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Put Hair Transplant To Your Checklist for 2020

We are a few days away from waving goodbye to the year 2019 – and welcoming the year 2020. This is probably the best time of the year to reflect on all the happenings that took place during 2019 and to think of the new resolutions for 2020.

The incoming year has to be the year that you make strides in bettering yourself –you deserve it. You should stop procrastinating and write that book, go to the gym, eat healthy food, a book that flight, travel to that city, and combat that hair loss that makes you look older than your age.

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It might appear like a daunting and scary process, but there is definitely nothing scary about having a hair transplant. It’s just a safe and effective way of combating baldness and in both women and men. It only takes between 4 and 8 hours to complete the procedure, and there is no pain or discomfort felt during the surgery.

Do not let another full 12 months pass you by without making an effort to boost your self-esteem by improving your appearance. You can start by adding a hair transplant on your checklist for 2020.

Why Should People Get Hair Transplants?

Needless to say, hair transplants can further improve one's appearance and a general sense of well-being. But not everyone automatically qualifies as an ideal candidate for the surgery. The criteria used to select suitable candidates varies from one clinic to the other, but to give you an idea of what qualifies one to be a good candidate, look at the list below:

  • If you have realistic expectations about the outcome of the surgery.
  • If you are in a healthy condition and you are not taking any serious meds, you can qualify.
  • If you have been losing hair due to male pattern baldness for a couple of years now.
  • If you lost hair due to trauma or burns.
  • If you have undergone surgery such as facelift and lost hair.

Why is Turkey the Best Country to Get a Hair Transplant?

There is a reason why Turkey is considered as the hair transplant hotspot of Europe. There is a reason why hundreds of thousands of foreign patients visit Turkey for a hair transplant every year. People from European and Middle Eastern countries touchdown Turkey on a daily basis so as to have a hair transplant in the country. Actually, there are many factors that lure people to get a hair transplant in Turkey; here is a discussion around some of those reasons:

Affordable Hair transplant prices

If you were to compare the prices of hair transplant in Turkey, Germany, the UK and the US, you’d be surprised by the difference. The average price of a hair transplant in Turkey is €1.800. The cost of a hair transplant in the US is highly variable and typically ranges anywhere from $4,000 to $15,000. Looking at the price difference, it makes for Americans to travel all the way to Turkey for a hair transplant as this can help them save about 60% of the US’s asking price.

Patient-Orientated Clinics and Hospitals

Turkish clinics and hospitals are patient-oriented and they offer quality healthcare services to all patients regardless of one’s race or nationality. For instance, thousands of hair transplant procedures are performed every year at Estepalace and most of the patients are foreign tourists with different nationalities. If you're to look for patient reviews on the most trusted sites, you will come across a myriad of patients showering praises not only to the doctors, or the services they receive but also for the outcome of the procedures. Much emphasis is given on the high-end technological equipment used at the clinics. 

Internationally-Accredited Surgeons

What makes a clinic or hospital to be considered as the best is not only the sky-high success rate, the quality of the facility or the services rendered. The expertise of the staff also speaks volumes. Most of the Turkish doctors who perform the hair transplant procedure are certified by international institutions and they have been in the industry for more than a decade. Since they are mostly trained at international institutions, in and outside Turkey, most doctors are bilingual and a huge chunk of them are foreigners themselves.

Development and Innovation in Hair Transplantation

Despite having introduced some of the widely used techniques in hair transplantation, Turkish doctors closely follow the latest developments in the field of baldness treatment. This is the reason why they were among the first surgeons to perform a hair transplant using the FUE technique. This technique is the latest development in the field, and it helps doctors minimize the risk of scarring –which is something that terrifies most patients.  

Full package service

On the things that entice foreign patients to prefer having hair transplant surgery in Turkey are the service packages that are offered in most of the country's clinics and hospitals. These packages often sweep aside all the hassles that come with visiting a foreign country. Included in the service packages is the procedure cost, accommodation fee, medication fee and free transportation. To put it more succinctly, you will be picked from the airport to your hotel, from the hotel to the clinic, from the clinic to your hotel, and from your to the airport at no cost. Depending on the arrangement with the clinic or the Medical Travel Agency, you can have a few days to tour the city of Istanbul –the only city that sits on two continents. 


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