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The world has come a long way in the medical field, gone are the days of the demand for a handful of doctors in a city. With the advancements in the medical fraternity, patients can now enjoy life-changing procedures like butt implants and butt implant removal in Turkey at a relatively affordable price.

Not too long ago, processes such as these were not only hard to execute but inconceivable, thankfully now this is possible and Turkey has become a leading preferred destination for most of these cosmetic-related procedures.

The Benefit of Choosing Butt Implant Removal Turkey Clinic

Lots of Skilled Surgeons 

The most glaring advantage of choosing bum implant removal in Turkey is the plurality of options that one has in Turkey. Once you choose Turkey as your preferred destination you will have a varied amount of surgeons to choose from across the country.

You would have a lot of choices across the country which makes your decision the most informed and comfortable

Inclusive Butt Implant Removal Packages 

The surgery and cosmetic space in Turkey are very competitive. It almost feels like a surgery clinic or hospital is a stone's throw away.

To attract patients, these facilities offer high-quality packages that are all-inclusive meaning that for the butt implant removal price you pay, you access great benefits and amenities like a five-star hotel stay, transport from the airport to your residence, and to the scheduled appointment.

This is almost a rarity in other countries as you just pay one fee which covers the cost of operation

Affordable Prices

The butt implant removal cost in Turkey is one of the most affordable in the world. You get world-class treatment from some of the best surgeons with high education, skill, and experience that rivals its American or English counterparts.

Due to the low cost of living in Turkey, the prices are comparatively lower than those across Europe or Northern America yet still retain its world-class treatment quality. 

Exceptional Patient Care

You hear a lot of stories of patients who have gone for butt implant removal surgery and got hostile treatment. In Turkey, you would be guaranteed to meet staff members that are full of love, care, and empathy guaranteeing that you feel at home.

Some of the staff are competent in multiple languages to make patients feel more at ease during and after the operation.

Butt Implant Removal Cost in Turkey

The bum implants turkey price ranges from €3550 - €4450. In most cases, this fee will be inclusive of a butt implant removal and benefits like transport to and from the destination, hotel stay, and various amenities. 

The Best Candidate for Bum Implant Removal Surgery in Turkey 

The best candidate for a butt implant removal surgery or augmentation of any kind should ideally be 18 years and above with a good healthy condition. The best candidate for removal is 

  • A nonsmoker and nondrug user
  • A healthy and mentally fit person
  • Able to travel to Turkey for the procedure

The Next Steps If You Plan To Have Buttocks Implant Removal 

These steps, in essence, include but are not limited to:

  • Your choice can be informed by the price or by the amenities offered by a particular institution. It would be wise to choose the surgeon on factors like positive reviews and reputation in the industry.

  • Ask questions and inquire about the surgeon’s experience, education, and techniques and tools they use

  • Book an online consultation via trusted medical agency, it is free and by this, you can measure chemistry and compatibility. 

Butt Implant Removal Clinics(56 Clinics)

Luna Clinic Turkey
Istanbul, Turkey
Luna Clinic Turkey Verified
  • Preliminary and follow-up examination
  • 98% would recommend
  • 1000+ operations last year
  • Internationally trained surgeons
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Contact Clinic
Contact Clinic
Istanbul European Clinic
Istanbul, Turkey
Istanbul European Clinic Verified
  • 97% would recommend
  • Uses cutting-edge tech
  • Accredited by TSAPS (Turkish Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery)
  • Well-equipped staff
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Contact Clinic
Contact Clinic
Estethica Atasehir
Istanbul, Turkey
Estethica Atasehir Verified
  • Premium facility
  • ISO 9001-certified clinic in Istanbul
  • 93% patients recommend
  • Open weekends
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Contact Clinic
Contact Clinic
Memorial Sisli Hospital
Istanbul, Turkey
Memorial Sisli Hospital Verified
  • Popular by international patients
  • 200 bed capacity
  • JCI-Certified
  • Has an advanced medical technology
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Contact Clinic
Contact Clinic
Dr. Sema Ozden Clinic
Izmir, Turkey
Dr. Sema Ozden Clinic Verified
  • Recently renovated clinic
  • Accredited by TSAPS (Turkish Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery)
  • Preliminary and follow-up examination
  • High review rate
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Contact Clinic
Contact Clinic
Medical Park Gaziosmanpasa Hospital
Istanbul, Turkey
Medical Park Gaziosmanpasa Hospital Verified
  • Biggest private hospital in Istanbul
  • Advanced post-op care system
  • Internationally trained surgeons
  • JCI accredited clinic
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Contact Clinic
Contact Clinic
Erdem Hospital
Istanbul, Turkey
Erdem Hospital Verified
  • ISO 9001 Certified
  • Uses the top-notch technology
  • 20,000 square meters
  • 150-bed capacity
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Contact Clinic
Contact Clinic
Ekol Hospitals Izmir
Izmir, Turkey
Ekol Hospitals Izmir Verified
  • Has world-class specialists
  • High review rate
  • Monitored by the Quality Management Unit
  • Using the most advanced technology
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Contact Clinic
Contact Clinic
Istanbul, Turkey
Esteworld Verified
  • ISO 9001-2008 Certified
  • Located in the heart of the city
  • Premium facility
  • High review rate
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Contact Clinic
Contact Clinic
Kent Hospital
Izmir, Turkey
Kent Hospital Verified
  • 95% would recommend
  • Advanced technology investment
  • 1000+ treatments last year
  • Founded in 2008
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By Abdulaziz Ali - Medically reviewed by Prof. Zeynep Sevim, on Aug 28, 2023

What Is Butt Implant Removal? 

