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Maddy Jh, Ireland
star star Feb 2021

5 Star Customer Support from Abud Alielah

I found the website on Google Search. They got back to me pretty quickly. Abud went above and beyond to help me find the right doctor and get my documents sorted. Very friendly and super helpful.

Maryam Zyad, Switzerland
star star Feb 2021

Flymedi- Abud Alielah

I found flymedi based on a recommendation by a friend of the family, I was given Abud contact with high recommendation of his service and I was not disappointed at all ! From day one Abud was very helpful and professional. Abud found for me the suitable medical center and the perfect surgeon! He was always available day and night and on weekends as well and very patient with my unlimited questions and inquiries :) and very clear with provided information. After agreeing on the price, place, doctor and dates of the surgery, Abud took care of and planned everything from the day of arrival until the departure, including the hotel, driver, dates of surgery, consultations and more. I am very satisfied, everything was great 👍🏻 I would definitely use his services again I definitely recommend ✅ ✅ ✅

Bekithemba Ngwenya, Denmark
star star Feb 2021

Never expected such a great hospitality…

Never expected such a great hospitality from Flymedi as a foreigner. From the time I landed in Turkey to the time I come back in my country I was treated as a friend. Thank you Yasmin for guiding me all the way. As you promised, I was not placed on the wait list.

Muska, Italy
star star Feb 2021

A very positive outcome after my…

A very positive outcome after my decision to have the examination done in Turkey. I got in touch with Abud in Flimedia. Abud was professional, well-informed and responded to my every call with full attention at all times. everything went as it should. they welcomed us well and all praise for them.

Asija Pandzic , United States
star star Jan 2021

Made my trip overseas so much easier!

Yasmin was extremely helpful, friendly and made planning my trip so much easier. I don't know what I would have done without her! She told me how to get a travel visa and luckily warned me of any travel restrictions that were going on! I had to rebook my trip twice due to covid & restrictions and Yasmin handled everything on the hospitals end. One of the times I had to rebook it was because my layover was in london and Turkey banned all incoming travel from the UK. The airline never notified me so if it wasn't for Yasmin warning me I would have gotten on the plane and been stuck in london! Going overseas to a country you've never been to before to get plastic surgery can be scary, having Yasmin made it a lot less scary knowing you have somebody there that's on your team to help you.

Recommended For Breast Cancer Treatment

All patients with breast cancer symptoms and diagnosis are candidates for breast cancer treatment. However, for the patients with stage 4 breast cancer, sometimes it is recommended not to undergo chemotherapy or other cancer treatment since there are more disadvantages than advantages at the advanced stage.

Not Recommended For Breast Cancer Treatment

If the patient is suffering from breast cancer symptoms and is diagnosed by an oncologist, the patient is suitable for breast cancer treatment. However, the doctor would decide on the exact type of treatment.

Discharge From Hospital

One night or out-patient

Duration Of Operation

It is up to breast cancer treatment type


Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer that is experienced by female patients worldwide. Even though breast cancer awareness is increasing, still breast cancer is the reason for thousands of deaths. Just like in any other type of cancer, the probability of the treatment is depended on the breast cancer stages. Therefore, there is a continued effort that aims to increase breast cancer awareness.
Fortunately, for many female patients with symptoms of breast cancer, there are several treatment alternatives that include surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. As medicine progress, these procedures become increasingly sophisticated and bring better outcomes in treating cancer.


There is no certain preparation needed for both chemotherapy treatment and radiation therapy. It is generally advised to undergo any scheduled medical procedures (such as a visit in dentist’s office) before deciding for them – during breast cancer treatment and for some time after it, it may be impossible to undergo other medical treatments. In the case of other types of treatment, such as breast cancer surgery, it is advised to talk to your oncologist to get suggestions about the proper preparation.

How It Is Performed

For patients with early stages of breast cancer, local, less invasive treatments are performed, such as radiation therapy and breast cancer surgery. Performing radiation therapy as a breast cancer treatment might require a few sessions while breast cancer surgery may be a one-time procedure. Still, it is subjected to cancer diagnosis and developments during and after the treatment.
For patients who are suffering from advanced stages of breast cancer, holistic procedures are performed. During chemotherapy treatment, drugs are injected into the patient’s body. However, during chemotherapy, healthy cells get harmed as well. Therefore there is a need for a long recovery period. Other alternative treatment methods include targeted therapy and hormone therapy, which harms the patient’s body less. Depending on the patient’s condition, these treatments may take one or several sessions.


The recovery period of breast cancer treatment depends on the type of treatment performed. For instance, performing radiation therapy for breast cancer might be related to the recovery period that lasts for months because of the side effects of radiation. The patient might experience the effects of chemotherapy treatment for years, but most of the time, patients return to their regular life during the first months of the recovery process.


Even though all kinds of breast cancer treatments involve certain risks and complications, these are not very significant since breast cancer treatment’s main goal is to save the patient’s life. However, breast cancer treatment risks involve damage to vital organs such as lungs or liver as well as paint, either real or phantom (in the case of performed breast cancer surgery – mastectomy).

Side Effects

Breast cancer treatment methods cause some side effects to the patient. Chemotherapy treatment and radiation therapy have several side effects that include:
• Chronic pain – abdominal, joint, chest, breast, and other places
• General weakness
• Damage to organs and probable complications associated with this situation
• Sweating
• Swelling
• Vomiting

Success Rates

As medicine progresses, the results of breast cancer treatment improve. It was found that the 5-year survival rate of breast cancer treatment is at 89% while the 10-year survival rate is around 83%, and the 15-year survival rate is around 78%.

Before And After

e patients who are suffering from breast cancer and had breast cancer treatment experiences changes in their lives. The patients might experience the side effects of chemotherapy, radiation treatment, or targeted therapy for months or years. Also, it is possible that the patient’s general life quality might never be as good as it was before cancer treatment. Additionally, the patients who had breast cancer surgery might experience problems with social stigma associated with mastectomy. However, rising awareness of breast cancer makes this problem increasingly irrelevant.t.


Which Treatment is the Best for Breast Cancer?
There is no certain answer for “the best” breast cancer treatment. The type of breast cancer therapy depends on cancer diagnosis, stage of breast cancer as well as patient’s condition. Therefore, the doctor might recommend breast cancer surgery for a patient and chemotherapy treatment for another.

Is there such a Thing as Male Breast Cancer?
Yes. Even though it is thought that breast cancer is a female disease, male patients can also suffer from it. Yet, many patients who are suffering from breast cancer treatment are females.

Aren’t Side Effects of Chemotherapy and Radiation Therapy MoreDamaging than Breast Cancer?
Even though, there are several severe side effects of radiation therapy or chemotherapy treatment, it is not worth risking your life to avoid them.

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Several weeks

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Several weeks

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