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Hip Replacement Cost Around The World

Hip replacement surgery is a major procedure in which a surgeon removes a painful hip joint and changes it with an artificial joint usually made from metal and plastic components. This procedure is generally recommended if all other treatment options have failed to relieve the pain and increase the mobility. Hip replacement procedures, either partial or total, are becoming a more and more popular means of dealing with the pain caused by osteoarthritis and other afflictions. But how much does a hip replacement cost?

Prices vary wildly from country to country and a hip replacement in the USA can set you back as much as $60.000 or €53.000. Mind you; this is the average price in New York – the same procedure in Alabama would cost around €15.000. For patients without health insurance, a total hip replacement usually will cost of $40,000 on average in the USA. You might ask “Are there any alternatives?” Of course! Let’s take a look at hip replacement surgery prices by country.

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Hip Replacement Cost in The UK – 12,000

A hip replacement in the UK will set you back around €12,000, which is a bit more affordable than the cheapest option in the USA and also the hip replacement cost in Australia which is around €25,000. British patients can have this procedure done for a fraction of the cost through not only private clinics but also the NHS or National Health Service.

Hip Replacement Cost in Ireland – 15,500

A hip replacement procedure in Ireland is, surprisingly, more expensive than one in the UK at around €15,500, but you may have a price a bit cheaper price offer in the Northern Ireland which starts from €10,000. Ireland does have an advanced medical infrastructure and perhaps, some of the best-paid doctors in Europe, so the overall price is no surprise.

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Hip Replacement Cost in Poland – 5,000

Poland is a relatively new medical tourism destination, and a hip replacement in Poland will set you back just €5,000 – less than half of what it costs in the UK. Poland has a few reputable hospitals in Warsaw, and health groups are making progress by continuously improving their medical infrastructure.

Hip Replacement Cost in Germany – 10,000

Germany has some of the most advanced hospitals in the world and if you couple that with high-quality universities where doctors can train and practice, you know you will be in good hands for just about any type of surgery. The procedure is a bit pricey in Berlin, almost the same with Paris in France, which is at around €10,000, but it’s definitely worth it.

Hip Replacement Cost in South Africa - €6,500

South Africa has been one of the popular health tourism locations, statistics showing that in 2012, nearly 350,000 tourists from all around Africa traveled to South Africa for their medical treatments. You may have your hip replacement surgery in the hospitals accredited by the Council for Health Service Accreditation of Southern Africa (COHSASA), or the International Society for Quality in Healthcare (ISQUA) in the big cities of South Africa such as Cape Town or Johannesburg with a cost around €6,500.

Hip Replacement Cost in India - €5,000

India has been an alternative medical tourism destination for recent years with the increase in health investments. In 2017, the number of arrivals was 495,056 which is more than doubled by 2016. India's medical tourism industry is expected to increase by 200% by 2020, hitting $9 billion, according to Ministry of Tourism figures. While the expectations are like this, you will be very warmly welcomed for sure. For your hip replacement treatment, you may get an offer starts from €5,000 from the clinics of India, which is much more affordable than the prices in Europe and the USA. You may also think to undergo your hip replacement surgery in Pakistan, the neighboring country of India, with a relatively more acceptable price.

Hip Replacement Cost in Turkey – 5,000

Turkey has been a medical tourism hub for years now, with 700,000 medical tourists arrived in the country last year according to figures shown by the Istanbul International Health Tourism Association (ISTUSAD). It is partly due to its strategic position but mostly due to the wide range of top-notch medical services available at prices that are more affordable than in the UK or USA. A total hip replacement in Turkey can set you back as little as 5,000, not to mention that Turkey is a great destination for tourists from all around the world. Find out more about Hip Replacement in Turkey

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Learn more about hip replacement in Turkey by comparing costs and reviewing the clinics and doctors.


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