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Secrets Your Plastic Surgeon Wishes You Would Know

It’s easy to think that you know much information concerning plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures after reading about it on the internet. 

But no matter how much information you consume, you will never know better than doctors. So, before you go for any plastic surgery procedure, here’s what plastic surgeons wish you knew first. 

Some of the things listed before will shock you, but the good part is that it debunks a lot of myths and misconceptions you might have had about some of the most popular cosmetic procedures. 

Fillers and Botox are not the same

Contrary to popular belief, Botox and fillers do not serve the same purpose. Yes, they’re both injected into one’s face, but they have a different chemical composition. 

The main difference between the two is that Botox doesn’t fill out wrinkles, but fillers do. Botox freezes muscles to stop creases and wrinkles caused by facial expressions, whereas dermal fillers use hyaluronic acid and similar substances to “fill in” or plump areas that have lost volume and smoothness.

Not all fillers do the same thing

A filler that worked well for your friend, might not be the same filler you need to get the results you desire. You can always get the same results as your friend, but using a different type of filler. Here is the thing, every patient is unique in his or her regard. Different types of fillers work on various parts of the face for different reasons. 

Self-care is very important both before and after surgery

If you are going to have the desired outcome post-surgery, it is very important to take care of yourself before and after the surgery. Many people don’t know that the success of medical surgery is determined by how well they prepare for it, and how they take care of themselves soon after it. In most cases, doctors will give you a set of instructions to follow before and after surgery and it's important to follow them carefully. 

Although the list may vary according to the procedure that one intends to have, in most cases, a patient is always advised to avoid things such as alcohol, fish oil pills, anti-inflammatory medication, and smoking. 

You are never too young to start the anti-aging process

Most people believe that the anti-aging process should begin when one gets to a certain age. Or when one’s face begins to show some visible wrinkles. But here’s the thing: there is no right or perfect age to start having Botox injections or fillers. 

Age will never be the determining factor for one to start having the anti-aging process. Some ideal candidates for Botox and fillers are below 25 years old. Sometimes it's better to have Botox and fillers as early as possible so that the outcome becomes much more favorable. 

Getting fillers and injections can delay needing plastic surgery later

The best thing about having Botox and fillers earlier is that you won’t have to need plastic surgery later. Suppose you have plastic surgery later on, the good thing is that even your family and friends won’t even be able to recognize that you had work done. This comes as a benefit because most of the patients we assist do not want other people to notice that have gone under the knife – in fact, they just want other people to notice that they look good. 

Sometimes plastic surgeons have to turn a patient down

Not everyone is an ideal candidate for every plastic surgery procedure out there. There are certain prerequisites needed for one to have certain procedures. So, when a surgeon tells you that you are not a suitable candidate for a certain procedure, not having it is for your benefit. But if you insist that you are the right candidate, you should seek consultation with another doctor – two opinions are always better than one. 

More than one procedure may be necessary

As we have already mentioned above, one patient is different from another. One patient might need one procedure to get the desired results, while the other one might have to go through a series of procedures to get the outcome they want. Yes, there are plastic surgery procedures that require a patient to have more than one session. But here’s the meat of it, you don’t have to undergo multiple procedures on the same day or week but over a certain period. 

Every surgery has potential risks

The magnitude of risks may vary from one session to the other, but every plastic surgery procedure comes with its own set of potential side effects. This is why we always recommend that you make sure that the doctor performing it is well-experienced. Experienced doctors can help minimize the risks of potential risks happening – no matter what procedure you are having. 

You don't need to spend a lot of money on plastic procedure

Contrary to popular belief, plastic surgery procedures are no longer reserved for celebrities and the affluent. This is one of the reasons why plastic surgery has increasingly become more popular. Nowadays, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a plastic surgery procedure. We are here to help you find an experienced surgeon who performs high-quality at an affordable price. 

By Kubilay Aydeger - Medically reviewed by Prof. Zeynep Sevim, on Mar 30, 2024


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