The procedure involves the removal of the silicone implants used during the butt enhancement procedure.  

Typically, buttock implants enhance the gluteal area in men and women. Due to the particular function and location of the buttocks, the implants must withstand prolonged movement and pressure, particularly in the sitting position. 

Doctors may recommend butt implant removal to ease the side effects and help the patient lead a normal lifestyle. 

What Causes Patients to Remove Buttocks Implant?

The butt implant incision is close to the anus, an area prone to wound infections. 

Here are popular situations when butt implant removal is ideal:

Infection: The incisions during a butt implant may be difficult to treat using antibiotics alone, due to the lack of blood vessels within the implant. In that case, an infected buttock implant will require removal. 

Extrusion: a wound healing problem, infection, or constant pressure on the butt implant eventually results in extrusion of the buttock implant. Once the doctor identifies the extrusion, the buttock implant is removed, and takes necessary steps to provide adequate coverage of the buttock implant with healthy tissue. 

Nerve Compression: Butt implants may compress the critical nerves, leading to weakness or numbness of the associated leg. In such cases, the doctor may recommend butt implant removal. 

Asymmetry: uneven butts result after buttock implants due to accentuation of pre-existing asymmetry or irregular placement of buttock implants. 

Shifting: buttock implants may shift, resulting in asymmetry, uneven results, or deformity of the butts. In such circumstances, buttock implant removal could be the recommended action.

Personal dissatisfaction: if you’re dissatisfied with the butt implants, you may prefer butt implant removal to return to the natural appearance before the implants. 

Butt Implant Removal Alternative Treatments

Consider fat grafting if you must undergo implant removal but still want to keep enhanced buttocks. 

Fat grafting is often called Brazilian buttock lift, which requires harvesting and transferring body fat into the buttocks, and is one of the best implant removal options. 

Buttocks Implant Removal Recovery Time

Medical professionals predict that the recovery time after a butt implant removal is usually around 4 to 6 weeks. It is of paramount importance that you follow the surgeon’s instructions, be it dietary restraints or medicinal prescriptions. Your rest is as important as the procedure as it helps accelerate the healing process. 

How Butt Implant Removal Surgery is Performed?

The surgeon administers general anesthesia so that they can begin the procedure which takes around an hour to complete. You are likely to be disoriented when you wake up so it is advised that you have someone with you to take you home after. 

Once under anesthesia, the surgeon will follow the pattern of the same incisions you had for the insertion of the implant.

Step 1: Anesthesia

The doctor injects general anesthesia, so the patient does not feel pain during the incisions. 

Step 2: Incision 

The surgeon makes incisions in the same sites used to insert silicone butt implants. 

Step 3: Removal of butt implants 

Once the surgeon has made the incisions, the removal of but implants begins. The procedure will leave the capsules of scar tissue that form around them naturally. 

Step 4: Closing the incisions 

Once the surgeon has removed the incisions, the closure is done, and the insertion of tube drains to remove excess fluid buildup during recovery is done. 

Side Effects of Bum Implant Removal Procedure

There could be some after-effect reactions that you can experience from a bum plant removal procedure.

  • Wound healing-related infections
  • Swelling and bruising
  • Fluid build up in the buttocks *(seroma)
  • Long lasting marks
  • Persistent pain 

Butt Implant Removal Surgery Results

While it is documented that more surgeons solely do butt implant surgery than those who perform the removal, the results are visible quicker.

The success percentage rate of Butt Implant removal before and after the surgery is over 90%. Most patients in Turkey who have had this procedure are satisfied.

How To Prepare For Buttock Implant Removal Surgery?

  • Prep beforehand the total cost of what you will spend on your trip as well as additional costs to the procedure

  • Consult with your doctor about any pre-existing medications you may be taking so the operation doesn’t face unforeseen circumstances

  • As alluded to above, you’re likely to feel wonky after the procedure so make sure you have someone you trust with you, especially in recovery 

  • If you’re a smoker you need to quit smoking 6 weeks prior to the surgery

  • Do comprehensive research on what you’re getting especially the side effects 

Quick Facts 


 Butt Implant Removal


 2 hours


 5 nights hotel

Cost in Turkey

 €3950 - € 4650 


 General anesthesia 


 2 weeks 

Final Results

 After 6 months 

Side Effects

 Scarring, pain, skin discoloration


 Infection, skin loss 

Success Rate



 After 4 - 6 weeks (low intensity only)

Back To Work

 After 10 - 14 days


 Yes (barely visible) 



Related Procedures

 Brazilian Butt Lift 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long do buttock implants last?

The doctors in Turkey are highly skilled and their services are a bargain compared to foreign counterparts in the same field, you’d be pleased to know that most silicon butt implants last over 10 years. 

Are bum implants permanent?

Yes, bum implants are permanent in the sense that you can enjoy them for a considerable amount of time. The good news is that even in cases where you’re displeased with the procedure you can get a butt implant removal.

How much are bum implants?

Most bum implants, especially in Turkey cost well within the region of €3950 - €4650. These prices are mostly inclusive as packages that cater not only to the surgery but also to other benefits like hotel stay and transport. 

How long to keep butterfly stitches on after implant removal?

The butterfly stitches will come off independently over the next few days. Alternatively, you may remove them five days after the surgery. 

How long do buttock implants last?

A successful butt implant is meant to last for years to come. In case of discomfort or desire to change one's lifestyle, the patient may request butt implant removal.