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Beauty standards are forever changing and as a woman you are introduced to new products and diets that are supposed to change your body but they may never work. 

This is where a treatment like Liposuction Correction in Turkey comes in. With the help of a skilled and experienced surgeon performing this procedure, you can be guaranteed to lose excess fat to give your desired look and have you looking toned.

The Benefit of Choosing Revision Liposuction Turkey Clinic

There are a lot of reasons for one to choose to get a Liposuction revision in Turkey and these reasons can be narrowed down to:

Wide Range Of Highly Skilled Surgeons

This is one of the most stand-out benefits of choosing liposuction in Turkey. Most liposuction Turkey reviews are positive as they are performed by a wide range of skilled practitioners leaving a large number of their patients satisfied. 

You are guaranteed quality work from Turkish surgeons who have gotten their education and training in some of the most reputable medical schools around the world.

You Get World-Class Treatment At A Low Cost

One of the underrated beauties of getting treatment in Turkey is that the prices for the whole procedure are inexpensive and cost significantly less than what you would get charged in other countries like the USA and England. The cost of the procedure is also inclusive of transport and accommodation so you are guaranteed to be taken care of on all points of your trip

It Is Easy To Enter Turkey For Medical Procedures

Turkey is world-renowned for its medical tourism and therefore you can easily get a visa that will allow you to stay in the country while you get your procedure. You also get to simultaneously enjoy a country rich with culture and diversity in its people before and after you are done with your procedure.

The Laser Liposuction Procedure is safe

Doctors in Turkey deliver some of the best work around the world to transform your whole look and you are guaranteed that the procedure will be safe. The surgeons are sufficiently accredited and the clinics are also recognized by organizations like the Joint Commission International (JCI) and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

Revision Liposuction Turkey Cost

The revision Liposuction Turkey cost varies from clinic to clinic as there are some factors to consider. These may include the location of the clinic; city center clinics are likely to be more expensive and the experience of the doctor; the more experience the higher the price. However, the average cost of liposuction in Turkey is 2350 - 4250.

The Best Candidate for Revision Lipo Turkey 

The best candidates for a body-shaping lipo revision in Turkey are:

  • Women who are not pleased with the excess fat in their body 
  • Nonsmokers with good health
  • Women who have firm and elastic skin.

The Next Steps If You Plan To Have Liposhifting in Turkey

Once you have decided to have liposhifting in Turkey, here are some of the steps you need to follow:

  • After your research, find out about the local regulations so that you are aware of the rights you are afforded as a tourist coming in for a medical procedure.
  • What you ask the doctor is crucial to how your procedure is going to go, so prepare a list of questions that you will ask the doctor of your choosing. Find out if they speak English so that communication is smooth and crisp. Enquire about the side effects and if there are any precautions you have to take before you start the procedure. 
  • Have realistic expectations of what kind of procedure you are getting. It is important that you know if there will be any side effects to the procedure.
  • Make sure you choose a surgeon who is registered with a reputable governing body to ensure you are working with a credible medical practitioner.

Revision Liposuction Clinics(54 Clinics)

