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How will Corona Change the Way We Live?

A return to how life was before the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is somehow out of the question. This doesn't mean that it's impossible; it means that it will take time.

At some point, governments are going to relax lockdown restrictions, when that day comes, what do you think will struggle to get back to how it was before, and what might change forever?

If you want to know the answer to this, then you're reading the right article. Here are our thoughts:

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A new lifestyle that we are going to get in

Tech-dependent: If there's one major thing that we have learned during the COVID-19 outbreak, it's how to depend on tech communication tools such as Zoom, Whatsapp, Emails, et cetera. Having practiced Social and Physical Distancing for the past few months, digital platforms have been the only way for many of us to work, get fit, or be educated and entertained. This tech-dependent trend will not disappear overnight; we might as well consider it as part of our daily lives going forward.

Buying online more often: Online sales around the world have surged in the past few months after shelter-in-place measures enacted a few months ago shuttered brick-and-mortar stores throughout the country. This snapshot of relying on e-Commerce shops paints a picture of how our buying behaviors will be like even after the Coronavirus has been finally defeated.

The rise of Telemedicine: As people remained sheltered in their homes due to the coronavirus outbreak, the paradigm of where our healthcare delivery took place shifted. Because people were not allowed to go out, if someone got sick, healthcare professionals had to improvise and start evaluating, diagnosing, and treating patients at a distance using telecommunications technology. Telemedicine has lingered on the sidelines for many years, but it was given a major boost during the pandemic, and it seems like it will not vanish anytime soon.

The rules we have lived by will change: The adage, desperate situations call for desperate measures, rings true now more than ever. Why? Because in a crisis, the normal rules don't apply. Going through unprecedented time is an opportunity to not just hit the pause button and temporarily ease the pain, but to take a deep introspection and permanently change the rules for the benefit of the people.


Turkey's precautions over the Coronavirus

Keen to curb the spread of the deadly Coronavirus, Turkey is also one of the countries that took serious measures to make sure that it's citizens are protected.

Both international and domestic flights were canceled unless they were necessary.

All events and public activities were halted for a number of weeks.

People arriving from abroad were being directed to hospitals and were quarantined for a period of about 14 days from the time of their arrival.

Disinfection was carried out continuously in all courthouses, ministry buildings, and penal institutions. Thousands of people were also being trained on the proper guidelines for disinfection.

In all closed penal institutions, prisoners and detainees with high fevers or coughs were all sent to hospitals and tested for the Coronavirus. Those who tested negative were taken back to the prisons.

All penal institutions were given enough equipment for detecting signs of the virus, including thermometers as well as disinfecting products, masks, protective suits, and gloves.

The Turkish government also developed a certification program for hotels and restaurants –and they were subject to strict regulations. Hotel staff members were also trained in measures to prevent the spread of infection.

Turkey is safe for medical tourists

Turkey is one of the few countries that have managed to minimize the spread and coronavirus deaths – thanks to the reforms and investments undertaken over the years in the health sector.

This is one of the reasons why Turkey became one of the first European countries to lift restrictions on international and domestic travel.

The novel COVID-19 pandemic impacted the entire tourism sector across the globe and Turkey issued pandemic-related "Safe Tourism Certificate" programs for tourists.


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