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Doctors have found that diabetes surgery can treat diabetes by controlling blood sugar levels. This article covers essential information about diabetes surgery and explains how the procedure can help you manage diabetes. 

According to CDC, diabetes is a chronic health condition that affects how your body converts food into energy. If you have diabetes, your body may not be making enough insulin or cannot use the insulin, as it should. 

Excess blood sugar remains in your bloodstream when there is insufficient insulin or cells fail to respond to insulin. 

Over time, you may start developing health problems like heart disease, lose your sight, or develop kidney disease. 

Who Can Have Diabetes Surgery? 

While diabetes surgery can help you stop or reduce your intake of medications, not everyone qualifies for the Surgery. To undergo bariatric Surgery, you must have met the following minimum conditions. 

  • You have a BMI of 40 and above regardless of your health status
  • BMI of between 35 and 40 with at least one severe obesity-related condition
  • You have a BMI less than 35 without clinically relevant condition 
  • If you have type 2 diabetes and or more obesity-related co-morbidities. Bariatric surgery for type-2 diabetes is one possible treatment. 
  • You have shown an inability to achieve a healthy weight loss sustained for a while with prior weight loss efforts 

Therefore, talk to your doctor if you are considering diabetes surgery and meet either or all of the above conditions. 

Diabetes Surgery Treatment Duration

The treatment will take 3-4 hours. After the procedure, a majority of diabetes patients report the effects on blood sugar within days after the Surgery. Therefore, people who have the Surgery reduce or eliminate diabetes medications within weeks following the Surgery. 

Complete resolution of diabetes is more common among patients who have a form of diabetes that doesn't require medication and have had diabetes less than five years. 

Besides, treatment duration is shorter among patients who have more weight loss after the Surgery. The benefits of diabetes Surgery extend to high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels. 

Diabetes Surgery Risks and Side Effects 

All surgical procedures carry some risks and side effects. The risks associated with diabetes surgery include: 

  • Acid reflux
  • Anesthesia-related risks
  • Chronic nausea and vomiting 
  • Dilation of esophagus
  • Inability to eat certain foods
  • Infection
  • Obstruction of stomach 
  • Weight gain or failure to lose weight

Risks and side effects vary by the diabetes surgery procedure. Therefore, your bariatric surgeon will explain the risks and complications of your specific diabetes surgery procedure. 

You can help lower the risks and possible side effects of diabetes surgery by decreasing your Body Mass Index, increasing your amount of exercise, and stopping smoking. 

Diabetes Surgery Recovery Time

Laparoscopic Diabetes surgery procedures result in a shorter recovery time. You may remain in the hospital for 2 to 3 days, returning to normal activities in 3 to 5 weeks.

 If the Surgery involves a larger cut, your healing process will likely take longer. Follow the nutrition guidelines given to you by the nutritionist to ensure a faster recovery time. 

Diabetes Surgery Success Rate

Diabetes surgery or Metabolic Surgery is the most effective diabetes treatment and may result in stopping taking medications. 

Nearly 78 percent of patients who undergo the surgery experience lower blood levels, take fewer diabetes medications, and see an improvement in diabetes-related health issues. 

Medics have advanced diabetes surgery, and it is among the best-studied therapies in modern medicine. 

Alternative Treatments 

Some people with diabetes use complementary and alternative treatment therapies to manage diabetes.

Alternative treatments for your consideration include:

  • Herbs and supplements 
  • Dieting procedures 
  • Exercising 
  • Relaxation techniques 

However, there is little evidence of whether herbs and supplements will support healing from diabetes. Also, consult your doctor regarding using either of the above treatments for your diabetes condition.


How Is Diabetes Surgery Performed? 

Diabetes surgery can take two different approaches. The initial one is a gastric sleeve, and the second is a gastric bypass. 

Gastric sleeve: The surgeon removes part of your stomach and creates a new tube-shaped stomach or "sleeve." The procedure reduces the size of your stomach and restricts the amount of food you can eat at one time. 

