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Makeup or Plastic Surgery?

The times have changed, today, you are judged by how great you look in your Instagram posts, and you are always expected to be at your best and to be selfie-ready. This is one of the reasons why plastic surgery and makeup have increasingly become popular.

Both makeup and plastic surgery share the same goal: to make an individual feel more attractive and to boost their self-esteem. But when it comes to one or the other, which one would you prefer: Makeup or Plastic Surgery?

Well, that’s the reason why we wrote this article. We want you to make a better choice when you are considering to depend on one of those. Plastic surgery comes with a set of advantages, so does makeup. Keep on reading and find out which is the better choice.

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Why Apply Makeup?

Ask any woman, they will tell you that applying makeup is a time-consuming process, but there do know several tricks that can be done to pull off the best look in a number of minutes. It is believed that makeup can give the same result as plastic surgery, but in all honesty, the former isn’t permanent or it cannot always change one’s appearance as drastically as a surgery can.

Below are some of the makeup tricks that can be likened to plastic surgery.

Nose contouring

Nose contouring is a handy makeup trick that can be used to create a perfect shape of the nose. This nose contouring trick is part of a full-face look, and it is done right after one has applied her foundation, but right before the makeup is set. Through this trick, the shape of the nose can be made to look shorter, thinner, straighter, or even longer.

Brightening youthful eyes

A makeup artist can create something close to an eye lift. This temporary eye lift can be done using an eyebrow wax to arch shape the eyebrows. A dye is also used to give the eyes a brighter as well as a more open look. After this trick, your eyes may appear youthful.

Fuller Lips

Just as the lip augmentation procedure, makeup artists also use makeup to make lips look fuller even without the use of Botox. This is done using light-colored lip gloss because it is believed that glossy colors are able to hide imperfections such as lip lines.

Boobs contouring

A cups boobs can be contoured so that they appear more fuller using makeup. The boob contouring hack is a no-boob job, but for a short while, it can make one to fake bigger boobs and a prominent cleavage. Your makeup palette and brush and brush can give you that sexy look, but the problem is that it is for a short while.

Why Have Plastic Surgery?

Whenever many people talk about plastic surgery, they dwell much on the possible side effects and forget to mention that it also comes with improved physical health. Reshaping your nose with makeup is just that, but with Rhinoplasty surgery, your breathing can also be improved at the same time as the aesthetics of your nose.

Boobs contouring with makeup doesn’t go beyond faking bigger boobs. The fact that it is not permanent is a disadvantage on its own because you can’t be seen with bigger boobs today and smaller boobs tomorrow. Breast augmentation surgery will improve your body contour and also help relieve any sort of physical discomfort that can be a result of irritation from disproportionate breasts.

Liposuction surgery can save you from the risk of having heart problems. The procedure can also help improve some other things such as blood pressure as well as cholesterol. After having a liposuction procedure, your joints may also be relieved from the pressure that could have resulted in pain or stiffness.

Which one is a better choice: Makeup or Plastic Surgery?

Improving one’s appearance is perceived as the primary benefit of having plastic surgery. However, it is one of the many possible benefits that can be provided by plastic surgery. What makeup can do, plastic surgery can do even better, and you are guaranteed that the beauty will last for a long period of time.

As indicated above, if we are to compare the benefits of plastic surgery and makeup, there is no doubt that the former comes with many benefits as it goes beyond providing aesthetics results. So, it goes without saying that Plastic Surgery is a better choice.

You Shouldn’t be Afraid of Plastic Surgery

Despite the benefits that come with plastic surgery, no one really likes the idea of going under the knife and being surrounded by surgeons and nurses. When it comes to having plastic surgery, people usually have fears and trepidations. And that’s normal and healthy.

But in most cases, these fears tend to be groundless. Yes, you may have heard or read about botched plastic surgeries, but when performed by the right hands, plastic surgery is safe and effective.

If you have any fears but would like to explore your plastic surgery options, just fill the form which is at the bottom of this page, and one of our expert plastic surgeons will assist you. They will address your concerns and answer any of the plastic surgery questions you have. Your fear can be allayed by having a conversation with the right person.


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