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At this point, I have binged enough movies combined; it can be equivalent to an entire adult person life span. But certain quotes and dialog tend to stick with you more than others. I clearly remember this particular scene in a movie I forgot its name, but the conversation was between 2 girl-friends, the blonde friend was urging her Burnette friend to live her life and find a partner. The Burnette friend nodded in agreement then paused slightly before she said: " At this point, I'll settle with anyone who is funny, smart, and HAVE A GOOD SET OF HAIR".

It was evident at that point physical appearance does matter to some extent, and what better defines a person appearance other than a good set of hair. You might not be the only victim of hair loss, as research suggests by age 35, more than 40% of Americans show signs of hair loss. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel. There are treatments to reverse hair lose some treatments are even permanent such as Hair Transplant. No doubt, you have encountered a story or two about a person who opted for such treatment. Despite the fact that there might be a clinic(s) near you that offers hair transplant treatment, it wouldn't be remotely affordable as abroad countries known for medical tourism. In recent years the country that claims the throne of medical tourism has been Turkey

Reasons Why Turkey is a Great Destination 

Turkey has the highest number of Joint Commission International (JCI) accredited hospitals after the USA and coupled with the fact that you can save up to 80% on a hair transplant procedure in Turkey, you’ve got yourself a bargain, but not at the expense of quality.

Furthermore, as Turkey has a target to be the most preferred medical tourism country, facilities strive to offer prominent advantages, quality services and remarkable standards. Contrary to some countries, there is no waiting list. You can get your treatment right away. Most clinics in Turkey is fitted with state-of-the-art equipment combined with cutting edge technology, your safety and comfort are an utmost priority.

As a medical traveler in Turkey, you can expect a few advantages such as free VIP transfers between hotel, airport, and hospital. Not all destinations offer these perks free of charge. Turkish hair transplant surgeon’s ethics, professionalism, and exceptional skill won the trust and respect of patients worldwide. Patients coming in from all around the world is the highest compliment these surgeons can receive.

Signs of Going Bald- How to understand? 

Men and females can suffer from hair loss, but research indicates men are more likely to experience it.( Hair loss begins when hair follicles experience abnormalities resulting in permanent hair loss or temporary hair loss. For men, the most evident sign of baldness is the receding hairline, and hair loss at the temples both can be an early warning sign indicating that you might suffer from baldness in the near future.

Whereas, in the female condition, the patient might notice a reduction in hair volume. You lose 50 to 100 hairs a day is considered normal. Also seasonal changes can double this number as well. If you start to lose more, it can be a sign for more than a normal shedding. The other important sign of an abnormal hair loss is the area of the shedding. Check your hair if there is a visible hair loss on your hairline if it exists it is most likely a sign of hair loss. If you visibly can see some parts of your scalp hairless and you feel worried about it, there is no need to worry, you should see your doctor and ask if there is a specific reason behind this baldness.

Generally, genetics play a significant role in male baldness. If you have close relatives who suffer from baldness, you are at higher risk. Moderation is the key to everything in life, same goes to your body hormones. Your hair follicles are highly sensitive to any changes, most individuals suffering from baldness show high levels of a particular hormone called Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT is necessary hormone for male and female body growth during puberty. However, in certain individuals, their body overproduces DHT, which in male cases causes abnormal hair to lose.

With that being said, sometimes external factor may play a role in causing your abnormal hair to lose, thus understanding the signs and monitoring both internal and external factors will help you decide your next move. Pay attention to your lifestyle, because your hair quality is affected by your eating habits, stress level, sleeping habits, illnesses, and your psychologic state. It is always encouraged to visit your dermatologist and share your symptoms and observations to have a better understanding.

Effective Natural Hair Loss Treatment

Not all treatments require a medical scalpel, you could be one of the many people who want to give the natural treatment a chance before considering more intrusive interventions. For instance,

Aloe Vera is a great home remedy as to a hair loss cure, it works to soothe your damaged scalp and create a healthy environment for hair follicles to grow. Moreover, Aloe Vera helps cleaning up your sebum (oily scalp) which clogs follicles and prevents hair growth.

Coconut oil is highly rich in vitamins E, K, and also antioxidants that strengthen and moisturize your hair. It also has antimicrobial properties that fight scalp infections and dandruff.

