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Breast Augmentation Benefits & Risks - 5 Things You Should Know

The female breast has become synonymous with femininity down the ages, and a lot of focus has been given to the aesthetics of the organ accordingly. The ideal size and shape of the breasts vary, depending upon the build of the individual and the cultural characteristics. Breast surgery types such as breast enlargement or breast lift are good choices for women with smaller or more sagging breasts than normal ones. Breast enlargement surgery eliminates making women feel that they have a disproportionate figure. It is, therefore, important that the surgeon also takes into consideration the patient's desires, when planning a breast augmentation surgery. Breast augmentation can have a significant positive influence on women’s body image.

Nowadays more and more women from all around the world turn to breast augmentation in order to restore or enhance their busts. But what are the breast augmentation benefits and breast augmentation risks? In this article, we are presenting the 5 risks and benefits of breast augmentation surgery for you to keep in mind during your decision stage.

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Breast Augmentation Benefits – Can It Change Your Life?

1. Improved Self-esteem & Confidence

One obvious but still noteworthy benefit of breast augmentation surgery is the confidence and higher self-esteem that comes with it. Your confidence dictates what you do and how you act in certain situations, so if you feel that certain aspects of your body are dragging you to a halt, breast augmentation can be a solution. This often extends to many other areas of your life, not just appearance. Feeling good helps you chase your personal goals and achieve in other areas as well.

2. Improved Social Opportunities

Image matters. Everywhere. At work, at home, in meetings or on the street, we all strive to improve our image which in turn relates to benefit #1. Breast augmentation can lead to improved social and professional opportunities, especially when it comes to specific image-based domains such as PR, Communications and the Media.

3. An Improved Figure that makes you more Feminine

It’s very hard to put your finger on what makes a woman “feminine”, but a womanly figure is a part of that. In the end, it’s up to each woman to decide of herself what makes her feel good and what makes her feel more feminine. A breast enhancement provides to gain curvier female figure, contribute to more acceptable aging, and your overall more positive attitude to the changes.

4. The Ability To Wear Different Clothes That Actually Fit

This is one of the most significant problems a woman faces in her entire life – finding clothes that can actually fit her body and complement it. A breast augmentation procedure can eliminate any stress associated with going to the beach for example and even turn it into a very pleasurable activity. It is one of the common breast implants benefits.

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5. Improved libido and sexual satisfaction

Breast augmentation benefits are not limited only to emotional well-being after surgery. According to a study conducted on the effects of undergoing breast augmentation surgery, it was reported that women feel a boost in libido and improved sexual life. This is mostly related to increased self-image and sexual confidence.

Breast Augmentation Risks – Are breast implants safe?

1. Breast Augmentation, Although Simple Is Still A Serious Surgery

Breast augmentation, just like any other plastic surgery procedure should not be taken lightly by the patient. Alcohol and certain anticoagulant medicine such as aspirin are strictly prohibited before going in for surgery. Smoking can also have a negative effect before and after the surgery. You need to follow your plastic surgeon’s recommendation, which may include quitting smoking three to six weeks before surgery through three to six weeks after. Giving it up forever is the best, though.

2. The Recovery Period Is Very Important

You’ll need to take the doctor’s advice to heart and respect it fully. Any exercise is prohibited for the first week after surgery, and after the first 2-3 weeks, you can engage in mild exercise. You need definitely use a good supportive bra when exercising and you'd better wait until you are fully recovered after your surgery.

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3. Capsular Contraction May Occur

Capsular contraction means that the scar tissue around the implant hardened up and began to contract, affecting the contour of the breast and its softness. This can lead to both aesthetic problems and, in extreme cases, pain in the breasts. Research shows that about one in six breast augmentation patients experience some degree of capsular contracture, while not all of them present with apparent symptoms.  Breast augmentation is an extremely satisfying plastic surgery procedure. With great developments in implant manufacturing, the quality of implants has improved significantly, reducing the risk of capsule formation.

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4. Breast Implants Can Leak Or “Rupture”

The term rupture is used in both silicone and saline breast implants. Rupture basically means a tear or hole in the outer shell of the implant. When this occurs in a saline breast implant, it deflates, meaning the saltwater (saline) solution leaks from the shell. And when a silicone implant ruptures, the gel may remain in the shell or in the scar tissue that forms around the implant (intracapsular rupture). FDA recommends removing ruptured breast implants. You and your surgeon will need to decide if the implants will be replaced, or will only be removed without replacement.

5. You Will Need To Take Better Care Of Yourself And Have MRI Scans Periodically

Women that opt for silicone implants are recommended to take MRI scans periodically in order to ensure that the implants did not rupture or leak. Leaking or ruptured breast implants could lead to other complications down the road. Silicone implants also make it harder to detect certain types of breast cancer; that’s why MRI scans are so important after a breast augmentation procedure. It is beneficial for the radiologist to know imaging signs indicatory of implant rupture, the surgical approach used and the history of prior breast implants. Knowing the surgical history and approaches may help differentiate probable post-surgical changes against another breast pathology.

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Eve Mitchell
Aug 24, 2021

I like that you mentioned that this can improve your femininity. I have always been self-conscious about my breasts. I would love to have a slightly more symmetrical figure.


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