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Hair Transplant: 10 Questions to Ask at Your First Consultation

If you’re reading this article, we assume that you are considering having a hair transplant. We always recommend patients do their homework about the surgeon and the clinic before booking any surgery. 

If you are not sure what to ask before hair transplants, or maybe you are worried that you might not ask the important questions – we’ve compiled a list of guides to the most critical questions to ask during your first hair transplant consultation. 

Continue reading to find out more. 

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1. Am I an ideal candidate for hair transplant surgery?

This has to be the first question that you should get an answer to before anything. Various factors determine the suitability of one to have a hair transplant. These factors include age, pre-existing health conditions, and the amount of hair you have. Suppose you don’t qualify as an ideal candidate for a hair transplant, your surgeon is more likely to recommend alternative methods that can help grow your hair or slow down the hair loss. Don’t despair. 

2. What qualifications does my surgeon have?

The success of your hair transplant surgery and safety is hugely determined by the expertise of your surgeon. This is why you should ask and research your surgeon’s qualifications. Good hair transplant surgeons are affiliates or registered under trusted professional bodies such as the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery.

3. What do I need to do before my surgery?

For every surgery to be successful, you have to prepare for it one way or the other. A hair transplant is not an exception. It’s important to ask your surgeon about preoperative preparation before having any surgery. In most cases, surgeons will advise you to avoid smoking, drinking, or using certain hair products. 

4. What will the surgery be like?

The duration of the surgery is usually determined by the size of the area being treated. But in most cases, an FUE hair transplant usually takes anywhere between three and five hours to complete. Sometimes it might take you two sessions to complete the whole surgery, whereas sometimes you only need one sitting. It’s important to ask about the duration of the session so that you can prepare accordingly and avoid inconveniences. When you ask about the duration, also consider asking about how you can manage the pain (if any), how many people are allowed in a room, and how the whole process is carried out. 

5. How much recovery time is needed?

The recovery process after a hair transplant varies from one patient to the other. But it usually takes around 2 weeks to completely recover after having an FUE hair transplant. During these two weeks, when you see your transplants will scab over and fall out – don’t be alarmed, it’s expected. Your surgeon is more likely to give you guidelines to follow. These guidelines usually cover areas to do with exercise, sleeping positions, and hair products to use and avoid. 

6. Can I see any patient testimonials?

If your surgeon is experienced, they wouldn’t hesitate to show you different pictures of their previous patients who have had hair transplants. Seeing these pictures and patient testimonials also gives you a clear picture of what kind of results you should expect after your surgery.

Hair Transplant Photo Guide

A surgeon with multiple positive reviews is a good indication that your surgeon is an expert and has many satisfied patients. If possible, you can also ask your surgeon for the contact details of those patients. 

7. Between FUE or FUT transplants, which one is more ideal for me?

There are two techniques used to perform hair transplant surgery. FUE is the most popular because it is more modern and has a high success rate. This particular technique involves removing hair transplants individually and transplanting them again using technological devices. The other technique is FUT – this method involves stripping hair follicles in groups and transplanting them to a recipient area. 

Although we always recommend going for FUE, you must ask your surgeon about the best technique for you. 

8. How long will it take to see the results of my transplant?

One thing about having hair transplants is that you need to be able to manage your expectations. If you expect to see instant results after the surgery or a few weeks down the line, then you might not be an ideal candidate for this procedure. Results for hair transplant usually start manifesting after six months post-surgery. 

9. Will I need a second hair transplant?

This is an important question you should ask your surgeon because some patients will only see desired hair transplant results after a second session. After examining your unique situation, your surgeon will let you know if you need one or more sessions. 

10. How much does a hair transplant cost?

Once your surgeon has confirmed that you are an ideal candidate for a hair transplant surgery, you should then ask about the quote for the treatment. This is a critical question to ask because the cost of a hair transplant varies from one clinic to the other. 

Learn more about Hair Transplants in Turkey by comparing costs and reviewing the clinics and doctor

By Kubilay Aydeger - Medically reviewed by Dr. Mehmet Dogruer, on Mar 30, 2024

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