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5 Months After Hair Transplant: What You Can Expect

You will start to notice some good changes in your hair growth five months after your hair transplant. Now that your scalp is healthy, you are beginning to notice positive signs of hair growth. We have put together this information on Hair Transplant Results After 5 Months to help you better understand what to anticipate at this point.

What to Expect 5 Months After Your Hair Transplant:

During the current stage of your hair growth, known as the "hair bursting" phase, new hair growth is occurring. This phase is often called the "ugly duckling" phase due to uneven and patchy growth.

By the third month, new hair growth is visible with short, fine, and translucent hairs that are not yet dense or as dark as your natural hair color. The growth rate is around 1cm per month.

Around the 5th month, there will be a significant increase in the number of hair strands growing from your scalp. With time, the strands will thicken and can be styled in different directions. The hair will gradually resemble your natural hair color, and the growth rate will be around 30% by the end of the 5th month.

It is possible to experience hair loss in the first four months, but not everyone does. Some people may experience hair loss during the 5th month, which may result in acne on the scalp.

5 Months After Hair Transplant Surgery, Hair Regrowth

As the six-month mark of your hair transplant operation approaches, you will start to see a slow regrowth of hair. The first hair strands may be curled at this time, so it's crucial to refrain from using straighteners that could harm the hair you've worked so hard to grow. Your hair will gradually get back to normal over the coming months.

It's vital to keep in mind that successful hair restoration might take at least six months, even though some people may grow nervous during this time since they are not experiencing the desired results.

Effects of the Surgery

Your scalp should be fully recovered within five months, and there shouldn't be many negative effects from the hair transplant procedure. This is because Flymedi only provides the least invasive, least-scarring techniques, Sapphire FUE and DHI.

At this point, the surgery's sole apparent side effect ought to be hair growth.

Factors Influencing Your Hair Transplant Results

Although your hair transplant is becoming more resilient, some things remain to consider during the fifth month. Here are some factors that may influence your hair transplant results:

  • Be gentle when brushing your hair to avoid pulling out the hair strand from the follicle.
  • Be careful of bumping or knocking your head, especially in the recipient area.
  • Do not use a clipper or razor on or too close to the recipient area yet.
  • Avoid extreme heat and cold until after the 6th month, including places like saunas and walk-in freezers.
  • Continue to protect your head from too much sunlight.
  • Use personalized hair care products from Flymedi.
  • PRP injections can be done in the 3rd – 5th month.

What to Expect When Looking in the Mirror

Because each hair follicle has an individual hair growth cycle, hair shafts will continue to grow at different times. This means that some patchiness may still be visible in the recipient area of the scalp. However, most people experience an average of 30% hair regrowth by this time, and any patchiness can easily be concealed using many styling tools without jeopardizing the hair grafts' survival.

Regular Follow-Ups to Evaluate Your Hair Transplant Progress at 5 Months

At Flymedi, we understand the importance of keeping in touch with our patients after a hair transplant. That's why we offer regular video calls to check in with you and evaluate your progress. During these calls, you can discuss any concerns or questions you have, and our experts will guide you through the next steps with professionalism and support.

If you ever feel like you need additional support or advice between scheduled calls, our team is always available to assist you.

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