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Body Lift Surgery: Advantages & Disadvantages

Body Lift Surgery is almost an inevitable plastic surgery procedure for those who lose the elasticity of their body skin. Aging, sun damage, pregnancy, losing excess weight, and also genetic factors may cause excess sagging skin. The body lift surgeon removes this sagging skin and fat and makes the skin surface look more even and regular.  The body lift surgery contains the arm, love handles/flanks, thighs, and as in the procedure of Brazilian Butt Lift, buttocks lift. Especially females, but also males prefer to have this miraculous operation with high demand.

Although it is highly preferred, there are still some questions that need to be answered about body lift surgery.

In this article, we will look for answers to these questions. We will try to free ourselves from our worries by learning the pros and cons of the body lift procedure. We will handle the subject by dividing it into 3 pieces according to the region where it is applied and learn the advantage and disadvantages of them: upper body lift, lower body lift, and total (full) body lift.

If you’re ready, let’s get started.

What Is Upper Body Lift Surgery?

Upper-body-lift surgery may involve only one or multiple procedures, including breast lift (or gynecomastia for men), upper arm lift, or particular procedure to remove excess fat rolls on the back.

If you,

• recently lost extreme weight by yourself or by having liposuction surgery,
• have sagging skin after the pregnancy,
• feel discomfort because of the excess skin around your arms, chest, or waist,
• have “fat rolls” around the edges of your lower back, you probably need to have the upper body lift.

If you are aware of this operation but haven’t decided yet, you may consider these pros and cons while deciding.

Advantages of Upper Body Lift Surgery

• You will probably like your new look after the surgery. Because you will look slimmer and your clothes will fit better.
• You will get rid of the sagging skin which makes you bothered and worry about your social life.
• Your fat rolls in your upper back will be gone, and you will not face extreme sweating and rashes in that area anymore.

Disadvantages of Upper Body Lift Surgery

• Because of the incisions in the different areas of your upper body, (arms, breasts, and back), there will be large scars. That would be the reason if you realized scars in the upper body lift surgery pictures on the Internet. But surgeons usually try to hide or minimize them.
• Upper body lift has a long recovery period which lasts 3-4 weeks to turn back your job or normal life. Your scars will be less noticeable in 18 months, with proper aftercare and rest.
Upper body lift also needs 1-3-night stays in the hospital and aftercare by an experienced nurse.

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What Is Lower Body Lift Surgery?

Natural aging, weight fluctuation or dramatic weight loss, unfortunately, results in sagging skin in areas below the waistline. Plastic surgeons perform lower body lift surgery to tighten and shape the buttocks, outer thighs, inner thighs, back of the thighs, hips, and abdomen.

If you,

• have bariatric surgery or gastric bypass surgery that you lose extreme weight (but at least 2 years ago)
• have fat layers under the skin of your hip, thigh, abdomen, and buttock
• suffer from rashes, infections or bruises because of the sagging skin of your lower body
• Feel discomfort in your social life and try to hide your excess skin under your clothes, you presumedly need to have a lower body lift.
• Lower body lift will increase your motivation to buy new clothes, wear your swimsuits and look at your mirror without any annoyance. Although it is an extremely preferred surgery, there are also pros and cons for this operation.

Advantages of Lower Body Lift Surgery

• Lower body lift surgery is the best way to see the result of your weight loss. This is such a gift after bariatric surgery and/or liposuction that you get rid of the saggy excess skin.
• You will hundred-percent look better. You will be fitter and slimmer after lower body lift surgery.
• Same with the upper body lift surgery, because you will be free from the excess droopy and saggy skin, and you will not face any sweating, rashes, and bruises existing under this skin.

Disadvantages of Lower Body Lift Surgery

• Because of the incisions in the different areas of your lower body (abdomen, outer thighs, buttocks, hips, and waist), there will be large scars. But your surgeon will try to hide or minimize them in your bikini area.
• Lower body lift surgery has a long recovery period which lasts 3-4 weeks to turn back your job or normal life. Your scars will be less noticeable in 18 months, with proper aftercare and good rest.
Lower body lift surgery also needs 1-3-night stays in the hospital and after care by an experienced nurse.

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What Is the Total Body Lift Surgery?

As everyone guesses, the total or full body lift surgery contains upper and lower body lift surgery together in one procedure. The surgeon decides the number of operations you need. He/she can perform it in 2 or 3 sessions by considering the areas that will be lifted. Total body lift surgery is, of course, the longest and most complicated body lift surgery procedure that you will have lifting operation in many different areas of your body. However, if you have all of the conditions mentioned under upper and lower body lift surgery titles, it is much better to have whole-body lift surgery to reach your ideal body shape. As can be guessed, the total recovery time is a bit longer than each upper or lower body lift surgery because the healing area is wider.

Remember, body lift surgery is not a procedure to remove excess fat or fat cells. It is a supportive surgery you will see the real result of your fat removal/weight loss surgeries. The surgeon will remove your excess skin and sculpt your body contour within your body lift surgery.

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How Much Does Body Lift Surgery Cost?

Body lift surgery is another important operation that you need to find the best and right clinics and surgeons. Luckily, there are plenty of clinics and surgeons in Turkey to perform this operation successfully. If you need to find one, you may contact us as soon as you start to think of a body lift operation. We can offer you all the appropriate choices, and you may select one of them easily.

To give an idea, the average body lift price is € 8,100 based on the costs of the well-equipped and experienced clinics in Turkey.

By choosing a good clinic and surgeon, you don’t need to worry about the recovery period. They will look after you during your whole process of body lift. Following your surgeon's instructions is of paramount importance for the success of your surgery.


Learn more about Body Lift in Turkey by comparing costs and reviewing the clinics and doctors.


This content is edited by Flymedi Medical Editors in 2023. 


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