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Clinica Dentara Dentram

Istanbul, Turcia
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Stomatologie 23 procedures

  • Aditie De Os Intrebati 600 €700 € Arata Detalii
  • Albire dinti Intrebati 255 €275 € Arata Detalii
  • All-on-4 Intrebati DE LA7.490 € Arata Detalii
  • Coroana dentara Intrebati DE LA175 € Arata Detalii
  • Curatarea Profesionala a Dintilor Intrebati 80 €85 € Arata Detalii
  • Extractie Dinte Intrebati 60 €80 € Arata Detalii
  • Fatete Dentare Intrebati 185 €330 € Arata Detalii
  • Gingivectomie Intrebati DE LA600 € Arata Detalii
  • Implant Dentar Intrebati DE LA545 € Arata Detalii
  • Obturatie de Canal Intrebati 70 €185 € Arata Detalii
  • Plombe Inlay/Onlay Intrebati DE LA105 € Arata Detalii
  • Plombe Rasini Compozite Intrebati 55 €75 €
  • Proteza Dentara Intrebati 850 €900 € Arata Detalii
  • Punte Dentara Intrebati DE LA360 € Arata Detalii
  • Sinus Lift Intrebati DE LA735 € Arata Detalii


Clinica Dentara Dentram si-a inceput activitatea in 1994. Clinica se afla in Districtul Financiar din Istanbul, Turcia. Clinica Dentara Dentram este certificata de catre ISO si ofera o gama larga de servicii si facilitati pentru pacienti, inclusiv Wi-FI, Servicii de VISA\/Calatorii, Ridicare de la Aeroport si Hotel cat si servicii de interpretariat pentru pacientii internationali.

Clinica Dentara Dentram este specializata in urmatoarele proceduri si servicii dentare: implanturi dentare, Invisalign, fatete dentare de portelan, restaurare dentara si tratament ortodontic.

Clinica Dentara Dentram a efectuat pana acum peste 20.000 de implanturi dentare si peste 5.000 de pacienti apeleaza la serviciile sale anual.

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  • Stomatologie


  • Bai pentru pacienti
  • Parcari pentru persoanele cu handicap
  • Accesibil pentru persoanele cu handicap
  • Parcare
  • Internet Wireless
  • Acces la transportul in comun


  • Deschis in weekend
  • Servicii de urgenta
  • Coordonare asigurare de sanatate

Serviciile oferite de Pachet

  • Ridicare de la aeroport
  • Rezervari la Hotel
  • Ridicare de la Hotel
  • Servicii de vacanta si excursii
  • Traducatori autorizati
  • Ghid local
  • Excursii locale
  • Inchiriere masina
  • Serviciu sofer privat
  • Birou de turism/Viza

Limbi Vorbite

  • Arabă
  • Engleza
  • Germana
  • Rusa


  • ISO 9001:2000 - Organizatia Internationala de Standardizare ISO 9001:2000 - Organizatia Internationala de Standardizare
  • TDB - Asociatia Dentara Turca TDB - Asociatia Dentara Turca
  • TTB - Asociatia Medicala Turca TTB - Asociatia Medicala Turca
  • TAOMS - Asociatia de Chirurgie Oro- Maxilo-Faciala din Turcia TAOMS - Asociatia de Chirurgie Oro- Maxilo-Faciala din Turcia


Çilekli Caddesi No:4 , Beşiktaş, Istanbul, Turcia


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Evaluare : 5 out of 5 with 10 reviews

  • Flymedi -  Find Clinics and Hospitals Abroad - Medical Tourism
    Implant Dentar
    Decembrie 2018

    It’s my second visit for dental treatment in Dentram Dental Clinic. I highly recommend Professor Dr. Serhat Yalçın, also I want to thank Diana and Cholpon from Flymedi

  • Flymedi -  Find Clinics and Hospitals Abroad - Medical Tourism
    Implant Dentar
    Noiembrie 2018

