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Ideal Age for Plastic Surgery

Age for plastic surgery is a popular subject to discuss to define the age limits for plastic surgeries. Although it depends on the type of surgery and the aim, there is also some biological realities about the age periods.

There are some recommended age intervals for plastic surgeries which are generally between 18 and 70. However, today we see that the minimum age is decreasing, the maximum age is increasing. It is always possible to stretch the rules, but we need to understand the reason behind this stretching.

As we all know, doctors always say the last word. If they perform plastic surgery to a person under the age of 18 or above 70, it means the patient is ready. If the patients are in good general and psychological health and are non-smoker, they become good candidates for the operations.

In this article, we will analyze the right age for plastic surgery through the most common procedures.

1- Ideal Age for Rhinoplasty Surgery

what age is too old for plastic surgery

Rhinoplasty is the third plastic surgery among the top 5 most performed procedures after breast augmentation and liposuction according to 2017 annual data released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS).

The change in nose affects the psychology of people in a good way. Therefore, they usually start to think about this operation since they begin to be more sensitive to their appearance.

The other reason to choose Rhinoplasty is to become a witness to various successful operations. After seeing the magical results on the general appearance by eliminating the shape problems of anybody else, people start to consider it. Therefore, the discomfort starts to show itself at very early ages. In the high school days, maybe. However, experts say that there are some unwritten rules for rhinoplasty surgery. One of them is to be in a steady psychological and anatomical situation.

The doctors need to be sure about whether the nose grows to continue or whether the demand of their patients is well-settled or changeable. Because of this, age becomes more important. The decisions could be less reasonable during the teenage period, and the growth does not finish yet.

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On the other hand, above some ages, the general health condition cannot suitable to have any surgery including plastic ones. Although the surgeon decides the acceptability level for each and every candidate of Rhinoplasty, there is an optimal age interval for this surgery as 18 to 50.

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2- Ideal Age for Facelift Surgery

facelift what age

As different from the Rhinoplasty, people, especially women, start to think about the Facelift, and any of the other facial procedure, usually in the same ages which are roughly after 40. However, sometimes younger people need to get rid of their wrinkles and saggy appearance on their faces. The best plastic surgeons can easily understand the demand of their patients is whether temporary or strong-minded. For that reason, the first visit is always so important. If the surgeons cannot find any medical restriction and also any unsteadiness on the decision, the age becomes less important to perform a facial cosmetic surgery such as a facelift. Although there are different procedures where the ideal age can change accordingly, such as thread facelift, mini facelift, lower facelift or instant facelift, to give a general idea, the optimal age interval for this plastic surgery is 40 to 60. If you are a healthy individual in those ages who don't have medical conditions that may affect healing, do not smoke or may give a break to smoking and have realistic expectations, you are probably a suitable candidate for a facelift. You may consider this operation and start to search for the best surgeon and facelift cost.

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3- Ideal Age for Mommy Makeover Surgery

pregnancy after a mommy makeover

The main goal of a mommy makeover is to straighten the general shape and appearance of the body after pregnancy. Many women see the changes in their bodies in the post-pregnancy. Although this is a depressive situation for them, they know the mommy makeover option to gain their pre-pregnancy body appearance. Many areas of the body can be addressed, most commonly the breasts, abdomen (tummy), waist, genitalia, and butt.
The optimal age range of the mommy makeover surgery is wide, but the patients typically are between the ages of 30-50. Some of these women are younger, but they are sure that they are not going to have any or more children.

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4- Ideal Age for Eyelid Surgery

double eyelid surgery age

Almost the same with the Facelift, there is a biological time for starting to consider eyelid (Blepharoplasty) surgery. As skin becomes older, it starts to lose its elasticity. This lack of elasticity and the constant pull from gravity causes excessive skin to collect on the upper and lower eyelids, as eyelid begins to close the eyes and there appear bags under the eyes, this may be the right time to have eyelid surgery. However, your complaints about your eyes could start younger. You notice the bags under your eyes and your upper eye skin starts to drop at your early ages, related to the genetic situation or any external factors, you may have the eyelid surgery if your surgeon approves.

This is a very safe surgery in the hands of the experts, like the others. Therefore, patients younger than 18 may even suitable for Eyelid surgery depending on some conditions, such as a congenital disability or trauma.

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5- Ideal Age for Tummy Tuck Surgery

average age tummy tuck

Tummy Tuck is another popular plastic surgery to reshape the abdominal area. Briefly, the tummy tuck surgery, also known as abdominoplasty, in order to create an abdominal look that is smoother and well-shaped, removes excess fat and skin in that area and restores weakened muscles.

This area can be affected by the metabolism speed, and you cannot quickly get rid of the fats accumulated here. It means the right time for this plastic surgery operation is the beginning of the slowdown the general metabolism speed. If you say that you cannot lose the fat in your abdomen area whether you follow a good diet and exercises, you are probably in the age of 40-50s. And you may start to search for essentials of Tummy Tuck operation.

This is an operation for physically mature patients (over the age of 18) who are mentally prepared with realistic expectations. Although there is no certain upper limit for Tummy Tuck ideal age, patients should have healthy cardiac and respiratory systems. Therefore, the upper age limit could be 65.

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6- Ideal Age for Breast Augmentation or Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast augmentation and breast reduction surgeries are one of the favorite surgeries of women. Breast augmentation surgery has first place among top 5 plastic surgery procedures performed by ASPS Member Surgeons certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery as well as other physicians certified by American Board of Medical Specialties-recognized boards, according to newly released statistics.

The shapes and the sizes of the breasts are directly affecting women’s quality of life. Although women of all ages from 18 to 70 can have breast augmentation surgery, the average age of patients who choose this type of surgery is 35. For the breast reduction surgery as well, when deciding the best age for breast surgeries, the surgeons consider the anatomical, mental and psychologic health conditions of their patients.

To summarize, it is true that there are some ideal ages for plastic surgeries but, ironically the age also depends on the person itself. There is not a single rule to show the appropriate age for plastic surgeries, as an age interval table. In its most straightforward description, suitability for any plastic surgeries is related to the people who decide to have it reasonably, and of course to surgeons who decide to perform it in a most healthy way.

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