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Alexandra, Romania
star star May 2021

Everything went well

Everything went well. Thank you Luna team.

Andela Bastos, Czech Republic
star star May 2021

My experience was great!

I was worried that I would have my surgery in a foreign country alone, but Luna Clinic made me feel right at home. They attended to my every need right away, and I didn’t feel alone even for one second. Thanks for everything. My experience was great!

Ian, Turkey
star star May 2021

Excellent Service from Abud of Flymedi

Abud was excellent in arranging my visit to Istanbul for both Eyelid and Hair Treatment. I decided to combine both treatments at Estecenter due to the clinics reputation. recommendations and also Abud's guidance. Abud clearly communicated the types of treatments available , estimated costs , all treatment schedules , travel logistics , hotel arrangements and daily transportation to and from clinic. Through responses coordinated between Abud and Estecenter he answered all my questions beforehand and was concise in the cost of treatments being communicated by Estecenter . Truly excellent service and i highly recommend you engage Abud as this leaves you know worries in relaxing during and after your very important treatments that you waited so long to have done Also i decided to stay and additional 7 days , at my own cost in Istanbul, to help my recovery.

Claudia Terrano, United Kingdom
star star May 2021

Life changing !

I had a massive operation with a full body lift that actually required 2 separate visits to Turkey which was very daunting for me to commit to but I’m so happy I did. I’ve never felt comfortable in my own skin and really struggled with my body especially after having 2 kids. It was really nice to do something for myself and Luna clinic made the experience hassle free for me. They were there for me from beginning to end through both visits and it couldn’t have gone better for me. Thank you so much for the life changing operation and experience.

Charlie, France
star star May 2021

Really happy with my experience

Really happy with my experience. Will deffinately reccomend Luna Clinic and the team to everyone.

Recommended For Lung Cancer Treatment

Candidates are all the people who experience symptoms of lung cancer and diagnosed oncologist. Lung cancer symptoms involve chronic coughing, changed coughing (if you are a smoker and cough from occasionally due to your addiction union changed voice tone and weight in addition to bone pain, which may be due to lung cancer diffusing to backbones.

Not Recommended For Lung Cancer Treatment

If any sign of lung cancer disturbs you, you should seek a specialist. If unfortunately, you diagnosed as lung cancer, you should begin considering lung cancer treatment.

Number Of Trips Abroad

1 in the case of successful lung cancer surgery, several in the case of chemoradiotherapy

Discharge From Hospital

Depends on a patient

Duration Of Operation

Several hours


Lung cancer is one of the most widespread kinds of cancer and the most frequent reason of cancer death. This critical illness may have numerous causes, comprising environment, smoking along with genetics and other medical circumstances. Treatment success of lung cancer generally relies upon the cancer stages– it is better to notice the signs of cancer earlier. Relying upon its stage, lung cancer treatment may aim to heal the patient entirely or only offer better living conditions in the last months. More and more patient prefer every year to seek lung cancer treatment abroad.


Lung cancer treatment options are many, involving lung cancer surgery, chemotherapy for lung cancer, and radiation therapy. Consequently, we cannot mention a standardized preparation process. Regarding lung cancer surgery, you should discontinue using a blood thinner for a couple of days before and fast for a few hours. Regarding radiation therapy and chemotherapy, there is no particular preparation. You should get your needed medical appointments done in advance to your radiation and chemotherapy because it may be not possible throughout these lung cancer treatments.

How It Is Performed

In the case of early-stage cancer or it is not much aggressive, specialists may effort to resect it completely or in any case its majority with lung cancer surgery. On the other hand, particularly in later stage cancer, chemotherapy and radiation therapy may be combined. If specialists choose to use chemotherapy for lung cancer, anti-cancer drug injection, or a pill will be given to the patient. In radiation therapy, radioactive substances in harmless doses will be given to destroy the cancer cells. Radiation may be external as beams, or internal by way of injection.


Lung cancer treatment recovery is a somewhat longer period. In the case of lung cancer surgery, the complete recovery may take weeks or in fact, months. As for chemotherapy and radiation therapy, some side effects might be involved to the long period of recovery. Recovery from radiation therapy lasts months, whereas chemotherapy can last years. On particular occasions, complete recovery from these lung cancer treatments may never happen. Nonetheless, the patient may live in better conditions with rehabilitation and medicines.


Treatment of lung cancer may carry some risks and complications regardless of receiving lung cancer surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation therapy. Lung cancer surgery may lead to an unnecessary amount of bleeding, along with infections. Chemotherapy combined with radiation therapy may lead to severe damage to vital organs or bring, both real and phantom, pain.

Side Effects

In the same way, lung cancer treatment has some side effects. Specifically chemotherapy mixed with radiotherapy. They are:
• Feeling of over-all weakness, getting easily tired• Easy bruising and swelling of the body
• Chronic pain in several body parts
• Vomiting
On the other hand, it should be noted that the alternative to these lung cancer treatments is in a long run death, whereas these procedures provide an opportunity for healing or extending life..

Success Rates

Survival rates of lung cancer patients rely mainly upon the lung cancer stage. For early-stage lung cancer patients, the 5-year survival rate is as high as 55%. On the other hand, for late-stage lung cancer patients, the 5-year survival rate is only 5%.

Before And After

After the treatment, the recovery period will be pretty long. Some side effects may never completely disappear, yet with appropriate medicines, you will have a better life.


Which Kind of Lung Cancer Treatment Should I Choose?
You should not choose your treatment by yourself. Your cancer specialist will assess the size, stage and exact location of cancer and then will decide which type of treatment for lung cancer is suitable for you and –what’s most important – will bring good outcomes.

Why Cannot I Have a Lung Cancer Surgery instead of Chemotherapy and Radiation Therapy?
It means that your cancer has spread and it is not possible to simply cut it out.
Drug is used in Chemotherapy for Lung Cancer?
There are numerous kinds of drugs used in chemotherapy treatment. In order to learn the name of your drug, you should ask your cancer specialist. 

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