Jojoba oil, it is oil-like wax extracted from the seed of Jojoba plant. Jojoba oil moisturizes your hair and stimulates its growth. Despite the oil-based properties, jojoba oil doesn't leave behind any greasy sensation after being washed. It is rich in components such as: vitamin C, B, E, copper and zinc, which are all very useful to your hair nourishment.

Best Way to Cure Hair Loss

Natural treatments are almost always safer and easily accessible to everyone, but if you are seeking medical non-surgical treatments you should consider "Minoxidil" or "Finasteride" They work by affecting the hormones by reducing hair loss and stimulating hair growth. These drugs are currently approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Minoxidil is applied directly to your scalp, whereas Finasteride is an oral medication.

If you decided to opt for Finasteride, you would need a doctor prescription. More importantly, being patient is crucial, seeing positive results will take time roughly 6 months of proper treatment.

If you tried all of these treatments and decided on a more permanent and faster treatment, no doubt, hair transplant is thy solution for people who want to have permanent and natural looking hair. The hair transplant procedure is a surgical operation in which hair follicles are harvested from a part of your body called “donor side” and planted into the areas that you have not sufficient growth of hair. There are 2 methods to receive hair transplant, and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is the most popular one. Reason being, it usually shows faster results with less recovery time.

Facts About FUE You Need to Know 

FUE is one of the 2 techniques used to transplant hair, there are some facts you need to know about this procedure. In 1988, Masumi Inaba started using a 1 mm needle to extract hair follicles. The technique was further refined by many practitioners from all around the world. This hair restoration technique takes considerable time to master, but the results it brings are very appealing to hair restoration surgeons.

In an FUE hair transplant, each follicular unit is taken directly from the scalp individually with no strip of tissue being removed. Then hair follicles are removed gently to be grafted in areas that lack hair, and the result is less density in the donor area. FUE is known for other benefits such as: Shorter recovery period, less risk of developing complications, no incisions, no stitches, natural result, no major scars.

It is important to note, FUE hair transplant usually takes between 8 and 14 hours. You will need about 2 weeks of recovery period before you feel yourself again. It’s perfectly normal after 2-3 weeks from your treatment to notice some hair shedding, it is part of the process to grow new hair, so don’t panic, all is well. Hair transplant surgery is a safe procedure when it is performed by a qualified, experienced board-certified plastic surgeon. However, patients may vary in their physical reactions and recovery abilities. For that reason, results are never completely predictable. Since FUE results are permanent, this is one of the most cost-effective hair restoration techniques available today. No more special shampoos, lotions, toupees or other quick fixes. This is a one-time investment with life-long results.

Why do Europeans choose to Have Hair Transplant Abroad?

Have you ever wondered why an increasing number of patients from the Netherlands, Germany, or the United Kingdom decide every year to have their hair transplant abroad?

As years go by, hair loss treatments get more and more affordable, but still, they didn’t reach a level where they are affordable for everybody. Therefore, many people prefer to have their hair transplant operation abroad rather than to have it in Europe. Quality related reasons for hair transplant treatments abroad also plays a key role. The low price should not be confused with low quality, and an increasing number of patients realize it. Undergoing hair transplant in Istanbul or other major cities in Turkey is usually under the care of top hair transplant surgeons, whose skills in FUT & FUE procedures are exceptional. Besides, who would turn down a chance to travel and enjoy this self-presented opportunity.

Celebrity Hair Transplants Before and After!

Hair loss is taking no prisoners or sparing anyone. Several celebrities are or were victims of hair loss, but their abundant resources keep their appearance as everlasting. The star of

Saturday Night Fever, Grease, and Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction John Travolta were reported that he didn't go public for almost three years after he had undergone FUE treatment. Although he has never hidden that he had undergone surgery. Now his hair transplant surgery result looks amazing, especially for his age. 

Coldplay, one of thy great bands of our times. Their lead singer and soloist Chris Martin, has recently had a hair transplant surgery in the UK which he states that he had done it to be able to perform freely on the stage without being concerned about the stage lightings revealing the thinning areas on his scalp.

Salman Khan is one of the Bollywood’s biggest superstars. Unbelievably popular, and handsome – there was nothing he could lack. Not until his receding hairline became noticeable in the early 2000s. Then, Salman Khan’s hair transplant began – he did not have one, two, but most probably three operations from 2002 to 2013. The Bollywood superstar may enjoy his new, astonishing hair without making it obvious that he underwent several cosmetic surgeries in order to look the way he does. It is good to take inspiration from celebrities, but there is no need to be a celebrity to change your look as you wish.

