used their services. I have applied online through their website, and within a very short time I had a response from them via WhatsApp. Geumana was a great communicator, she did her best to answer all my questions. She wasn’t pushy at all. She reviewed my situation with more than one doctor and gave me their opinions. She was with me from day 1 till today (after procedure)! She made sure that the communication with the clinic is okay and transportation and arrangements ...etc. Now after my procedure and going through all the experience, as she had informed me the staff in the clinic and the doctor were great! Still healing but I can tell that I am satisfied from the results! Very happy I had this experience and would highly recommend it to my friends and family! Thank you so much Geumana from FlyMedi
  • Verificate Opinii Verificate
    Sunia, Germany
    star star ian. 2019
    great service- I am happy with my choice and outcomeI am fully satisfied with flymedi service; in particular with my agent Nadia. She was there from the very first step, and assisted me in finding the right clinic for the budget I was looking. Also, I always felt comfortable to communicate with her. She was even responding to my late hours questions/chat on WhatsApp. She was the intermediary and replied very swiftly between the clinics Nd myself. Even after the treatment, they ask you how you are. Igelt felt very please and secure. I highly recommend flymedi/ Nadia.Thank you.
  • Verificate Opinii Verificate
    Ahmet, United Kingdom
    star star dec. 2018
    Had a great experience with the team at flymedi. From when I 1st booked my op with Nadia she was most helpful. The surgeon Dr. Ozge and his team was brilliant they really looked after me and my wife who came along with me also with my wife being 5 months pregnant at 4he time they really looked after her as well. I can't thank them enough for their professionalism and great hospitality. The hospital was great as well. And the hotel was very nice and relaxing not too far from nisantasi a main shopping hub of Istanbul. And great staff too.
  • Verificate Opinii Verificate
    Daniela, Germany
    star star dec. 2018
    We recommend flymedi.com! Mr. Mustafa helped us to get to the best specialists in Turkey! I had to do MRI investigations, EEG and I was very pleased with everything !! We'll recommend with all our heart !! There are special people, Mr. Mustafa, but also the staff at the Hospital !! Thank you
  • Verificate Opinii Verificate
    Anna, Netherlands
    star star oct. 2018
    Everything went well, the team and doctor was nice. Thank you!
  • Verificate Opinii Verificate
    Kasier, United Kingdom
    star star aug. 2018
    Flymedi was just great from my first contact with them Nadia karoui was such a gem I was giving time and plenty of Information regarding my procedure She arranged all the booking from the flight airport transport to the clinic Couldn’t really ask for much moreI inquired from other companies at the same time and found them way too pushy to make a booking and really not as informative Definitely recommend for others to use Especially when it comes to your body the more information they better
  • Verificate Opinii Verificate
    Andrea, Romania
    star star iul. 2018
    Gånduri bune şi mulțumiri din Romånia!Doresc să mulțumesc Flymedi,domnului Mustafa pentru că a fost prompt şi foarte rapid in a-mi găsi o clinică pentru nevoile mele,respectiv Clinica Vanity,unde mi-am şi făcut intervențiile la nivel facial,de care sunt foarte mândră şi incåntată.A fost o experiență unică trăită la Istanbul alături de cel care m-a operat,doctorul Güray Yeşiladali care este un profesionist desåvårşit dar inainte de toate un OM minunat şi asistenta dånsului Merve Cevik care mi-a fost alături mereu.In ceea ce-l priveşte pe domnul Mustafa,dânsul este un om sensibil şi grijuliu care nereu m-a contactat pe WhatsApp pentru a mă intreba de sănătate.Mulțumesc pentru tot,faceți o echipă minunată cu toții!
  • Verificate Opinii Verificate
    Soraya, United Kingdom
    star star iun. 2018
    I approached Flymedi for my liposuction procedure, the team was really helpful and professional and answered all my questions.A big thank you to Dr.Ozge and Taner for their work.I recommend Flymedi for anyone considering surgery abroad
  • Verificate Opinii Verificate
    Saleh, United Arab Emirates
    star star mai 2018
    Nadia Karoui is a very professional ,dedicated , and highly skilled Customer service specialist.She helped me out from the moment i contacted her about my medical issues. She gave me honest advise with no pressure what so ever. She managed the entire process very well from the moment I arrived in turkey till my hopistal discharge date. She is a friendly and caring Customer service specialist. I would definitely recommend Nadia and FlyMedi for Anyone who requires any type of medical help. ThanksSaleh Osman
  • Verificate Opinii Verificate
    Larisa, Russian Federation
    star star oct. 2017
    Хочу выразить огромную благодарность за представленные услуги клиники New Age Clinic. Великолепные профессионалы и квалифицированные специалисты оказали мне профессиональную помощь в получении медицинской помощи. Отдельную благодарность хочу выразить сотрудникам компании FlyMedi которые были внимательны и находились со мной рядом почти 24 часа в сутки.
  • Verificate Opinii Verificate
    Gina Chayeb, Algeria
    star star iul. 2017
    Professional , honest , delivered all parts of agreement. Thanks to Yusuf for your great service
  • Verificate Opinii Verificate
    Sabrina Mosch, Germany
    star star iun. 2017
    Everything went well, the operation started 2 hours later than it supposed to be but it is OK. I am satisfied with the result
  • Verificate Opinii Verificate
    Sanne Hesselmans, Netherlands
    star star mai 2017
    Great results. Thanks FLYMEDI and Dr. Ozge!
  • Verificate Opinii Verificate
    Dina Alotaibi, Kuwait
    star star ian. 2017
    التواصل حلو بس ممكن أوقات الويكند ياخذ وقت شوية. الخدمة ممتازة جدا. السعر مناسب جدا .مافي اي شكوى و بالعكس بشكركم جدا
  • Verificate Opinii Verificate
    Kelly Smith, United Kingdom
    star star nov. 2016
    Good result with an excellent team
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  • Consultație gratuită online
  • Prioritate pentru programări
  • Alăturați-vă familiei fericite a pacienților Flymedi
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