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Which Types of Veneers is Right for You?

A wise man once said the eyes are the window to one's soul, but a warm, genuine smile can be captivating too. If you are constantly self-conscious about your smile and always dreamt of a dashing smile, you are reading the right article. Technology has enabled us to enhance all aspects of human life, especially in the medical care field.

What are veneers?

In recent decades these technological advancements introduced dental veneers to the world of cosmetic dentistry. A veneer is a thin custom-made layer commonly made from porcelain designed to fit and adhere to the surface of the tooth. If you are not confident about your teeth' aesthetic, which includes: shape, color, or unevenly spaced teeth, veneers are a perfect solution for you.

According to the National Institution of Health (NIH), Veneers are resistant to stains or discoloration. However, it is important to note veneers do not replace traditional orthodontic treatment (braces), your doctor may advise you for orthodontic treatment instead of teeth veneer. Teeth veneers can remain in great condition for 7- 15 years with appropriate dental care. According to Dr. Michael C. Friedman, Dr. of Dental Surgery (DDS), veneers are unaffected by stains. Nevertheless, he advises avoiding foods and beverages that could cause it.

Furthermore, according to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, the price of Veneers treatment vary from one location to another but is estimated to cost around $1300 per tooth. Research shows it costs cheaper in locations popular with medical tourism such as Turkey.

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What are the types of veneers?

There are a few types of dental veneers. Each has distinct features knowing them will guide you to determine which veneer suits you:


Porcelain Veneers are considered the highest quality among the other types, it is resistant to stains, discoloration mimics the properties of the natural-looking tooth, and the results are almost always satisfactory. Porcelain Veneers cost more than other types because the materials used are of superior quality, also it requires multiple sessions to complete the procedure. According to Dr. Thiti Sirikrai (DDS), the aesthetic improvement porcelain veneers achieve it is like none other, making it a worthy investment.

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Composite veneers are the most commonly used treatment. It is not as natural looking as porcelain. Composite veneer treatment requires significantly less time. Hence veneers are sculpted and applied during your appointment. It is a popular choice to improve minor chips, cracks, and gaps between teeth. With appropriate dental care, you will be able to extend their longevity beyond their limit of 5-7 years. Your dentist's skillfulness will contribute heavily to the final results. Hence composite veneers are sculpted on your tooth.

Instant Veneers

This type of veneer is pre-made and ready to be applied to your tooth. Similar to buying a pair of glasses frame and waiting to install your preferred lens. The dentist will apply minimal alterations to the veneer to better fit your tooth. Similar to composite veneers, they only require a single appointment to be installed. Instant veneers have different shapes and color shading, and they are made based on the most commonly desired aesthetic teeth appearance. It is cheaper than porcelain and composite because it needs not a dental lab to produce them. Moreover, they are more resistant to stain than composite, but they have lesser longevity than porcelain.

Removal Veneers

As the name suggests, they are veneers that allow you to remove them and place them back on your own accord. These veneers will enable you to remove them and clean them as you take them off. You can choose the shape and shade of veneer you desire along with your dentist's recommendations. This type is adequate to cover the existing tooth flaws and attain the desired aesthetic appearance. They are considered the least costly among veneers type. It is a sufficient option to consider if you believe other types are too expensive for you.

How can I choose the right one for me?

Choosing the right veneer means understanding there are several solutions in cosmetic dentistry to obtain your ideal smile that matches your budget. Also, your dentist will thoroughly guide and explain to you your available options.

There are 3 factors you need to focus on when choosing the right veneer: shape, shade, and material. Typically choosing the desired shape often means you have to consider the shade of whiteness that you would want. According to the Oral Health Foundation, most doctors will recommend choosing a shade that is not 2 levels lighter than the whiteness of your current teeth. As for the materials, it depends on the brand. Some of the available reputable brands are Da Vinci, Zirconia, and Lumineers.  

How is the procedure done?

Your first trip to the dentist will focus on discussing with your dentist the reasons you decided to make dental veneers. It is important to be candid with your dentist for satisfactory results. Towards the end of this appointment, you will have a holistic insight regarding the shape, shade, and materials of veneers that deliver your ideal smile and matches your overall facial features. Your dentist will need to make an impression of your tooth, to send it to the dental lab to create your veneer. The construction of the veneer will require a minimum of 1 week. During this period, your dentist may place a temporary veneer depending on your case.

The following appointment your dentist might start with an anesthetic injection to the gum before the treatment, but not necessarily in every case. Your dentist will remove 0.5 millimeters from your tooth surface (enamel), which is about the same thickness as the veneer your dentist is about to place. Next, your dentist will examine how well the veneer fits your tooth before permanently bonding it with a special adhesive.

After your Veneer is placed, minor alterations might be required to achieve a natural look. It is for the best not to haste any changes for the following weeks. Your dentist will explain to you the longevity of your veneer and when you should consider replacing it. With time you might need minor restoration procedures.

To conclude, the number of cosmetic dental treatments you can seek is plenty depending on your unique situation. Tooth veneer treatments have been on the rise for the last decade. Mainly because of the rapid technological advancement, also because of its aesthetic value.

Remember, knowledge is power, recognizing the most suitable treatment for you is the first step toward empowering yourself and realizing the best possible outcome.


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