Questions You Should List Before Your Hair Transplant to Ask Your Doctor

As hair transplant treatment becoming more accessible and affordable to the masses, due to the rapid technological advancement, we may become less cautious and less curious about the details. Whereas, you ought to be conscious and critical before opting for this treatment. By finding reputable clinics with skilled physicians. Therefore, here are some basic all-rounder questions-to-ask your doctor.

What Products Should I Use Before and After Hair Transplant?

There is no need to use any special products before your hair transplant procedure. Shortly before the surgery, your surgeon may ask to shampoo your head with a surgical scrub.

Subsequent to your treatment, your clinic will prescribe you a special shampoo to use in the course of two weeks during your recovery. After that, you can return to your usual preferred hair product.

How Much Does It Cost?

Here are some areas of questions to consider when determining the cost of hair transplant: Where do you prefer having your hair transplant operation? Which country are you willing to travel to? How reputable and experienced your doctor shall be? Which city will you choose? The answers to these questions will determine the approximate price.

Will It Be Permanent? Will I Need That Again?

No doubt, this question is crucial. Your doctor may assure you the results are long-lasting. However, aging plays a factor, as you age, you may need another procedure. but until then there is nothing to worry about

Hair Transplants for Women – Is alopecia treatable? 

Contrary to common believe not only men suffer from hair loss, but women also represent a fair sum of patients seeking treatment for hair loss. Research indicates certain medical conditions causes hair loss by affecting your hormones. These conditions include thyroid issues, scarring from skin conditions, ringworm or autoimmune disorders, or celiac disease where the body attacks itself. Although in some cases it could be non-hormonal related like: High-stress levels, extreme diets, Anemia – iron deficiency, and hair damage from dyes, straighteners and hair extensions.

Common Questions about Facial Hair Transplant 

Facial hair transplant has become more popular recently, due to the increasing stories of successful and natural looking results of facial hair transplantation. There are various types of facial hair transplants available such as: beard, mustache or sideburns. To transplant facial hair the same technique is used "FUE". Your surgeons will harvest your hair follicles from your donor area, and transplant it to predetermined areas on your face. Beard and facial hair transplant procedures may require more than one session to achieve the desired density.

How Long Does Facial Hair Transplant Procedure Last?

The procedure mostly depends on the number of follicular units that needed to be extracted. Minimum follicles required for mustache transplant nearly around 300 - 500 follicles. For eyebrows, it might be up to 650 units. Full beard hair transplant will require 4000-7000 hair follicles to provide the best possible outcome, but sometimes only 2500 is needed.

Is Facial Hair Transplant a Safe Procedure?

Yes, facial hair transplant is a safe procedure. However, there are normal side effects: temporary bruising and swelling, and in some odd cases, patients may suffer from mild infection, which can be easily treated with antibiotics.

What Are the Results of Facial Hair Transplant Procedure?

Most patients are satisfied with their new look after facial hair transplant treatment. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of choosing the right clinic and surgeon to achieve satisfying results.

How Much Does Hair Transplant Cost? 

Hair transplant prices can vary greatly depending on the country and the reputation of the hair transplant clinic. Although this treatment had become less expensive, still, it hasn't been affordable for everybody. Therefore, many people consider going abroad to have hair transplant surgery instead of in their own country. Turkey has gained a reputation as a top tier country for providing exceptional hair treatment services in the past years.

The average hair transplant could cost in the UK as high as € 14,000, while in the USA up to $15,000. Whereas in Turkey for a similar procedure it will cost you € 1,800, and that is including your plane ticket, accommodation, and some souvenirs for your neighbor. It is pretty clear that hair transplant average cost in Turkey and other medical tourism destinations is incomparably lower than in Western Europe. Hair transplant abroad has many choices from Turkey to Thailand. There are many hair transplant clinics all around the world. Choosing the right one mostly depends on your personal expectation and budget.

In the end, as long as the results are remarkable and reviews are satisfactory, people will continue to keep interested in this field of treatment. Hair transplant procedure provides a natural appearance when it is performed well. It is of paramount importance to find a good clinic and well-experienced surgeon to feel relieved, ready, and satisfied. Of course, these conditions come with a cost.


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