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Who Can Have Gastric Balloon?

The gastric balloon system aims to help overweight people who do have not any serious health conditions lose weight. The gastric balloon also called an intragastric balloon, is a flexible and soft silicone sphere, which is inserted into the patient's stomach, through endoscopy, to achieve weight reduction in people with morbid obesity.

Furthermore, this treatment can be particularly useful for patients considered too obese or at excessive risk for surgical weight loss treatments. Using this system to lose weight before an operation can reduce the risks associated with it. Both this procedure and the others that are performed to achieve weight loss in overweight and obese patients.

It is essential to the comprehensive care and support of a multidisciplinary team that ensures the physical and psychological well-being of the patient.

Treatment Duration

15-20 minutes

Potential Risks & Side Effects 

  • Abdominal or back pain
  • Feeling imbalanced
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Acid reflux or indigestion.
  •  Balloon rupture
  • Injury during insertion or removal

Recovery Time

3 days

Success Rate: 


Alternative Treatments

Before / After
Gastric Balloon at Luna Clinic Turkey

How Does it Work?

The procedure is simple and fast, lasts between 15 and 20 minutes, and does not require hospitalization. Intragastric balloon treatment lasts 6 or 12 months. After this time, the balloon is removed with almost the same procedure. The average weight loss with the gastric balloon is between 20 - 25 kg.

However, it is possible to lose more or less weight depending on the tolerance of each patient to the balloon and the consistency of the same concerning the diet that the medical team has designated.


What Does Gastric Balloon Treatment Involve?


1.    Consultation for Gastric Balloon

The first step to start your gastric balloon process will be the online consultation. At this stage, our specialist will ask you some questions to define your problems and try to learn your complaints and requests first. The main target of this stage is to make sure whether you are a suitable candidate for a gastric balloon or not.

Your health history, your allergies, medications you use currently, previous surgeries, and your expectations about the process are the most important data to create the most appropriate treatment plan for you.

2.    Planning Your Trip and Choosing the Clinic

At this stage, after it has been decided that you are the right candidate for the gastric balloon procedure, we will share the results of the clinic and surgeon; which we filter according to the criteria we receive from you. After you have made your selection, we proceed to the stage of date determination, trip plan, and detailed adjustments.

3.    Final Consultation with Your Surgeon

When you arrive at the clinic, you will have a face-to-face consultation with your gastric balloon surgeon. During the first consultation with the doctor, he or she will ask you questions about the motivations that drive you to want to undergo the gastric balloon treatment, your medical history, and your current situation, to establish a general evaluation of your health.

The doctor will explain how to perform the gastric balloon placement procedure and how it will be postoperative. Also, it will recommend a diet to follow before and after the procedure and will detail the follow-up it will need throughout the treatment. It will also explain the pros and cons of the gastric balloon and will be able to estimate how many kilos you can lose with this treatment.

4.    Medical Examinations

Before the gastric balloon procedure begins, you will undergo necessary medical tests to make sure that you are in acceptable health status for the procedure. During this phase, the specialist will indicate any specialized tests (for example, blood or hormonal tests) aimed at identifying possible diseases related to overweight or obesity or risk factors and contraindications for treatment.

Take this opportunity to expose all your questions and doubts to the surgeon. In some cases, the patient may also need psychological counseling, especially if the weight is related to an eating disorder. Every patient is required to undergo medical tests to ensure that nothing will hinder the success of the surgery and if any risk is detected at this last stage, surgeons try to eliminate them first.

5.    Surgery

This treatment consists of introducing a medical silicone balloon endoscopically into the stomach. Before insertion, the stomach is examined through the endoscope to ensure that there is no ulcer or other disease that contraindicates its placement.

This balloon is filled with a saline solution so that it can produce a limitation in the stomach capacity and help the patient to modify their eating habits and, therefore, to change their lifestyle.



What Is the Gastric Balloon For?

The gastric balloon is a silicone balloon that is placed in the stomach, to intervene in the satiety receptors and give the patient a feeling of fullness in less time, limiting food intake and causing weight loss.

How Much Weight Will I Lose with Gastric Balloon?

The proper rate to lose weight in any treatment for obesity should be around 1 kg a week. The degree of weight loss achievement will depend on the strict following of the post-operative diet.

Will I Gain Weight Again Later?

You will have a better chance of maintaining weight loss after removing the balloon if you maintain the habits acquired in your diet and eating behavior during the use of the balloon.


Overall Satisfaction star star 4.9 Based on 7 reviews
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  • Value: star star
  • Verified Verified Review
    Lily, United Kingdom
    star star Jun 2022
    You will never regret if you go there.The best!!
  • Verified Verified Review
    Ludita, Romania
    star star Jun 2022
    I had my bariatric surgery done here. During the whole process my Flymedi consultant Maria and Dr. HE Obesity Clinic staff was with me. They answered all of my questions and they took care of my treatment after the surgery, I am grateful for this. Thank you all !
  • Verified Verified Review
    Sharon, Romania
    star star Apr 2022
    I cannot find any fault the care and aftercare of Dr murat and his team show. They looked after me and were extremely helpful and reassuring from start to finish. Jimmy dr murat's assistant was so helpful and understood all of my questions and concerns. Thank you dr morat and the team, it is a start of my new life.
  • Verified Verified Review
    Riccardo, Spain
    star star Jan 2022
    Flymedi arranges your trip hassle-free. I recently had surgery in Memorial Atasehir Hospital, and my consultant still keeps in touch with me to follow up with my healing process. It is so nice of her. Everybody in the hospital was very helpful. I am absolutely satisfied with everything.
  • Verified Verified Review
    Mariana Adam, United Kingdom
    star star Aug 2021
    I would highly recommend Flymedi. My mom had a gastric balloon fitted at the Luna clinic and everything went smoothly. When I was looking for a clinic in Turkey I found Flymedi as medical tourism, I contacted them by email and they got back to me in a short time. I was assigned Abud as health coordinator and I don’t have enough words to thank him. He’s professional but on top of that he loves what he’s doing and he does really care. As I said before I don’t have enough words to thank Abud and Flymedi and I’m so happy I made the right decision by choosing them. If you want to have the bed experience choose Flymedi and you won’t regret it.
  • Verified Verified Review
    Florin, Romania
    star star Jul 2021
    Flymedi were extremely helpful at all times when needed. They were very professional.
  • Verified Verified Review
    Claire Barrett, Ireland
    star star Jun 2020
    This hospital the nurse's surgeon and all the staff are amazing I have nothing but praise for the fantastic care I received before and after my operation it was a home from home everyone spoke English it was spotless clean if I had a question or neaded anything all I had to do was ask . The room I stayed in at the hospital was very comfortable had everything I needed. Ìf you are going to get bariatric surgery I highly recommend this place it was better than any hospital in Ireland or England.
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