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How Much Does Gamma Knife Treatment Cost?

Gamma Knife radiosurgery, as a kind of stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS), is a cut-free and effective procedure that aims to treat benign and malignant brain tumors. While the Gamma Knife radiation treatment is applied in high precision to the target tissue within or around the brain, any effect to surrounding healthy tissue is minimized at the same time. The term "knife" in its name may be led to misunderstanding; however, there is no knife or cutting implementation is actually involved at any stage of this treatment. Since Gamma Knife surgery is actually not surgery, but a form of radiation therapy, no general anesthesia, as well as no incision, is required. Therefore, the risks related to skull incisions and general anesthesia can be eliminated in this particular procedure.

This effective treatment, which is born from the coexistence of medicine and technology, promises hope for many patients. The precision of the application which is one of the most important advantages of Gamma Knife is being enhanced by new technologies such as the Gamma Knife Icon.

In this article, we will try to shed light on the cost of Gamma Knife treatment by giving prices of different countries.

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What Affects Gamma Knife Treatment Cost?

The cost of Gamma Knife treatment is generally determined by the severity of your brain tumor and by how many radiation sessions you need. While most patients only require a single session, your condition may necessitate multiple treatment sessions, which increases the overall cost. Besides, the country and the hospital you have Gamma Knife treatment in is a crucial determining factors of the Gamma Knife treatment cost. Most health insurance agencies cover the Gamma Knife treatment cost. However, you may still need to talk to your health insurance agent about the coverage conditions. Finally, the expenses of transportation, pre-op evaluation, medication, and follow-up care may increase the Gamma Knife treatment cost, but it is still 25% to 30% less than traditional neurosurgery.

Gamma Knife Treatment Cost in Turkey (€9,000 – €11,000)

Hundreds of patients from all over the world every year have been successfully treated in Turkey by its well-trained doctors and thanks to its high-quality healthcare approaches at quite affordable prices. You may not have a problem with transportation to Turkey because the country is easily accessible by plane from many countries abroad. Besides, most of the doctors and clinic staff in Turkey can speak English, so there are no communication issues during the whole treatment process. The cost of Gamma Knife treatment in Turkey is generally ranging between €9,000 and €11,000 which is much cheaper than most of the European countries.

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Gamma Knife Treatment Cost in the USA ($35,000 – $45,000)

The USA is a special destination that people consider to be treated especially for their significant health conditions by experienced professionals. Although this is an undeniable fact, medical treatment costs in the USA are not quite affordable for most of the patients. Likewise, a typical Gamma Knife treatment cost in the USA ranges between $35,000 and $45,000.

Gamma Knife Treatment Cost in the UK (€25,000 – €35,000)

Healthcare in the UK provides the best standards with its highly-trained and well-experienced doctors to make sure patients receive the best possible care, tailored to their condition. However, as in the USA, medical treatments and hospitalization along with other additional expenses may cost you a lot in this country. Although Gamma Knife treatment cost in the UK is one-third of the traditional surgery cost, it still is expensive. A complete Gamma Knife treatment cost in the UK is between €25,000 and €35,000.

Gamma Knife Treatment Cost in India ($7,000 – $9,000)

Gamma Knife treatment cost in India is 30 to 70% less than most of the other countries in the world, as we see in some other procedures. Even though it is not only indigenous to India, treatment is cheap because there is no hospitalization and the patients are discharged within 24 hours, and fast recovery eliminates the hidden costs of longer recovery. Gamma Knife treatment cost in India generally ranges between $7,000 and $9,000. The cost may also vary depending on your medical condition, surgeon, city, and facility where you choose to get the Gamma Knife radiosurgery done.

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Gamma Knife Treatment Cost in Poland (€7,000 – €9,000)

Poland’s most well-known Gamma Knife treatment facility is located in Warsaw. Many hospitals in Poland attach importance to patient comfort and pre- and post-treatment care and provide a safe treatment process with advanced technology devices and experienced health professionals.
Besides, medical treatment costs in Poland are relatively cheaper than the other European countries. For example, a complete Gamma Knife treatment cost in Poland may range between €7,000 and €9,000.

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