Luna Clinic Turkey
Istanbul, Turkey
Luna Clinic Turkey Verified
  • Preliminary and follow-up examination
  • 98% would recommend
  • 1000+ operations last year
  • Internationally trained surgeons
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Contact Clinic
Contact Clinic
Istanbul European Clinic
Istanbul, Turkey
Istanbul European Clinic Verified
  • 97% would recommend
  • Uses cutting-edge tech
  • Accredited by TSAPS (Turkish Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery)
  • Well-equipped staff
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Contact Clinic
Contact Clinic
Estethica Atasehir
Istanbul, Turkey
Estethica Atasehir Verified
  • Premium facility
  • ISO 9001-certified clinic in Istanbul
  • 93% patients recommend
  • Open weekends
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Contact Clinic
Contact Clinic
Memorial Sisli Hospital
Istanbul, Turkey
Memorial Sisli Hospital Verified
  • Popular by international patients
  • 200 bed capacity
  • JCI-Certified
  • Has an advanced medical technology
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Contact Clinic
Contact Clinic
Dr. Sema Ozden Clinic
Izmir, Turkey
Dr. Sema Ozden Clinic Verified
  • Recently renovated clinic
  • Accredited by TSAPS (Turkish Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery)
  • Preliminary and follow-up examination
  • High review rate
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Contact Clinic
Medical Park Gaziosmanpasa Hospital
Istanbul, Turkey
Medical Park Gaziosmanpasa Hospital Verified
  • Biggest private hospital in Istanbul
  • Advanced post-op care system
  • Internationally trained surgeons
  • JCI accredited clinic
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Contact Clinic
Contact Clinic
Erdem Hospital
Istanbul, Turkey
Erdem Hospital Verified
  • ISO 9001 Certified
  • Uses the top-notch technology
  • 20,000 square meters
  • 150-bed capacity
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Contact Clinic
Ekol Hospitals Izmir
Izmir, Turkey
Ekol Hospitals Izmir Verified
  • Has world-class specialists
  • High review rate
  • Monitored by the Quality Management Unit
  • Using the most advanced technology
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Contact Clinic
Contact Clinic
Istanbul, Turkey
Esteworld Verified
  • ISO 9001-2008 Certified
  • Located in the heart of the city
  • Premium facility
  • High review rate
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Contact Clinic
Contact Clinic
Kent Hospital
Izmir, Turkey
Kent Hospital Verified
  • 95% would recommend
  • Advanced technology investment
  • 1000+ treatments last year
  • Founded in 2008
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Contact Clinic
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By Abdulaziz Ali - Medically reviewed by Prof. Zeynep Sevim, on May 20, 2024

What Is Revision Liposuction Treatment? 

Revision liposuction treatment is a procedure that is performed to fix lipo irregularities or unevenness in the results of a previous liposuction procedure. It is also known as liposuction correction or lipo-shifting.

This treatment is typically recommended for patients unhappy with the results of their previous liposuction procedure or those who have experienced complications or unevenness in the treated area.

Typical liposuction irregularities can refer to any imperfections or uneven liposuction results, such as:

  • Lumps or bumps can occur if the fat is not evenly distributed or the skin is not tightened correctly after the procedure.
  • Unevenness: This can happen if the surgeon removes more fat from one area than another, resulting in an uneven appearance.
  • Contour irregularities: This may occur if the fat is not evenly distributed, resulting in a wavy or uneven appearance.

Other lipo irregularities can include:

  • Numbness or tingling: This can be a side effect of the procedure and may be temporary or permanent.
  • Scarring: Liposuction requires incisions, which can result in scarring.
  • Changes in skin color: The skin may appear lighter or darker in certain areas after the procedure.
  • Asymmetry may occur if one side of the body looks different after the procedure.

Revision Lipo (Fat Removal in Turkey) Recovery Time

Typical laser liposuction is usually minimalistic and involves nonsurgical fat removal meaning that you will not experience a lot of bruising or blood loss, as the incisions are much smaller.

You will be given a compression garment for the first 14 days which helps apply pressure to the affected areas. The swelling fades after the second week and you should be able to return to mild activities like work after a week.  You can expect full results of recovery after 3 months. 

How is Revision Liposuction Performed?

Revision liposuction is a surgical treatment and that is why the surgeon will first administer a local anesthetic and will start the procedure by making small incisions on the target areas. 

From here the surgeon will remove the undesired fat using laser tools which make the fat cells loosen up and be sucked out via the suction tube. After the unwanted fat has been removed, the surgeon will suture the incisions and then give you a compression garment which you will wear to reduce swelling.

Step1. Consultation

The first step in the revision liposuction process is to meet with a qualified plastic surgeon to discuss your concerns and goals for the procedure. During the consultation, the surgeon will examine the treated area and assess your overall health to determine if revision liposuction is right for you.

Step2. Pre-operative evaluation

Before the procedure, you will undergo a pre-operative evaluation to ensure that you are healthy enough for surgery. This may include a physical examination, laboratory tests, and other diagnostic tests.

