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Liverpool and Chelsea Legends Who Had Hair Transplant

To your surprise, for the first time, ever Istanbul is hosting the UEFA Super Cup 2019 next month. It is an all-out English affair whereby Istanbul Vodafone Park Stadium is embracing Chelsea FC fans, Liverpool FC fans, and all English football enthusiasts. For some, this presents an opportunity to explore the deep rich Turkish culture. But Hey! While you are here, you should grab the chance to experience the affordable, world-class medical services this country is known for, or at least entertain the idea.

In recent years Turkey became quite renowned in the field of medical travel, offering high-quality medical services with competitive price including but not limited to cosmetic procedures. Hair transplant treatment is considered the most common treatment male patient opt for when visiting this country. It is quick, chips a few years off your age, and you don't have to burn a hole in your wallet to afford it.

Why Do We Lose Hair?

Research suggests many reasons are contributing to hair loss. They vary from external to internal factors such as genetics, stress, vitamin deficiencies, hormonal disorders, and various skin diseases. On average, a person would lose 100-150 hair per day, exceeding this limit might indicate an abnormality, and you should consult your doctor to determine the causation.

Hair Loss Prevention Methods

Experts encourage paying attention to subtle changes in your lifestyle, such as sleeping patterns, nutrition, and consumption of smoke and alcohol. If all these factors are checked and you noticed the hair loss problem still exists most likely, your genetic structure is the cause. Then it is time to consider another approach.

What is Hair Transplantation and How Does the Process Work?

It is thy preferred treatment by men who suffer from hair loss. The treatment involves transferring hair follicles from an area that has hair to another area that lacks hair. Most commonly that area is at the back of your head and between the two ears. The hair follicles will be transplanted individually their position is carefully placed via a microscope. Of course, the treatment should be carried out by a hair transplant specialist and within an appropriate environment. During the procedure, local anesthesia is applied you will not experience any pain at all.

With that being said, nowadays there are plenty of football superstars who publically shared their experience with hair loss and the measures they took to resolve it. The nature of their job demands them to be in the public eye, so they realized their image and appearance is important. Some of these superstars we know about are:

Jürgen Klopp

You can only imagine the exposure Jürgen Klopp has to deal with as the manager of one of the top teams in Europe. Klopp has openly admitted he has had a hair transplant treatment in the past. He tried to conceal his hair loss with various methods, but eventually opted for a hair transplant as a better solution. It is essential to know the treatment does not end with the hair transplant, your body produces a hormone known as Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which is found to be causing the hair loss, and you will need DHT blockers such as Minoxidil to ensure your new transplanted hair to thrive.













Jason McAteer

Jason McAteer, a former Liverpool FC center midfielder, became conscious of his hair loss, then he decided to give modern medical innovation a chance and opted for Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) procedure.

"I was conscious in the footballing days of my receding hairline, especially as it became just as much about the TV appearances and magazine shoots as the game itself. Each day I was worried how long I had to last," McAteer said. On numerous occasions, he mentioned how well satisfied with the results he is.












Antonio Conte

The Italian former Chelsea manager, major credit goes to him when Chelsea FC rose through the ranks and brought home the premier league title in 2016-17. When Conte was a player, it was evident that his hair was beginning to drastically thin out. According to Idle man news website Conte received hair transplant in Canada, it is speculated that Conte received Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT). FUT involves transplanting a group of follicles by taking a strip of hair from the back of your head. This method is slightly more complicated than FUE.


Jose Bosingwa

In addition, Jose Bosingwa former Chelsea FC player was reported to receive hair transplant treatment, although some speculate he did not have a severe case of baldness.


No doubt, football players have a ridiculous amount of resources, not everybody can afford the facilities these players chose to receive their treatment in, but this doesn't necessarily limit your option. Nowadays, several hair transplant clinics could provide similar top-notch quality services at affordable cost. One of the best destinations for this type of treatment is considered Turkey.

Learn more about Hair Transplant in Turkey by comparing costs and reviewing the clinics and doctors.


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