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Having Hair Transplant in Turkey: Why People Prefer It?

Hair loss treatment is still among the most popular plastic surgeries. The numbers of patients are soaring, and doctors come up with new solutions to cater to their personal needs. The global trend of health tourism only supports this trend.

For someone following the developments in hair regrowth treatments, it is not hard to see that Turkey occupies a truly special place in the field. Many people wonder why it is. Is it the price? Is it a matter of quality? We have decided to give a decisive answer. Here is it in 6 points.

1. Istanbul – the Capital of Medical Tourism

As the world becomes more and more globalized, Turkey and its gem – Istanbul – has gained the attention of people around the globe. The hospital chains of Istanbul, such as Acibadem serve hundreds of thousands of patients every year in all fields of plastic surgery. These include radiation oncology, liposuction, scoliosis, but most importantly – hair replacement. Recently, Turkey became one of the top countries in health tourism.

The key issue was initially the competitive pricing as well as its geographical position. Located between the West and East, between Europe and the Middle East, Turkey attracts people from a range of countries. Short flight times and affordable plane tickets have definitely supported the rise of Turkey as the main player in health tourism.

However, nowadays, the situation is quite different. Apart from its proximity to other countries, Turkish healthcare and especially giants such as Acibadem clinics are renowned for their superb quality.

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2. Top-End Hair Restoration Clinics

Turkish clinics and hospitals have become the synonym for quality when it comes to hair transplant surgery. For example, Acibadem International serves thousands of patients every year in a top-notch facility with the capacity to take care of 112 patients. Looking at the reviews, we can see that patients generally praise not only their doctors and hair transplant results. They emphasize the high-end technology utilized throughout the clinic. This, in turn, allows the medical staff to take proper care of their patients.

Additionally, Acibadem hospitals and other clinics in Istanbul evolve towards systems which do not use paper to store data. This way, they can protect the environment.

3. International Staff

Even the best clinic, however, is nothing without experienced staff. Turkish hair surgery clinic set a good example with their international, well-educated doctors and staff members. Since they increasingly deal with patients from around the globe, many doctors know at least one foreign language. Moreover – many of them are foreigners, having had experience in other countries before settling down in Istanbul.

Additionally, in Turkey, many clinics are specifically focused on hair growth treatments. Therefore, their medical teams are experienced in this particular field. It is not so in many countries where doctors perform all types of plastic surgery. In this way, their experience in a particular field is much smaller. To the contrary, Turkish clinics offer more experienced staff thanks to their specialization.

Acibadem hospitals are no exception – their international staff boasts. Throughout the years, they have acquired vast knowledge and practice regarding FUE hair transplant and other hair regrowth treatments. Choosing them, you can be sure that you aren't the first patient suffering the hair loss who they treat.

4. Development and Innovation in Hair Transplantation

Another important point is that Acibadem and other renowned clinics dealing with hair restoration pay attention to the newest trends in the field of baldness treatment. That's why they had started to conduct percutaneous FUE hair transplant when it became a viable option for patients. In short, percutaneous FUE hair transplant is a more precise type of an already classical FUE method. With it, the scarring is close to zero and patients achieve the hair regrowth they dreamt of.

Turkish hair growth clinics, in general, are often pioneers in new hair implant techniques. Patients can find here not only passionate and experienced doctors but also hair transplant procedures, which often only start to appear in other parts of the world.

5. Additional Services

The key feature of Turkish plastic surgery clinics are the ‘packages.' They offer deals in which you do not have to worry about your stay in Istanbul. They include not only the hair transplant cost but also transportation to and from the airport. Moreover, they cover the pick-up from hotel to hair restoration clinic, necessary medications, and PRP treatment. PRP treatment increases the chances of superb hair transplant results. For example, if you decide to have a hair loss treatment in Acibadem hospitals.

6. Not Only Medical Tourism

Last but not least, Turkey is not only the capital of health tourism. Patients come here to get hair transplant surgery in a renowned hospital such as Acibadem under the supervision of hair doctors. However, many use this occasion not only to fight the hair loss but also to sightsee. After all – you are in Turkey, the country with a rich history and astonishing nature. We guess that there is nothing wrong with combining the plastic surgery with a couple of days of holidays, isn't it?


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