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6 Things You Should Know Before Having a Beard Transplant

Beard transplant procedure has gained a nice position among types of cosmetic surgery dedicated to men. We can safely assume that the popularity of beard surgery has a lot to do with a larger trend when both men and women finally start to accept the fact that the world of plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures is not the sole dominion of the latter.

During the past few years, the number of men who have preferred beard transplant surgery to enhance or restore facial hair is considerably increased. This fact also came with the time when beards become a star in mainstream fashion. Men started to adapt to this new trend by strengthening their beards. Beard transplant became a key at that point. Much academic publishing explored the link between facial hair fashion and rates of beard transplants, and also the psychological explanations of the trend, including perceptions of masculinity and attractiveness.

The stigma of cosmetic surgery fades slowly and still, many men are afraid, even if not to undergo a beard transplant procedure, to go and ask how does beard transplant work. Will it hurt? Does it leave scars? Are the beard transplant results worth it? How much beard transplant cost in Turkey?

This article is dedicated to those of men who feel a little lost with those kinds of questions at the gates of the beard transplant world or, more generally speaking, the world of plastic surgery.

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1. What Is a Beard Transplant?

Before proceeding to the details of the procedure, let us review the anatomy of the beard and the differences between the scalp and the beard hair. Beard and mustache bristles mainly consist of single hair follicular units. Beard growth begins under the influence of androgens in adolescence and continues to increase until the middle ages. This is the opposite process of the scalp, where the increased effect of androgens causes hair loss. Beard density is less than the scalp. In general, the maximum density in the facial hair is above the jaw and in the middle of the mustache. When we compare the caliber of the beard with the scalp, we see that the beard is more. The beard hair is generally more elliptical than the circular shapes of the scalp hair.


Beard transplant procedure is a type of hair transplant procedure. Beard surgery is chosen by people who have a patchy facial hair and cannot dream about a full-face beard, people who due to genetics or diseases have no facial hair or people who suffered accidents which left them with lack of facial hair in a specific area. The beard transplant procedure usually uses beards, mustache or scalp as a donor area, but in some cases, pubic hair may be preferred for the thin parts of the beard.

Beard surgery is conducted with the FUE method, in which hair transplantation is performed with particular grafts rather than strips as it was in old techniques such as FUT. In FUE method, hairs are grafted one by one from the beard transplant donor area and harvest over a larger area. There are only small scars that arise. After 2-3 hours your surgery is finished, and you can wait for beard transplant results.

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2. Beard Transplant Results

There are already thousands of men who underwent the beard transplant procedure and are pleased with what they see in the mirror. It is possible to achieve a full-face beard with a beard hair transplant, though it will take a quite large number of grafts.

Nowadays, the internet is filled with pictures presenting the beard transplant before and after and they are even stronger evidence than our words. You can check the photo, review and beard transplant diary of all the completed transplants to get an idea about this popular operation.

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3. Beard Transplant Recovery

For the recovery period, beard transplant post op cares are very important. You usually take antibiotics capsule and painkillers in the same day after the operation. Then you will receive instructions about how to wash the transplant area without damaging the new follicular units from your beard transplant clinic. Subsequently, you should shampoo 3–4 times a day until all the scabs will fall out. This usually takes 1 week. Swelling of the forehead for 2–7 days can be experienced. You should also wait 2 weeks before shaving your beard and avoid direct sunlight on the transplant site for a minimum of 3 months. In 3 months, new beard hair starts to grow, and 6 months after surgery, 75% of the transplanted hair grows.

4. Are There Any Beard Transplant Side Effects?

Apart from taking sick leave for one day and mild pain and swelling in the place of the beard transplant procedure, there are no beard transplant side effects common to this treatment. There is nothing to worry, wait for the beard transplant recovery period to end and enjoy your full-face beard or a goatee.

5. Beard Transplant Cost – How Much Is It?

Beard transplant price depends on many factors, including the details of your operation, the position of your cosmetic clinic, the reputation of your plastic surgeon and the country. However, the most crucial factor in the beard transplant cost is the number of grafts to be taken – if you go for a goatee, the beard transplant price will be significantly lower than it is for a full-face beard. It is for FUE method is quite a time- and work-consuming, for hair extraction and hair plantation need to be performed by skilled specialists who plant one graft at the time.

As for the country difference, it is safe to say that in both the USA and the UK, the beard transplant price starts from around 7000 €. Meanwhile, deciding for a beard transplant in Turkey or Poland, you can expect the beard transplant costs to start from only 1500 €. Quite a difference for comparable beard transplant results, isn’t it?

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6. Why Turkey Is Popular When It Comes to Beard Transplant?

When it comes to beard transplant, Turkey is the dominant player, with thousands of men choosing this country. It is a part of Turkey’s general popularity in the field of plastic and cosmetic surgery. Several factors are influencing Turkey’s position. Geography is its ally for sure, for clients from both Europe and the MENA region consider it as a relatively close medical tourismdestination. In the same time, Turkey enjoys an excellent reputation for superb quality of hair transplants, breast augmentation procedures and the other plastic surgery types. Finally, as we have mentioned before, the beard transplant Turkey cost is significantly lower, even if we include the price of a plane ticket and accommodation.
The number of people searching for beard transplants in Turkey and preferring to come to Turkey for their plastic surgeries is steadily growing, and you can be a part of this trend by relieving your concerns. The most important things you should do is to search well, to ask much and to get the answers you need.

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ramya rai
Oct 06, 2021

Nice Article. Thanks for sharing this information.

Apr 09, 2020

Beard transplantation is similar to the normal hair transplantation which means the extraction of donor’s hair from the sides of the hair or the base of your scalp at the back. FUE hair transplant (Follicular Unit Extraction) is the most common type of beard transplantation surgery. Thank you for sharing in details about the process and the cost details of Beard transplant.


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