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Quick Facts about Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)

Brazilian Butt Lift is a type of butt lift procedure which gains more and more attention from patients, plastic surgeons, and media. Liposculpture involving fat transfer to the buttocks (‘Brazilian Butt Lift’) has experienced a dramatic increase in demand in recent years. Popular tabloid celebrities have fueled the demand for this procedure, resulting in large numbers of patients requesting butt lift procedure.

The procedure utilizes fat transfer to buttocks. Surgeons avoid dangers of injecting foreign substances such as liquid silicone or butt implants into the body. Additionally, it offers a butt lift with an increase in buttock size. A standard operation involves the removal of excess skin and fat. It is mostly suggested to people who underwent a dramatic weight loss. Patients face the gluteal deformities after losing a massive amount of weight. Plastic surgeons use variety body-contouring procedures like Butt lift according to specific body needs within this patience-required body shaping period.

Why Is It Called As ‘Brazilian’ Butt Lift?

It is for two important reasons: Firstly, the inventor of this buttock augmentation method, Ivo Pitanguy, was a Brazilian himself. The second and obvious reason is that Latin America is known for the attention given to bigger bums. Defining Brazilians favor a good bum over other body parts is simply put down to a factor of cultural preferences. One thing is clear: because the candidates for the Miss Bumbum competition prepare themselves for the stage and microscopic scrutiny to win the title of country’s best bottom, the buttocks has become a great symbolic asset.

In this article, we have gathered together some useful information regarding Brazilian Butt Lift surgery in order to help you if you are at a stage of operation decision.

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Choosing a Right Surgeon for Brazilian Butt Lift Is Important

Choosing the right surgeon for your operation is not only a matter of achieving satisfying results but also avoiding complications. Butt Lift is not a 10-minutes cosmetic procedure but a serious operation, including liposuction from the abdomen, liquefying of fat, and a skilled fat transfer to buttocks. During this procedure, the surgeon removes fat from an area such as the abdomen or thighs and places it into buttocks. Essentially, this is a combination of liposuction and buttock augmentation.

After surgery, patients may have some pain, bruising and discomfort over the surgical area for a few weeks. Complications can include wound infection, rupture or fat embolus, where fat can enter the bloodstream and block vessels.

Please try to make sure about the previous achievements on this particular operation of your surgeon. You also need to learn about the experience level of your clinic before making a final decision.

When Can You Sit After Your Brazilian Butt Lift Operation?

Brazilian Butt Lift requires a special recovery regime since it is a buttock augmentation method based on fat transfer to buttocks. Fat grafts are fragile in the first weeks after surgery and pressure by sitting may be enough to cause their death due to lack of proper blood circulation. One of the most important recovery tips regarding Brazilian butt lift surgery is to not sit directly on your buttocks for at least eight weeks after the procedure. Surgeons often advise patients to sleep on their stomach or sides. If you do have to sit, they usually recommend using a donut pillow or inflatable pillow. After the first eight weeks of recovery, it is essential to use a cushion still when sitting and to avoid sitting for prolonged periods. It is also advised to continue to avoid sleeping on your back for the first eight weeks after your surgery.

Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery Tips

Apart from a strict prohibition of sitting for the first weeks after the Brazilian Butt Lift, the recovery period after buttock augmentation is not a rigorous one. After the initial one to two weeks of resting at home (standing or lying on your belly/side, obviously) patients are free to go to work unless it involves sitting or strenuous physical work. As for exercises, they are allowed in limited, not too strenuous form after the initial 2-weeks period of your BBL recovery.

Are Long-Term Results of Brazilian Butt Lift Worth It?

Yes, definitely. Brazilian Butt Lift procedure does not involve butt implants or liquid foreign substances which after a time become dangerous. Therefore, the results are long-lasting if not permanent. Surgeons move approximately 60% of grafts with fat transfer to buttocks, and they become permanent parts of your butt. If not significant enlargement in your buttock happens, you may decide for a second Brazilian Butt Lift surgery.

How Much Does a Brazilian Butt Lift Cost?

Brazilian Butt Lift price may vary greatly for a number of factors. The same clinic may charge differently, depending on the scope of procedure and the number of liposuction areas. Also, the prices can change from country to country. In Western Europe or the USA, the cost of buttock augmentation with Brazilian Butt Lift technique will be higher than in Turkey, Poland, Spain, India, and other health tourism destinations. As an example, Brazilian Butt Lift price in Turkey is thought to be costs 2.900 € on average, while in the USA the same bum lift procedure will set us back between 6.700 € and 8.400 €. For this reason, many people prefer to have their fat transfer to buttocks type of butt lift done in clinics abroad – even including the costs of travel and accommodation, and you can save some money without losing on quality of the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure.

If you are interested in Brazilian Butt Lift surgery, you can contact many clinics through our website. You can also see patient reviews, clinic’s information and before and after pictures at your decision-making and research stage. 

This content is edited by Flymedi Medical Editors in March 2019.

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