Step3. Anesthesia

On the day of the procedure, you will be given either local anesthesia or intravenous sedation to numb the area and minimize discomfort.

Step4. Incision

The surgeon will make small incisions in the treated area and insert a cannula (a thin, hollow tube) to suction out the excess fat.

Step5. Fat removal

The surgeon will use the cannula to remove the excess fat from the treated area gently.

Step6. Skin tightening

If necessary, the surgeon may also perform skin tightening procedures to improve the contour and smoothness of the treated area.

Step7.Closing the incisions

Once the procedure is completed, the incisions will be closed and bandaged. You may be able to return home the same day after the procedure, although some may need to stay overnight in the hospital for observation. You will likely need to wear a compression garment for a few weeks to help with swelling and support the treated area as it heals.

It's important to follow your surgeon's post-treatment instructions carefully to ensure the best possible results and minimize the risk of complications. You should also schedule follow-up appointments with your surgeon to monitor your progress and address any concerns you may have.

Why Liposuction Revision Is Needed?

There are several reasons why revision liposuction treatment may be needed. These may include:

  • Uneven or irregular results from a previous liposuction procedure
  • Complications or unevenness in the treated area
  • A desire to improve the overall results of liposuction procedures.

Side Effects of Liposuction Correction?

Getting laser liposuction can come with some possible risks that you must be aware of before taking up the procedure. These include: 

  • Scarring 
  • Infections 
  • Blood loss
  • Swelling and bruising 
  • Skin necrosis 
  • Numbness 
  • Burn injuries 

Revision Liposuction Surgery Results

A revision liposuction Turkey procedure has a satisfaction rate of just over 90%

How To Prepare For Revision Liposuction?

  • From about 7 days before the scheduled procedure, avoid taking any blood thinning medications like Aspirin
  • Inform the surgeon if you have any allergies to certain medications; also tell them if you are currently taking any medication.
  • Avoid smoking before undergoing surgery
  • Alcohol consumption is not advised as it can affect the anesthesia 

To learn more about revision liposuction in Turkey you can check prices, and review the costs of clinics offering the procedure. 

Revision Liposuction Quick Facts

Procedure  revision liposuction
Duration  1 - 2 hours 
Stay  3 nights
Cost in Turkey €2350 - €4250
Anesthesia  Local anesthesia 
Recovery  Depends on treated area
Final Results  After 1 - 3 months 
Side Effects  Swelling, bruising, numbness 
Risks  Infections, asymmetry 
Exercise  After 2 - 3 weeks
Back To Work  Depends on treated area
Scars  Yes (invisible)
Pain  Slight
Related Procedures  Liposuction, Slim lipo 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How soon after Lipo can I get a revision?

6 months is the time that is prescribed for a revision as the incisions are expected to have healed

How much does liposuction in Turkey cost?

Liposuction in Turkey can cost from €2350 - €4250

What is the newest form of liposuction?

Laser liposuction is regarded as one of the most advanced methods that you can undertake if you want a new form of liposuction. It can guarantee less blood loss, scarring, and recovery time.

Can you fix botched liposuction?

It is possible to get botched liposuction fixed by the best surgeons in Turkey, although it will cost more. 

Does revision lipo hurt?

Anesthesia is given to every patient before the procedure, so you will not feel pain during the procedure.

How long after lipo can you have a revision? 

It's generally recommended to wait at least six months after a liposuction procedure before considering revision liposuction. This allows sufficient time for the treated area to heal fully and for any swelling or bruising to subside.

Can your stomach get big again after liposuction?

Unfortunately, fat can return after liposuction. Following a healthy diet and exercise routine is essential to maintain the best possible results after liposuction. This will help you maintain a healthy weight and keep the treated area looking smooth and contoured.

Can liposuction be reversed?

Yes! If the liposuction results go wrong, you can undergo the revision liposuction treatments.

Which liposuction procedure removes the fattest?

Ultrasonic-assisted liposuction (UAL): This technique uses ultrasonic energy to break up and liquefy fat before suctioning it. UAL may be more effective for removing large amounts of fat or treating more extensive areas, but it may also be more painful and have a longer recovery time.