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Dr. Mehmet Dogruer

Dr. Mehmet Dogruer

Dr. Mehmet Dogruer has nine years of experience in hair transplant. Dr. Mehmet has a keen interest in his patients and specializes in hair transplantation and botox applications. He has successfully performed over 3000 hair transplant procedures on international patients. utilizing cutting-edge technologies to achieve excellent outcomes. Dr. Mehmet Dogruer also received the Novel Academy – Mesotherapy and Botox Certificate, further attesting to his expertise in these fields. Patients worldwide seek his services, and he continues to operate at the forefront of hair transplantation trends.


  • Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine in 2015, Medical Degree

Certifications & Memberships

Professional Accomplishments

  • He was an observer doctor at Lugansk State Medical University in 2011.
  • He specializes in many areas such as FUE Hair Transplants, DHI Hair Transplants, Sapphire Hair Transplant, Beard Transplants, and Hair Mesotherapy.


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