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Acesta este cel mai mare grup de clinici stomatologice din Turcia. Fondată în 2006 și condusă de motto-ul: Stomatologie de nouă generație, DenGroup a înființat clinici partenere în Londra, Köln, Berlin și Rotterdam. Acest lucru înseamnă pur și simplu că fiecare pacient internațional care este tratat la una dintre clinicile DentGroup din Turcia poate primi tratament de continuare în acele clinici partenere, dacă este necesar. DentGroup oferă toate formele de tratamente dentare și susține „Foundation for Children of Hope” prin tratarea gratuită a copiilor aflați în nevoie. 

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  • Dt. Alper Şen
    Specializare:Stomatologie Ani De Experienta:11 Educaţie:Plovdiv Faculty of Dentistry Limbile:Limba engleză, Limba turcă
  • Dt. Asena Kaptanoğlu
    Specializare:Stomatologie Ani De Experienta:7 Educaţie:Yeditepe University Faculty of Dentistry Limbile:Limba engleză, Limba turcă
  • Dt. Merve Soylu
    Specializare:Stomatologie Ani De Experienta:8 Educaţie: Karadeniz Technical University Faculty of Dentistry Limbile:Limba engleză, Limba turcă Abonamente și premii:Turkish Dental Association (TDB)
  • Dt. Zeynep Balat
    Specializare:Stomatologie Ani De Experienta:6 Educaţie:Bezmialem University Faculty of Dentistry Limbile:Limba engleză, Limba turcă Abonamente și premii:Turkish Dental Association (TDB), European Orthodontic Society (EOS), Turkish Aligner Society (TAD)
  • Dt. Fulden Kalelioglu
    Specializare:Stomatologie Ani De Experienta:4 Educaţie:Istanbul University Faculty of Dentistry Limbile:Limba engleză, Limba turcă Abonamente și premii:TDB (Turkish Dental Association), GençEDAD (Aesthetic Dental Academy Association)
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  • Verificate Opinii Verificate
    Roger Smithson, United Kingdom - Implant Dentar All-on-4
    star star iul. 2021
    I’d been having problems with my teeth for a while and they were really starting to cause me dramas and I just needed them out. I got me teeth removed in the UK and then went over to Turkey to start with the new ones. Had to come twice to get the whole thing done but it was well worth it and I’m very pleased with me new teeth.
  • Verificate Opinii Verificate
    Courtney Foster, United States - Coroane Dentare
    star star iul. 2021
    Flymedi are amazing! Seriously they made going to the dentist not the worst experience in the world! I absolutely love the way my teeth look now, and I’m so happy I decided to go through with it as it was two trips to Turkey but totally worth it! I had to get a lot of work done actually as my teeth weren’t in the best shape, so I was quite scared, but the clinic was so clean and hygienic and the staff super professional. I had to get a tooth pulled, some implants done, and a complete set of crowns put in afterward. My smile has gone from being my worst nightmare to my best asset! Just so happy with how it all turned out!
  • Verificate Opinii Verificate
    Nicola, Germania - Implant Dentar
    star star mar. 2020
    The staff were so professional and friendly. Flymedi helped me through the process of organising my dental work that I urgently needed done. It was a pretty big trip for me and I couldn’t have been made to feel more comfortable. I had a Hollywood smile done. They picked me up from the airport and took me to the clinic and hotel. I just really can’t thank Flymedi enough for holding my hand through the whole process, as I was very nervous to get everything done. I would highly recommend Flymedi as a professional and friendly service. Thank you to everyone who assisted me.
  • Verificate Opinii Verificate
    Martin Gary, Canada - Coroane Dentare
    star star dec. 2019
    My experience with Flymedi was awesome from start to finish. I had great service when booking my appointment, they got all the information from me and got me a great deal. I needed a full mouth of crowns and a few implants done as well so I was really happy to get such a good deal on this. The clinic was just as great. I had to come twice and wasn’t nervous at all the second time! Really happy with the outcome.
  • Verificate Opinii Verificate
    Nasir, Saudi Arabia - Implant Dentar
    star star oct. 2019
    I wasn't happy with the dental clinics I went to in my own country. One of my work friends recommended DentGroup. I researched a lot and found out only good things about the clinic. I decided to try and I couldn't be any happier with everything. The most important thing for me was hygiene and the clinic was very clean and the doctors were very friendly. Also, everyone speaks perfect English so I had all my questions answered. I finally got past all my dental issues. I highly recommend Dentgroup.
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