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A Simple Guide to Hooded Eyes

Eyes are a big part of how we look and feel about ourselves. They're often called the windows to the soul. The way your eyelids look can really change your overall appearance. You might not have noticed, but some people have what's called drooping eyelids. It bothers some folks more than others. If you're curious or looking for ways to deal with them, you're in the right place.

What Exactly Are Hooded Eyes?

Imagine someone with hooded eyes. They have a bit of extra skin that hangs over the fold of their eyelid, making the eyelid seem smaller or even hidden. This can happen naturally as you get older or you might just be born with it. Though it's not usually a health issue, some people want to change how it looks, especially if it makes seeing difficult or feels uncomfortable.

Spotting the Difference: Hooded vs Non-Hooded Eyes

Here's how you can tell them apart:

  • Eyelid Crease and Extra Skin: If you've got hooded eyes, you'll notice more skin around the top eyelid fold. This can cover up part of your eyelid and give your eyes a fuller appearance. Non-hooded eyes have a clear fold with skin that doesn't cover the eyelid, making the eye look more open.

  • How Open Your Eyes Look: Hooded eyes can make your eyes look a bit smaller because you can't see as much of the eyelid. They might give off a sleepy vibe. On the other hand, non-hooded eyes look wide awake and full of energy.

  • Wrinkles: Hooded eyes usually have more wrinkles because there's more skin folding over. Non-hooded eyelids might have some wrinkles, but not as many.

Makeup can be tricky with hooded eyes since there's more skin in the way, making it hard to apply evenly. But with non-hooded eyes, there's nothing blocking the way, so makeup goes on smooth.

Makeup Tips for Hooded Eyes: Making Them Pop

  • Base Shadow: Start with a light, neutral shade on your lid. It'll brighten up your eyes.
  • Eyeliner: Draw a thin line right at your lash line, maybe adding a little flick at the end to bring out your lashes and eyes.
  • Mascara: Don't be shy with your mascara - upper and lower lashes both. It'll help your eyes stand out more.
  • Eyebrows: Keep those brows neat and tidy. They frame your face and can really help your eyes shine.
  • Inner Corner Highlight: A dab of light, sparkly shadow in the corners of your eyes can open them up even more.

Botox: A Quick Fix for Hooded Eyes

If you're not ready for surgery, botox is a temporary way to lift those lids. It relaxes the muscles around your eyelids, giving your eyes a more open look. These treatments are quick, but they need to be done by someone who knows what they're doing. They last a few months.

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Eyelid Surgery Turkey: The Longer Solution

Eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, takes away the extra skin and fat, making your eyes look wider. It's good for both looks and health reasons, like if your eyelids are making it hard to see. It's a job for experienced surgeons. They'll work along the eyelid folds so scars are hidden, then take out the extra stuff and tighten what's left. Most people get back to normal in about a week. There might be some swelling, but once it goes down, you'll see the new look.

Finding the Right Doctor

Thinking about surgery? Picking the right doctor is key. Check out the eyelid surgery Turkey options.

What Will It Cost?

Eyelid surgery might cost between €2,600 and €3,900, depending on where and how you do it. If it's needed for health reasons, like affecting your sight, insurance might help with the cost. Talk to your coordinator to see if that's an option for you.

By Kubilay Aydeger - Medically reviewed by Prof. Zeynep Sevim, on Apr 17, 2024


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