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World Prices - How Much Does a Rhinoplasty Cost?

Rhinoplasty, known as also "nose job", is one of the most preferred plastic surgery procedures to enhance facial harmony and the size and shape of your nose. Apart from aesthetic purposes, rhinoplasty is also chosen for correcting disturbed breathing led by structural defects in the nose. This type of rhinoplasty is done to improve a blocked airway and requires careful evaluation. In some cases, correction of a deviated septum, Septoplasty, can be the main purpose and the correction of the proportion of the nose becomes secondary importance. 

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For whatever purpose, rhinoplasty is the most preferred 3rd plastic surgery procedure according to the latest data. As the degree of safety and satisfaction increases, the number of patients operated on will increase each year.

Since you're investigating the cost of Rhinoplasty, we assume that you're starting to think seriously about this. In this article, we will present to you the average rhinoplasty costs worldwide. Because, in determining the price, the scope of the operation, the selected doctor, and the additional benefits as well as where you are operated should be taken into account.

Rhinoplasty Cost in Latvia – 2500 EUR

Latvia has been making great progress on the medical tourism market with reasonably priced clinics popping up in and around Riga. In Latvia, the average rhinoplasty cost is just 2500 EUR, but that price may change drastically once you include transport, accommodation and other expenses.

Rhinoplasty Cost in Estonia – 3200 EUR

Estonia has been following in Latvia’s footsteps, and due to the strategic location of the Baltic States, they can serve patients from Sweden, Finland, and Russia with ease! A rhinoplasty costs an average of 3200 EUR in Tallinn which is more expensive than Riga, but the interesting demographic mix between Estonians and Russians make the country quite an exciting destination.

Rhinoplasty Cost in Turkey – 2300 EUR

Turkey has been a premium plastic surgery destination for years. Both patients from Europe and other parts of the world such as the Middle East or the USA rely on Turkish clinics for their plastic surgery procedures. The rhinoplasty cost in Turkey is around 2300 EUR, which is a good deal if you take into account the fact that it includes accommodation and other perks. Plus, you will be taken care of by the best doctors and medical staff in well-equipped accredited facilities. For instance, Rhinoplasty Clinics in Istanbul offer lots of advantages! Would you like to check it?

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Rhinoplasty Cost in France and Germany – 5000 EUR

It seems that France and Germany are on par when it comes to rhinoplasty costs. Having this plastic surgery procedure in either of these countries is higher than the overall prices, on average, around 5000 EUR. Paris and Berlin are excellent hubs for high-quality plastic surgery and other medical procedures as well, so if you plan on visiting you can get treatment for other problems in the same time-space.

Rhinoplasty Cost in Poland – 2400 EUR

Poland is unarguably one of the most affordable destinations for rhinoplasty procedures. In Warsaw or Poznan, you can get a rhinoplasty for 2400 EUR. It’s a very good price, especially for international patients that want to visit a country full of flavor and history such as Poland.

Rhinoplasty Cost in Hungary – 2300 EUR

Hungary is located just about in the heart of Europe and Budapest can boast quite a few modern plastic surgery clinics with a solid reputation. A rhinoplasty in Hungary will set you back around 2300 EUR, so if you fancy the Czardas more than anything else, Budapest is the place to go!

Rhinoplasty Cost in Ireland – 5600 EUR

Ireland is probably the most expensive country after the UK when it comes to rhinoplasty cost. Having this procedure in Ireland can set you back as much as 5600 EUR, so it’s not worth it unless of course, it’s an emergency or unless you live in Ireland and do not want to go anywhere to have rhinoplasty surgery.

Rhinoplasty Cost in the UK – 6100 EUR

This is the highest price in this list and it may seem not cost-effective. Even so, if you consider having your rhinoplasty in the UK, in worth-to-see London for instance, you may check the provided services of hospitals. All independent clinics and hospitals providing cosmetic surgery in England must be registered with the CQC (Care Quality Commission).

Rhinoplasty Cost in India – 2000 EUR

The cost of Rhinoplasty which is 2000 EUR on average in India is comparatively affordable considering the advancement in technology, proficient surgeons and the team of experienced personnel. This price may reach around 3500 EUR when it includes the procedure cost, hospital charges, surgeon’s fees, hospital food, and medicines.

Rhinoplasty Cost in Korea – 3200 EUR

Rhinoplasty is one of the most chosen surgeries in South Korea, next to eyelid surgery. Although the price looks a bit higher, which is 3200 EUR on average (you need to consider the plane ticket cost as well), because of its popularity and doctors' experience in it, you can find many good rhinoplasty clinics and surgeons in Korea.

Rhinoplasty Cost in Thailand – 2600 EUR

As you see, rhinoplasty prices are low in Thailand with an average of 2600 EUR, but it doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality or safety. Because in Thailand, there are many good cosmetic surgery facilities with high-quality standards. The only thing you need to think is the cost will be much higher if you do not live in a country in Asia.

Rhinoplasty Cost in the Philippines –2800 EUR

The Philippines is another favourite destination of Asia that provides quality medical care and cosmetic surgery at very affordable prices which is 2800 EUR on average. The most prominent factor to point out in this country is undoubtedly the celebrities who are going through one or more cosmetic procedures to improve their look in the Philippines.

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