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Nagihan Yalçınkaya Answers Your Questions About Hair Transplant

Nagihan Yalçınkaya is the head of hair transplant surgeries at Estepalace. Estepalace is a clinic that provides hair transplant and plenty of other plastic surgery treatments.

1. Firstly, we would like to know about you? Could you please talk about yourself?

I am Nagihan Yalçınkaya Akbaş. I am one of the founders of Estepalace. I am the head of the hair transplant surgeries. Hair transplant is so important to me, and I keep doing my job emotionally as it is my first day because I go my job with full of my heart indeed.

2. For how long you are doing hair transplant?

I had been doing hair transplant for 15 years.

3. For the patients that want to have a hair transplant, could you please explain the procedure?

Firstly, blood will need to be drawn for HIV and Hepatitis C testing. This is done in order to protect the nurses, surgeon, or anyone else involved in the hair transplant. Once the blood test part is over, you and your surgeon will decide on the new hairline you want and discuss the overall procedure – this is a critical discussion as it will determine your future look.

The next stage is shaving your head.We are doing drawings according to the patients face. This stage is so important. Every patient face shape is different, so we do a homogeneous collecting.

This is done in order to improve the accuracy of the M.D. and to allow him to see your skin. Local anesthesia will be administered through small injections around the area where the M.D. will work. Once the anesthesia kicks in, the surgeon will begin harvesting hair grafts from the donor area. You won’t feel a thing during this part of the procedure.  We donate the graft from the donor area and give the most appropriate donor homogenously.

Once the grafts are removed, the channel is opened in the area of transplanting. The channel stands on long. It should be done when the channel is opened because it needs the hair to be natural. It is important to plant the hair upright or it does not look naturally on the head.

When the harvesting of the grafts is over, the surgeon will make tiny incisions in the receiving end of the skull and start putting the now harvested grafts in place. Once this part of the procedure is over, the surgeon will use a bandage to prevent infection and stabilize potential bleeding.

The day after your procedure is done, you will be required to come back to the hospital for a simple checkup. The doctor will take off the bandage and check the scalp for any problems or discomfort. The hair will then be washed and rubbed with a special lotion that will strengthen the newly implanted hair follicles. Your doctor will then give you advice for the recovery period which lasts for a few weeks – it's essential to follow his instructions thoroughly as the post-operatory care has a significant influence on the overall results of the procedure.

4. Why choosing the institution for hair transplant is so important?

In recent years, the number of hair transplantation centers raised rapidly. But it is so hard to find which has high standards and quality. Every hair transplant center says that they provide these standards, but it is really true? I don't think so. This job requires not only sacrifice and devotion but sensitivity, accurateness, and discipline if the patient is looking for a good outcome, so they really need to search a lot.

On the other hand, on operation days, we entirely give full of our concentration with all of our crew. This job requires not only sacrifice and devotion but sensitivity, accurateness, and discipline. And I can say that Estepalace contains all of these skills.

5. There are lots of institutions for hair transplant in İstanbul, why do you think a patient should choose Estepalace?

Estepalace has been serving for 7 years. Mainly we do hair transplant surgeries. We do our job with love. All of our patients are so important to us. For Estepalace, it doesn't matter who the patient is.

The hairs that we transplant must be natural. You can see the examples on our web site. We are doing hair transplant in a hospital and under the doctor control.

As Estepalace, we are always trying to do our best and make no concessions because as I said, hair transplant could not be underrated. If the procedure is not done well, then it is tough to fix it. This is why we show acute sensitivity to our work. A hair transplant must be perfectly natural to make the patient feel comfortable. Every step of the hair transplant must be plan correctly from collecting hair follicle, transferring them, and especially opening channels.


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