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Turkish Medical Association
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Spitalul Privat Ethica İncirli si-a inceput activitatea in 2007 ca parte a grupului Ethica Health Group. In primul an, spitalul a avut aproximativ 4000 de pacienti. Spitalul a castigat rapid increderea si respectul pacientilor din lumea intreaga iar acum este unul din cele mai mari spitale private din Turcia.

Spitalul Privat Ethica İncirli este acreditat de catre Asociatia Medicala Turca. Spitalul este specializat in chirurgie bariatrica, neuroghirurgie, chirurgie de coloana vertebrala si urologie. In fiecare an, Spitalul Privat Ethica İncirli primeste aproximativ 10.200 de pacienti din intreaga lume.

Spitalul ajuta pacientii cu rezervarea biletelor de avion, transport intre hotel, spital si aeroport, rezervari la hotel, pachete de vacanta, camere pentru pacienti cu TV iar pacientii internationali pot beneficia de servicii de traducator in Engleza, Germana, Franceza, Araba si Rusa.

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  • Op. Dr. Serkan Ciftci
    Specializare:Cardiologie Ani De Experienta:6 Educaţie:Facultatea de Medicină din Capa - Universitatea din Istanbul Limbile:Limba engleză, Limba turcă Abonamente și premii:Peste 100 de articole medicale
  • Op. Dr. Cuma Aslan
    Specializare:Chirurgie generală Ani De Experienta:9 Educaţie:Facultatea de Medicină din Cerrahpasa - Universitatea din Istanbul Limbile:Limba engleză, Limba turcă Abonamente și premii:Asociația Medicală Turcă (TTB)
  • Dr. Maviş Özge Gedik
    Specializare:Ginecologie Ani De Experienta:5 Educaţie:Facultatea de Medicină - Universitatea din Istanbul Limbile:Limba engleză, Limba turcă Abonamente și premii:Peste 20 de articole medical
  • Dr. Lale Gündoğdu Çelebi
    Specializare:Neurologie Ani De Experienta:10 Educaţie:Facultatea de Medicină din Cerrahpasa - Universitatea din Istanbul Limbile:Limba turcă Abonamente și premii:Peste 50 de articole medical
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  • Valoare: star star
  • Verificate Opinii Verificate
    Ivona, România - Rinoplastie
    star star ian. 2022
    I wish I had done it sooner... I am incredibly grateful to my coordinator and the hospital team. They made me feel super comfortable throughout the whole trip. Thank you so much for all the help!!
  • Verificate Opinii Verificate
    Alexander Sullivan, United Kingdom - Stomatologie
    star star nov. 2020
    I was considering several different options, however Abud was by far the most committed and helpful of all the agents I'd been in discussions with. Everything was organised for me and I was guided throughout and if I was feeling apprehensive about anything or had any questions Abud was always on hand to answer my questions and give reassurances. I'm so happy with the results of my operation and I was left overwhelmed by how friendly and supportive everyone was throughout. If you're considering using flymedi then I can honestly say you'll be delighted with the service both before during and after your surgery.
  • Verificate Opinii Verificate
    Reema Adel, Jordan - Implant Fesier
    star star oct. 2020
    I live outside Turkey and I wanted to do a surgery in Turkey. I have contacted Abud Alielah (Abdulrahman) as a representative of Flymedi and he was of great help. He always received my relentless inquiries, day and night, weekends included (I feel bad about it now :) And he always got back to me with informative responses. He was honest, precise, no false attractions. I was checking with more than a medical mediator companies at that time, but the reason I chose Flymedi was that Abdulrahman was the one representative who gave me time and attention the most. When I took the decision, he organised for the trip, A-Z and it all went as planned. He always accommodated all my concerns and was knowledgable about the process. Based on my personal experience, I do recommend Flymedi and I thank Abdulrahman so much for constantly keeping a positive communication channel.
  • Verificate Opinii Verificate
    Arbab Mutasim Omar, Germania - Gastrectomie
    star star ian. 2020
    السلام عليكم. انا كان عندي فتق السرة وعملت موعد في مستشفي إثيكا عبر التلفون مع الاخت ناديه كان الموضوع كثير سهل وحجزت وطلعت الي تركيا وكانت العمليه كثير سهله وسريعه. شكرا لي طاقم المستشفي
  • Verificate Opinii Verificate
    Baris Esen, Turcia - Gastric Sleeve
    star star iul. 2019
    I had sent a email enquiring about a operation and a day later i had a reply from Nadia Karoui, in the matter of 3 days she had a hospital/doctor/accomodation booked ready for me to fly to turkey and go ahead with the procedure.Throught the whole process she was amazing and of it wasn't for her i would of still been reasearching..I could not thank her enough..
  • Verificate Opinii Verificate
    Samia, United Kingdom - Bypass Gastric
    star star iun. 2019
    I’m extremely satisfied with my experience with flymedi .Miss Nadia and I talked for about a month or so before I decided to book my sleeve surgery, she was very informative and answered all my questions .I’m still in recovery mode but so far so good .Would recommend them for anyone planing to have surgeries abroad .
  • Verificate Opinii Verificate
    Chole Kumbi, United Kingdom - Repararea herniei ombilicale
    star star feb. 2019
    Umbilical hernia repairI am from London, I found FlyMedi when looking for somewhere to do my umbilical hernia surgery, from the beginning Nadia was so helpful and answered every question i had. My surgery was done in Ethica Hospital, the doctor was very efficient and the staff were helpful. Overall the surgery went very well and i am fully recovered.
  • Verificate Opinii Verificate
    Saeed, Qatar - Gastric Sleeve
    star star aug. 2018
    خدمه ممتازه…خدمه ممتازه من المستشفي و الفريق و دكتور جمال دين شكرا جزيلا
  • Verificate Opinii Verificate
    Alsaher, Egypt - Gastric Sleeve
    star star aug. 2018
    Very good, helpful and professional service all the best. Thank u all Flymedi!
  • Verificate Opinii Verificate
    Kelly, United Kingdom - Ginecologie
    star star iun. 2018
    I needed an unexpected gynecological procedure while I was visiting Istanbul and found a doctor through Flymedi's website. The staff was so incredibly responsive and helpful throughout the entire process, even when i had complications over a holiday weekend. Geumana, my representative, helped me communicate with the hospital and answered every single question I had, and checked up on me several times after the procedure to see how I was feeling and see if I needed any help. She made me feel like I had a friend and advocate right there the entire time. What could have been a really scary experience far away from home turned out to be really positive. Highly recommended for anyone in need of medical care while traveling.
  • Verificate Opinii Verificate
    Alhanouf, Saudi Arabia - Himenoplastie
    star star mar. 2018
    I was attended by Geumana who did a great job and was very attentive to the service I needed. The service went smooth and the doctor answered all questions before and after the surgery. Thank you flymedi and Geumana for the great experience.
  • Verificate Opinii Verificate
    Laila Arif, Libya - Verificare cardiologie
    star star oct. 2015
    I was totally satisfied with the services rendered by the hospital staff, doctors, translators, Dr Emad and Mr.Khalil whom helped me greatly. Their capabilities in resting us assured with each doctor's individual diagnosis left me speechless! I also thank your superb website service in answering my immediate queries and arranging my appointment!I am glad I chose your hospital and hope to come back in February for another follow up.
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Turkish Medical Association

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