Gastric bypass: The surgeon makes a small pouch that bypasses the stomach and attaches it to the further end of your small intestine. The procedure results in reducing the number of calories your body will absorb. 

What Does Diabetes Surgery Involve? 

  • Anesthesia Stage

Like several forms of surgery, diabetes surgery will involve anesthesia. However, planning anesthesia for diabetes surgery differs for patients with normal BMI. 

The diabetes surgery anesthesia considers the psychological changes caused by obesity and the presence of comorbid conditions associated with obesity. 

Besides, the pre-anesthetic approach depends on the nature of the anticipated procedure and anticipated recovery from surgery and anesthesia. 

  • Making the Incisions

Following successful anesthesia, your surgeon will perform gastric surgery either laparoscopically or as an open procedure. 

A Laparoscopic procedure involves making several small ¼ to ½ inches abdominal incisions. 

The "open" procedure involves making a single 10 to 12-inches abdominal incision. 

  • During the Surgery

The surgeon uses surgical staples to create a small pouch at the top of the stomach. The surgeon makes an intestine bypass so that food will move from the pouch to the middle section of the small intestine. 

  • Closing the Incisions

After a successful surgery, the surgeon closes the incisions with staples or stitches. Your stomach will hold less food. Besides, the food will bypass the small intestine's lower belly and upper section. 

What Should I Expect After Diabetes Surgery? 

After the diabetes surgery, check the blood sugar often. Some patients have trouble controlling blood sugar because of post-surgery stress, or they are having trouble eating. 

Expect that the healing process will take time. therefore, be prepared for longer bed rest or stay at the hospital depending on your healing process. The patient should watch for signs of infections such as fever or an incision that turns red, or hot to touch. 

After leaving the hospital, work with a primary caregiver to make sure the blood sugar control is appropriate. 


Can Surgery cure diabetes? 

Yes! Diabetes surgery is the most effective cure for diabetes, and one could stop taking all medications. 

What Surgery is Available For Diabetes? 

Bariatric surgery is a minimally invasive approach for treating diabetes and works by controlling how much sugar is in the blood. There is two bariatric surgery for diabetes types, namely gastric bypass and gastric sleeve. 

Can Type 1 Diabetics Have Surgery?

Young patients affected by type 1 diabetes can undergo Surgery with minimal risk. However, health care providers should be very familiar with the management of type 1 diabetes. 

Is diabetes surgery abroad affordable?

In general, yes the procedure will be more affordable abroad and cost less in popular medical tourism locations like Turkey. But there are some factors that affect the diabetes surgery cost like the location of the clinics, the surgeon's experience, and the technique used. 

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  • Проверенный Проверенный отзыв
    Ludita, Romania
    star star июн 2022
    I had my bariatric surgery done here. During the whole process my Flymedi consultant Maria and Dr. HE Obesity Clinic staff was with me. They answered all of my questions and they took care of my treatment after the surgery, I am grateful for this. Thank you all !
  • Проверенный Проверенный отзыв
    Sharon, Romania
    star star апр 2022
    I cannot find any fault the care and aftercare of Dr murat and his team show. They looked after me and were extremely helpful and reassuring from start to finish. Jimmy dr murat's assistant was so helpful and understood all of my questions and concerns. Thank you dr morat and the team, it is a start of my new life.
  • Проверенный Проверенный отзыв
    Riccardo, Spain
    star star янв 2022
    Flymedi arranges your trip hassle-free. I recently had surgery in Memorial Atasehir Hospital, and my consultant still keeps in touch with me to follow up with my healing process. It is so nice of her. Everybody in the hospital was very helpful. I am absolutely satisfied with everything.
  • Проверенный Проверенный отзыв
    Claire Barrett, Ireland
    star star июн 2020
    This hospital the nurse's surgeon and all the staff are amazing I have nothing but praise for the fantastic care I received before and after my operation it was a home from home everyone spoke English it was spotless clean if I had a question or neaded anything all I had to do was ask . The room I stayed in at the hospital was very comfortable had everything I needed. Ìf you are going to get bariatric surgery I highly recommend this place it was better than any hospital in Ireland or England.
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