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Who Can Have Fat Transfer

  • An ideal candidate for fat transfer should be an adult aged 30 - 60 years old and in good health with no severe illness
  • Women who are unhappy with their breast size and want to have breast fat transfer 
  • Women who are unhappy with their buttocks contour and wish to fat transfer to buttocks (Brazilian Butt Lift) 

Treatment Duration

The surgery will take 2 hours. Typically you will be sent home after the surgery unless many areas are treated.

Fat Transfer Risks & Side Effects

  • Infection risks 
  • Bruising
  • Swelling
  • Numbness
  • Fat embolism
  • Scarring

Fat Transfer Recovery Time

The recovery period will differ from one patient to another, and it depends on the extent of the procedure. Before you're discharged, your doctor will provide you with the instruction you need to speed up your recovery.

In the first two days after the surgery, you will feel discomfort and follow a medication plan to reduce the pain. The bruising will fade away after a month from the surgery.

The treated areas will be swollen and bruised after the surgery for a few weeks. You should take a week or two off work and avoid demanding activities during the recovery.

After six months, expect to see results as some of the transferred fat will be reabsorbed into the body.

Fat Transfer Success Rate:

Fat transfer surgery has a success rate of 75% - 80%

Alternative Treatments

  • Injectable fillers 

How Does it Work?

Fat grafting, also known as fat transfer, is a cosmetic surgery that aims to remove fat from unwanted areas (face, thighs, stomach, hips) and transfer it into specific body parts to improve its aesthetic look. Fat transfer is a standard procedure in Brazilian but lifts and breast fat transfer treatments.   

We will ask you to send your photos as shown in the Photography Guide below to evaluate your case for your online consultation.

What Does Fat Transfer Surgery Involve?

We will plan and arrange the procedure to suit your personal preferences and needs. There are a few primary steps involved in this procedure. Here is what you can expect:

1. Final consultation with the surgeon 

The surgeon will discuss the proposed surgery plan with you and address any concerns or expectations you have about the surgery.

They will examine your body and draw marks suggesting the incision areas.

2. Anesthesia

Your surgeon will give you general anesthesia or local, depending on the extent of your procedure. 

3. Extracting Fat Cells 

Your surgeon will choose the appropriate incision based on your case; then, your surgeon will make small incisions and extract the fat cells using a medical tube known as the cannula. 

 4. Processing The Fat Cells 

Once the fat has been extracted, the surgeon will carefully purify it using a particular machine. The machine will separate the fat from other liquids like blood.

5. Injecting the fat

After the purification, the fat cell will be transferred into the targeted areas at various depths.

What Should I Expect After Fat Transfer Treatment?

  • Expect to feel slight pain and experience bruising and swelling in the treated areas. 
  • It would be best if you had someone help to assist you after the surgery for a few days.
  • You should check your incisions to recognize the appearance of any infection.
  • You could experience pain, bruising, and swelling for about a month after the surgery. But your doctor will provide a medication plan to ease the discomfort. 
  • You should avoid strenuous activities for two weeks but, you can continue to your normal activities within a couple of days.
  • It would be best if you made light walks to prevent blood clots.
  • You will have follow-up visits depending on your recovery plan.
  • The final results will be seen in 6 months up to a year.

Things You Should Consider Before Fat Transfer

  • A week before the surgery, you should stop taking Aspirin and any other medicine associated with blood thinning.
  • If you are allergic to any drugs, you should inform your surgeon as early as you can
  • It is best to avoid smoking 24 hours before the surgery.
  • Consuming any alcoholic beverages can affect anesthesia. It would help if you didn't take in alcohol 24 hours before the surgery.
  • If you are taking medicine for chronic or acute diseases such as diabetes and heart disease, you should inform your surgeon before the surgery.    


Does fat transfer last?

Typically your surgeon will overfill the targeted areas because most transferred fat cells will not survive. But after six months, the fat that remains in targeted areas will last.

Is body fat transfer permanent?

The fat transfer results are permanent, but you should aim to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

How long does it take for a fat transfer to look good?

It takes six months for fat transfer results to be visible.


Is fat transfer cost abroad affordable?

In general, yes the procedure will be more affordable abroad and cost less in popular medical tourism locations like Turkey. But there are some factors that affect the fat transfer cost like the location of the clinics, the surgeon's experience, and the technique used. 

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  • Проверенный Проверенный отзыв
    Vukašin, Serbia
    star star июн 2022
    Thank you for all the florence nightingale team and my doctor. I have been feeling better since I had the surgery. Professional and caring staff
  • Проверенный Проверенный отзыв
    Sophia, United Kingdom
    star star июн 2022
    Ana was extremely helpful, friendly and made planning my trip so much easier. I don't know what I would have done without her! Going overseas to a country you've never been to before to get plastic surgery can be scary, having Ana made it a lot less scary knowing you have somebody there that's on your team to help you.
  • Проверенный Проверенный отзыв
    Mariana, Spain
    star star июн 2022
    While doing a price search for plastic surgery in my own country, I came across flymedi and had my surgery at esteworld for a much more reasonable price and I am very happy. The team and flymedi were very professional.
  • Проверенный Проверенный отзыв
    Ellis McLintock, Turkey
    star star авг 2020
    From start to finish my experience with Flymedi was exceptional. The coordinator, Abud worked hard at finding the right surgeon for me. He was constantly in contact while I was away to ensure everything went smoothly. I honestly could not be happier with the company. Dr Ozge has done an exceptional job too. Thank you Abud for making me feel confident again!
  • Проверенный Проверенный отзыв
    Maribeth, Switzerland
    star star янв 2019
    I highly recommended flymedi.com. Mustafa was good assistance all the way through. From airport, hotel, and hospital. The surgeon who conduct the operation did a great job. I was hesitant at first and was scared what would be the result but waking up after the surgery I was surprised by his professionalism. As well as Mustafa was being present every time I needed him out anytime I could contacted him. He never fails. Thanks to Y'ALL guys.
Ваша личная квота
Ваш Личный консультант по вопросам здоровья
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