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How Much Does Beard Transplant Cost?

Beard Transplant Procedure

Beard transplantation is a procedure that provided satisfactory results that have been increasingly performed in the last 10 years, parallel with the remarkable technical progress of hair restoration. This is one of the most preferred types of plastic surgery worldwide and an excellent option for patients naturally beardless or with patchy beards and to hide undesired facial scars in beard areas. 

During the procedure, hair grafts are transplanted by follicular unit extraction technique (FUE) to the full goatee, mustache, beard, sideburn, and cheek areas which are lacking the density and fullness of hair. Beard transplant can also be used to conceal acne scars and other types of scars. It is used similarly to the hair transplant process to treat general Androgenic Alopecia, resulting in similar success rates and costs per graft. The procedure also seems like a traditional hair transplant considering patient comfort and recovery time.

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What Effects Beard Transplant Cost?

Facial hair transplant cost depends greatly on the number of grafts required to cover the areas lacking hair. Therefore, you need to ask the beard transplant cost per graft to the clinics during your price searches. In which country or hospital, you have beard transplant surgery is also an important factor affecting beard transplant cost. Because a beard transplant is a cosmetic procedure, it is not generally covered by health insurance. However, if you have facial hair loss due to a medical condition or scarring, you may still be able to get reimbursed by some health insurance agencies. Besides, additional transportation, pre-op consultation, and follow-up care expenses may increase the cost of the beard transplant.

Beard Transplant Costs Around Europe

Beard Transplant Cost in Turkey (€1,300 – €2,500)

Besides being a famous tourism destination, Turkey is also a very sought-after medical tourism destination for patients from all over the world. Healthcare in Turkey is in high-quality and quite satisfying. Cosmetic procedures in Turkey are popular and affordable. For example, the beard transplant cost in Turkey is up to 70% cheaper than in other European countries as an overall beard transplant price ranges between €1,300 and €2,500.

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Beard Transplant Cost in the U.K (€7,000 – €10,000)

Beard transplant cost depends entirely on the extent of patchiness, on the hair loss you are experiencing, and on the number of hair follicles required to cover the hairless areas. The U.K. welcomes patients worldwide and offers satisfying health care with its well-trained doctors and medical staff. Beard transplant cost in the U.K ranges between €7,000 and €10,000

Beard Transplant Cost in Poland (€1,500 – €2,500)

Poland is among the most affordable countries to have a beard transplant. Easy transportation to Poland is also an advantage. The country is a considerable medical tourism destination to have a beard transplant with its high-quality hospitals and English-speaking medical staff. Beard transplant cost in Poland ranges between €1,500 – €2,500.

Beard Transplant Cost in Hungary (€1,500 – €4,000)

Hungary has emerged as a popular medical tourism destination recently. The country attracts hundreds of international patients every year with its affordable medical treatment costs. Cosmetic procedures in Hungary are quite popular and affordable. An overall beard transplant cost in Hungary ranges between €1,500 – €4,000.

Beard Transplant Costs Around the World

Beard Transplant Cost in the U.S ($9,000 – $12,000)

Beard transplant cost in the U.S. may differ according to the city and doctor selection as it does in every country. Each doctor charges differently per graft depending on the number of grafts required to cover the areas of your concern. If it is needed to give an idea about the beard transplant costs in the U.S., the cost range between $9,000 – $12,000.

Beard Transplant Cost in India ($2,000 – $3,000)

Medical treatments in India are quite affordable for most patients. Beard transplant cost generally varies from person to person. An average beard transplant cost in India ranges between $2,000 – $3,000. Because of long-distance, transportation to India may be a disadvantage. However, you may still consider India if you seek a medical treatment destination in Asia.

Beard Transplant Cost in Singapore ($6,000 – $9,000)

Singapore is also a sought-after medical tourism destination for patients from all over the world. The price for each graft in Singapore is around $6. The usual beard transplant cost in Singapore ranges between $6,000 – $9,000. The price may increase to a great extent with transportation expenses.

Which beard transplant destination is better?

As you see, beard transplant costs differ according to your choices and needs. We’ve created a list of some of the cheapest and most popular beard transplant destinations for you! You may compare the beard transplant costs and decide on the one that suits you best. However, please consider contacting each clinic after your Internet search to ask your questions and get the answers you need.

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Learn more about Beard Transplant in Turkey by comparing costs and reviewing the clinics and doctors.


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