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How Much Does Liver Transplant Cost?

Liver transplant cost, including pre-operation evaluation tests, surgery, hospitalisation and follow-up care may vary depending on the location and the hospital where the operation is performed. There are various clinics for having liver transplant surgery abroad. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular destinations for liver transplant surgery!

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Liver Transplant Cost in Europe

  • United Kingdom: the UK offers a good quality of medical service and most of the liver transplant surgeries in the UK are successful. Liver transplant cost in the UK is $150.000 on average.
  • Turkey: Turkey is one of the best countries to have liver transplant surgery with decent hospitals and clinics offering patients high-quality of medical service along with affordable prices in comparison to other European countries. Liver transplant  cost in Turkey is around $100.000.
  • Germany: Germany also offers high-quality patient services through advanced medical technology and experienced medical staff. Liver transplant cost in Germany is not quite reasonable as an avarage liver transplant surgery cost in Germany ranges between $250.000 and $300.000.

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Liver Transplant Cost in America

  • United States: the US is one of the most reliable countries to have liver transplant with hospitals equipped with high-tech devices and highly experienced doctors and medical personnel. However, liver transplant cost in the US may not satisfy your budget as the cost of liver transplant in the US may be as high as $700.000 along with follow-up expenses.
  • Mexico: Mexico’s adjacent location to the United States makes it easily accessible by plane or vehicle. Liver transplant  cost in Mexico is approximately 30 to 50 percent less than in the United States as average liver transplant cost ranges between $250.000 and $300.000.


liver transplant cost Humayun's tomb (Maqbara e Humayun), in Delhi, India


Liver Transplant Cost in Asia

  • Singapore: Singapore is one of the most popular destinations for liver transplant thanks to its high supply of liver donors and no waiting lists. However, having liver transplant  in Singapore is generally suitable for wealthy patients as liver transplant cost in Singapore is around $500.000 and this cost may even reach 1 million dollars along with transportation, hospitalisation, follow-up care, medication and other additional expenses.
  • India: The cost of liver transplant in India is generally cheaper than most of the countries. An average liver transplant cost in India is between $50.000 and $60.000. However, because of long-distance, relatively high environment and air pollution and population, India may not meet your expectations as much as Singapore does.
  • Jordan: Located in the Arabian Peninsula (southwest of Asia), Jordan is becoming a prime destination for medical travel as the healhtcare system of Jordan is being improved gradually and the country has been welcoming many international patients every year. Liver transplant cost in Jordan is around $60.000. Jordan is a relatively safer country than Egypt if you consider having a liver transplant in North Africa.

Liver Transplant Cost in North Africa

  • Egypt: Liver transplant cost in Egypt is around $50.000 on average. Egypt has a high supply of liver transplant donors and a survival rate, but the healthcare system is not much ordered and regulated as it should be. Still, you may consider Egypt as a destination for liver transplant surgery .

Learn more about liver transplants in Turkey by comparing costs and reviewing the clinics and doctors.

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