    Excellent service only!!! Я обращаюсь уже не в первый раз во Flymedi , потому что знаю и уверена, что моя проблема будет решена. Так было со мной, я обращалась по линии стоматологии, так произошло и с моей мамой, которой успешно сделали операцию на глаз в клинике Dunyagoz и она вновь видит! Во Flymedi работают специалисты высокого класса. И в этом убеждаешься с первого дня обращения в компанию. Это и подбор правильной клиники, а самое главное, личное участие, независимо от времени и дня недели, во время твоего лечения. Т.е. прилетая в Стамбул, ты попадаешь в заботливые, профессиональные руки Flymedi. Хочу выразить благодарность компании Flymedi и лично за блестящую работу и внимательное отношение к своим клиентам!!! Джахана

  • Flymedi -  Find Clinics and Hospitals Abroad - Medical Tourism
    Implant Dentar
    Septembrie 2018

    I used Flymedi to book a dentist appointment in Istanbul a few months ago, and can honestly say I was amazed. The service was super, no pain, the cleanest office ive been to. Diana was the rep that helped me book my whole process, she was very kind, patient, and so helpful. She kept me updated every few days on documents I needed, made appointments for me, send me pictures of location. She was very sweet, my treatment at dentram dental clinic was awesome. The whole process was very scary at first coming from the US, but it went so smooth. Thank you! Cant wait to come back

  • Flymedi -  Find Clinics and Hospitals Abroad - Medical Tourism
    Albire dinti
    Septembrie 2018

    The service was very good and the staff was very polite, I would definitely recommend this Dentist to a friend.

  • Flymedi -  Find Clinics and Hospitals Abroad - Medical Tourism
    Albire dinti
    Septembrie 2018

    Laser teeth whitening. I recommend this company to anyone coming to Turkey for dental treatments. Diana is very good and ready to answer all your questions.

  • Flymedi -  Find Clinics and Hospitals Abroad - Medical Tourism
    Implant Dentar
    August 2018

    I had 4 implant in Dentram Clinic, I recommend its services, they also serve better price

  • Flymedi -  Find Clinics and Hospitals Abroad - Medical Tourism
    Albire dinti
    Iunie 2018

    Excellent customer care. Good communication. Price reasonable and no hidden costs. Could assist with transfers as a way of improving service. The dentist identified was first class and extremely competent. Spoke English and very reassuring with good surgical skills.

  • Flymedi -  Find Clinics and Hospitals Abroad - Medical Tourism
    Implant Dentar
    Iunie 2018

    Hello ! I called Diana in December about implantation, she sent the treatment plan with prices and terms! I liked it and after the new year I came to Istanbul with the Dentram Company! Within three hours I was given a tooth extraction and put implants! They gave me a prescription for medicines, I bought them and drank them in the evening! The night slept well, without pain! In the morning I got up-everything was fine, I had breakfast and went for a walk! I walked in the rain for four hours, drank coffee, the mood was fine-it did not hurt anything! Then I came back in a month and a half-everything was again without pain and complications-I deleted one more problematic tooth with an implant! The end of the operation was in early April, and now it's all over, but I'm fine! Thanks to Diana for her constant support, she defended my rights, advised how to do it, encouraged me and helped me! Thanks to doctors from the Dentram clinic for their professionalism and neat painless treatme

  • Flymedi -  Find Clinics and Hospitals Abroad - Medical Tourism
    Aprilie 2018

    Thank you very much to Flymedi, to Ms. Diana Vinogradova - our coordinator, for the excellent, fantastic service organized. It was a pleasure to come to Istanbul several time and have medical treatments. I have no problems and headache during my visits. All procedures, starting from the meeting at the airport and up to my departure were well planned and organized on the high professional base. Let me recommend to all - if you decided to have a medical treatment in Turkey or you need professional med. consultation with regard to this, do not hesitate to apply and contact with Flymedi!!!

  • Flymedi -  Find Clinics and Hospitals Abroad - Medical Tourism
    Aparat Dentar Lingual
    August 2017

    Othman at Fly Med provided excellent customer service and I'm very grateful. The service and clinic I was referred to exceeded my expectations. I'm happy to provide a reference for both.