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How Much Does a Liver Transplant Cost?

Liver transplant also called hepatic transplantation is a lifesaving procedure for patients who have chronic end-stage liver disease or acute liver failure. While the increasing numbers of liver transplant surgeries and long-term survivors are promising, it is very important to choose the right clinic which pays significant attention to complications that develop in the long term, such as chronic renal failure, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, obesity, and bone or neurological conditions.

Liver transplantation is one of the most complicated procedures in the medical world. Compatibility, the health of both donor and receiver and a whole range of other factors, need to be seriously discussed and analyzed before the operation. While patients in need of a donor organ are seriously ill in most cases, on the other hand, doctors and researchers need to be at the highest level of medical excellence.

Liver transplant patients will also have to spend a considerable time in the hospital and under medical surveillance, and this can increase the cost of the procedure as well.

In this article, we aimed to let you know about the costs of liver transplants of all over the world, in the order for you to compare and as well as to take into consideration.


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How Much Does a Liver Transplant Cost?

The average cost of a liver transplant includes:

  • Pre-transplant testing and evaluation
  • Liver transplant surgery
  • Post-operative hospital stays
  • Outpatient follow-up testing and care
  • Anti-rejection medication
  • Surgeon, hepatologist, and anesthesiologist fees
  • Rehabilitation and physical therapy

You need to calculate before the lodging and transportation costs if you have this surgery abroad, and you should also consider the 'lost time' that your employer does not pay for when you are away from work.

Liver Transplant Cost in The United States – Around $600,000

According to the American Liver Foundation, around 8,000 liver transplant surgeries are performed in the United States every year. According to a study published in 2018, people who have a liver transplant have an 89% chance of living after one year, 75 % chance of living after five years.

The average liver transplant cost is highly variable and dependent on the patient’s health, age, the hospital where the procedure is done and the region in which the hospital is located, with Southern US hospitals being more affordable than transplant centers located in the North. The average liver transplant is around $600,000 or more, including follow-up care and medications after the procedure.

Liver Transplant Cost in Singapore – Around $400,000

Singapore is a popular liver transplant destination due to a high supply of donors. The hospitals for liver transplant in Singapore have some of the most experienced and skilled surgeons in the world. A liver transplant in Singapore can cost between $300,000 and as high as 1 million dollars, depending on the patient’s hospital stay and the transplant center where the procedure is undertaken. Singapore is a destination for wealthy patients that can afford high fees and shorter waiting times.

Liver Transplant Cost in Turkey – Around $110,000

In Turkey, over 26,000 patients are currently on the waiting list for a donor organ, of whom around 87% are awaiting a kidney, and 9% are awaiting a liver.

Liver transplant surgery is highly regulated in Turkey, and both donor and patient will need to follow the Regulations of the Organ and Tissue Transplantation Service. It states that transplants can only be done between up to fourth-degree blood relatives. The patient and donor will be referred to the Ethics Committee of the Provincial Health Directorate – the committee will decide if the transplant is feasible or not. Patients usually stay around 10 to 15 days in intensive care.

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Liver Transplant Cost in Egypt – Around $60,000

In Egypt, chronic liver diseases are a major health concern. Hepatitis C virus (HCV) is seen among the 15 - 59 years age group is estimated to be 14.7%. This high prevalence has caused increasing numbers of Egyptian patients suffering from the end-stage liver disease (ESLD) and necessity of liver transplantation.

The average liver transplant in Egypt costs around $60,000. Waiting time in Egypt is quite short, again due to a high supply of liver transplant donors but the healthcare sector is not as highly regulated as it should be.

Liver Transplant Cost in Germany – Around $300,000

Germany has a highly regulated healthcare sector, and any liver transplant surgery must follow certain EU guidelines and rules. Germany has some of the most popular and authoritative clinics in Europe, and living-donor liver transplants are more preferred, as these ensure a higher rate of post-operatory success.

Liver Transplant Cost in South Africa – Around $300,000

South Africa is another popular destination for liver transplants, especially due to the high supply of donors and the short waiting lists. In order to further increase the number of organ donors in South Africa, continuous efforts are made to mainstream public education about the subjects of organ donation and brain death.

Liver transplant regulations are sketchy at best in South Africa, so patients need to be very careful before making a choice regarding liver transplant surgery.

Liver Transplant Cost in UK – Around $80,000

Liver transplants in the UK are much more affordable than in the USA, and as the healthcare sector is highly regulated, most transplants are successful. Most patients spend at least two weeks in the hospital after the operation. Private health plans don't pay for transplants, but it costs the NHS up to 80,000 USD plus several thousand extras, depending on the stability of the recovery period.

Liver Transplant Cost in Saudi Arabia – Around $80,000

Saudi Arabia is a desert country covering almost the whole Arabian Peninsula, with Red Sea and Persian Gulf coastlines, and also known as the birthplace of Islam. Saudi Arabia is becoming a popular destination for a wide range of medical procedures, including liver transplants. The country enjoys a steady supply of donors and waiting lists are quite short compared to those in the West.

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